Sevendust at Starland


5 mars 2007, 22h17m

Tue 27 Feb – Sevendust, Diecast, Invitro

This was a concert that started out bad, became very good, then very bad, and ended very good.

Invitro, in a word, SUCKED. Their singer couldn't sing, they couldn't play their instruments, they didn't take the show seriously, and those retarded tin foil masks just made them look moronic. I was glad when their set ended.

Now, Diecast was a tremendous improvement. Before they even came on, guitarist Jon Kita started throwing picks out into the crowd, which was awesome. Almost everyone in the first few rows got one. When the band came on, they played an awesome set. They opened with Fractured, then went into Nothing I Could Say, Singled Out, Fade Away, The Coldest Rain, a cover of Danger Zone, and ended with Hourglass. Amazing set, all in all.

Now, before Sevendust came on, there was a loooooooong wait. And by long, I mean almost 45 minutes of just standing there while techs wandered aimlessly across the stage, not even doing anything. That made things kinda crappy, but once they came on, it was totally worth it.

Their set started with newer songs Hero, Pieces, and Ugly. Then they moved into some older stuff, with Denial, Rumble Fish, Skeleton Song, and Enemy. Then they got into the newest stuff off Alpha, with Clueless and Deathstar. Then they brought it way back to the oldest stuff with Black, Too Close to Hate, and Bitch. Then they went into Praise, Trust, and ended the set with Alpha. For the encore, they mixed it up with Home and Driven.

So yeah, overall, this show was a mind-blowing experience. I would love to see Sevendust and Diecast again together, just as long as Invitro didn't come too.


  • kevincoyne

    Give Invitro another chance.. They do have a former Snot member amongst their ranks.. I agree with your Sevendust review, they did put on a great show

    8 mars 2007, 0h59m
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