Unearth @ Revolution, Ft. Lauderdale 10/24/08


25 oct. 2008, 15h11m

Fri 24 Oct – Unearth, Protest the Hero, The Acacia Strain, Whitechapel, Gwen Stacy

The first band that played was Gwen Stacy. They were just terrible. They are the most generic shit I've heard in a while and the pit was swarming with hxc dancing faggots. I stayed on the second floor for that, getting a couple of quick snapshots.

Next up was Whitechapel. Holy fuck, they were amazing. I am pretty sure the first song they played was Eternal Refuge. I still don't clearly know which track is which on This Is Exile, so lol. Anyway, I went down to the floor for them and everyone was moving. Since I am pretty short, I thought I was going to faint and was tiring pretty quick, but I pushed through it. I got pictures and videos which were really shaky at times because of the crowd. Bottom line: Whitechapel was fucking amazing.

Next up was The Acacia Strain. I went back up to the second floor for them since I didn't really know these guys well. What really griped me about The Acacia Strain was that their guitarist looked like some west coast gangbanger, with a bandana on his head and dog tags around his neck. But I decided to let it go because the music was pretty damn cool. I didn't have the best view but it was cool.

After them was Protest the Hero. Before the concert, I did listen to their stuff and did not like it, mainly because of the singer. But I had to admit they were not so bad at the show. Stayed up on the second floor again and my dad took pictures from the first floor. My fried pointed out to me that the singer was pretty drunk, talking about how Katy Perry just disappears after singing I Kissed a Girl, and it was kinda funny.

After them was the main fucking event, Unearth. Holy shit, they were just as good if not better than Whitechapel. I went back down to the floor for Unearth. My dad took pictures from the side again because I figured I shouldn't because the crowd is going to move twice as much as Whitechapel, and I was right. They opened up with Endless and ended with Black Hearts Now Reign. By then, I was guessing that a lot of the scene kid faggots left, so I decided to mosh a little. It was fucking crazy and tired me out, so my friends lifted me up to crowd surf, which I have not done since I saw The Black Dahlia Murder back in January. Crowdsurfing was fucking great, and I was able to get to the side of the floor where there was air conditioning and was not as affected by the movement of the pit (and I still had a real good view), so I stayed there for the remainder of the set. Bottom line: Unearth was amazing beyond words. Even better than when I first saw them opening up for Slayer in early '07.

The show overall was freaking awesome, despite the scene kids (even though the scene chicks were pretty hot). Both concerts this week were freaking awesome (I also saw Opeth and Baroness on Monday, that show was amazing too).


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