Bo Carter


13 oct. 2007, 18h12m

Bo Carter

I've found myself over the past month or so getting more and more into Bo Carter's solo carear. I noticed that finding his music seems to be quite hard, the only two record companies I've noticed seriously releasing his stuff these days are Document Records and YaZoo. When concerning Yazoo's Bo Carter CD's there only seems to be a couple of releases which only gives you 14 tracks per disk which dosen't really sum up his work very well. Document Records on the other hand has well over 100 songs released on Cd (five Volumes) though the few tracks Yazoo has released are of slightly better quality when concerning sound than the Document ones.

of his music that I have now (vol 1, 3, 4, 5 Document + Banana in your fruit basket Yazoo) these are some of the best songs, atleast in my opinion:

Good Old Turnip Greens
Corrina Corrina
Banana in Your Fruit Basket
I Love That Thing
Backache Blues
Sorry Feeling Blues
Howlin' Tom Cat Blues
Old Shoe Blues
Let Me Roll Your Lemon
It is to Wet
Cigarette Blues
Whisky Blues
Let's Get Drunk Again
Lucille, Lucille
The Country Farm Blues

I've not had time to listen to all of his stuff in depth yet and so this is just a list of tracks which I have listened to and thought stood out, I also don't have the Document Volume 2 which has just come back into print so I will have to buy that some time to get the full picture.

on a similar note I found a myspace for Bo Carter which allows you to add songs to your profile:


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