18,000 July 15, 2006


15 jui. 2006, 13h33m

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My favorite number is "18" and my birthday is on "July 18" and so this is a nice marker to document, for me.

I saw that my number was at 17,991 this morning, and I was thinking about listening to Cinderella while I was out last night, so I looked at some of my playlists I have set up (I usually just listen to albums) and I did have exactly what I needed, a favorite list of the Cinderella tracks I have:

The More Things Change
Electric Love
Take Me Back
If You Don't Like It
Heartbreak Station
Fire and Ice
Don't Know What You Got (Till It's Gone)
Coming Home

just enough to leave my number at 17,999 and allow me to choose the very ONE track that would flick the number over to 18,000 and so I ended up choosing: Wonderland because it's a delicious track to slide upwards with.

I haven't been able to listen to music for last.fm statistics as often as I listen to music, and sometimes have to go sans musica more often than I wish, and it may seem that my statistics are low, but IRL they are larger, by far, and I don't listen to stuff I wouldn't want on my profile -- I would wish for my entire listening ability to be last.fm audioscrobbler-able ... but my sansa e260 won't do that, my stereo doesn't do that, my directv doesn't do that, my car stereo doesn't do that, and listening to XM Radio online doesn't do that, nor does listening to XM Radio via our XM Radio (portable) do that. :( But it's OK really. It's good to have statistical data for ALOT of my music listening. I'm a happy enough a-year-and-a-quarter long audioscrobbler/last.fm user/subscriber (user the whole time, subscriber less, but just nearly a month short of a year of subscriber status.)


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