• Awesome

    10 nov. 2008, 17h07m

    The concert was awesome, aside from the fact that a kid almost got killed in the moshpit and a few people were high/drunk. Nobody likes a Hero, apparently a local New Jersey band, opened up the concert. They were alright. Afterwards, Oh Sleeper came on. The drummer had sprained his shoulder and therefore they had a replacement; he was very good though. The lead singer threw water everywhere and jumped in the crowd. They were freakin awesome and played the songs "The Siren's Song," "Vices like Vipers". MYCHILDREN MYBRIDE sang after them; they were also very good. The Showdown followed but it was evident that the crowd didn't appreciate them much. I have to say that although I don't like them myself, the lead guitarist is VERY talented. Haste the Day played soon after and the crowd went wild. About 30 people crowd surfed in their set alone, most of whom landed on my head or arm. They sang a few songs from the old albums, like "Walk On" and "When Everything Falls". They also played "Stitches" and a few others songs I can't recall right now. Then, The Almighty Norma Jean came on. The lights were awesome. You could see the vibrations the amps were making. They started out with "Vipers, Snakes and Actors." They told everyone to get the moshpits going after playing "Robots 3 Humans 0." The also played "Birth of the Anti-Mother," "And There Will Be A Swarm of Hornets," as well as "A Small Spark vs. A Great Forest" and "Blueprints for Future Homes" from their Redeemer album. After they were done with their set, the crowd screamed for an encore and they played "Murphy was an Optimist." The show rocked.