5 mai 2009, 17h28m

    It finally dawned on me that all the recommendations I've been receiving from for artists I'm largely familiar with aren't just flukes - apparently, none of my listens for Mazzy Star, The Replacements, Conflict, Man Is The Bastard, or J Church have been scrobbled. I've probably listened to more MITB than The Minutemen and Apocalypse Hoboken combined, for example.
    Anyone else have this problem? Is there anyway to fix it...?
  • INTERACTIVE (!) List of Post-Punk Highlights 4 ANT THRONEY

    6 avr. 2009, 23h49m

    Pere Ubu - The Modern Dance
    Some of the earliest 'post-punk' around - SO EARLY, you might just consider it punk. Wrongly of course, but still... Bizarre amalgam of garage, prog, midtempo punk, and dub with squiggly-wiggly synthesizers and a drunken, phlegmy vocalist.
    The Modern Dance

    Magazine - Real Life
    Howard Devoto of the Buzzcocks' brainchild after he ditched the Wizzdicks for less boring territory. Heavily keyboard reliant, but genre spanning and catchy as hell.
    Real Life

    Gang Of Four - Entertainment!
    Probably the most revered of the post-punkers, Go4 made punk into funky, danceable music with scratchy guitars and dense Marxist themes. Accessible, but kinda not.

    Chrome - Half Machine Lip Moves
    Clangy, metallic (but not heavy) riffs, piercing noise, and crunchy, loud-ass rigid drumming that's somehow just as dancey as it is abrasive and acidic. The leads are loud and creepy, with Helios Creed on vocals (if you happen to know who this is, at least).
    Half Machine Lip Moves

    Throbbing Gristle - D.O.A: The Third Annual Report
    Creepy, pulsing, whirring proto-industrial noise with a male vocalist donning breast implants. Unsettling soundscapes and rudimentary melodies.
    Third Annual Report

    Wire - Pink Flag
    Skeletal, minimalist punk songs with weird instrumentation and short running time. People used to call them "Punk Floyd" for reasons questionable to someone who never really listens to Pink Floyd.
    Pink Flag

    The Pop Group - We Are All Prostitutes
    Skronky, hideously ugly funk/jazz-punk with ridiculous vocals and staunch political stances that don't effect the actual aural components at all. This is a collection of singles and stuff, but it's much less agonizing than their full length, "Y".
    We Are All Prostitutes

    The Contortions - BUY
    Technically, this is considered No Wave, but post-punk works as well as any descriptor. Except most of them. I hate when that turn of phrase gets misused. Anyway, James Chance and some buddies make ridiculous, angular, funky punk-ish noise with a sax and other instruments I don't feel like looking up. Brilliant album.

    The Raincoats - s/t
    Probably the template for most Indie Rock. ALSO: KURRT KOBAYNE LIEKS THEM, BUT HE'S DEAD NAO SO LOL. Noisy, catchy, punk-esque music by a bunch of incredibly talented gals with a penchant for off-kilter songwriting styles and scratchy violins.
    The Raincoats

    Cabaret Voltaire - The Mix Up
    Another proto-industrial act, but a lot more angular and music-oriented than Throbbing Gristle. Tape loops, guitar, the occasional vocal, and SOME OTHER SHIT.
    The Mix-Up

    Killing Joke - s/t
    OMG MOAR PROTO-INDUSTRIAL - except not so industrial or noisy. Catchy little post-punk ditties mixed with some hypnotic drones, processed vocals, and clinically dry mixing. One of my favorite albums.
    Killing Joke

    Public Image Ltd - Second Edition
    Johnny Rotten goes ANTI-ROCK. Dancey, funky, bass courtesy of Jah Wobble alongside weird synths, scratchy guitar, and Rotten's horrible, warbly vocals. A fucking epic of an album.
    Second Edition

    The Fall - Grotesque
    Velvet Underground-esque riffs, carnival keys, and Mark Smith just being a rad dude. People call this their first "great" album, but that totally undermines how great their debut and sophomore release were. Also: they have seventy gajillion albums.

    Suicide - s/t
    The (second) industrial album ever! Suicide played dark, fuzzed-out, minimalist keyboard noise with echo-y vocals and a few instances of pop-tendencies. The first is Silver Apples' s/t, if you want to call it "industrial"...

    Swans - Body To Body, Job To Job
    This is actually a live album, but it's probably their darkest, ugliest sounding album. Ridiculously heavy, droning guitars and angry vocals producing some of the most gloomy and horrid music ever recorded. Good luck sitting through this entire album without getting down.
    Body to Body, Job to Job

    The Slits - Cut
    Sex Pistols' girlfriends get together and play some loopy, upbeat white-man reggae and dub with fantastically sloppy (im)precision and layered, silly, vocal interplay. One of my AB FAVE albums of the ever.

    4 mars 2009, 15h49m

    10.) Hurtin' Crue
    9.) Parents
    8.) No FB
    7.) All-O-Gistics
    6.) Van
    5.) Enjoy
    4.) Blast Off
    3.) Sour Grapes
    2.) Orgofart
    1.) The Days Are Blood

    In order of "least worst" to worst (with number one being the worst).
    I realize Orgofart isn't actually a song, but considering it stole over 2 minutes of my precious time on this planet, it makes number 2 on the list.
    Sour Grapes is not only ridiculously corny, but the lyrics are creepy as hell in that sort of 'earnest-misogynist' way.

    Can anyone argue with The Days Are Blood's inclusion?

    Also: I actually like "Parents" and it's catchy bassline, but man is it dumb.
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    26 fév. 2009, 17h03m

    What happened to my library? I know FO SHO I've listened to Butthole Surfers and Flipper more than the fuckin' Larry Arms, or even Sebadoh! I don't even like the Lawrence Arms very much! OH GOD MY REPUTATIONGBIVB@DHUN!!!!!!~~~~~~~~

    On the other hand, damn this a cool site. I wish I had joined earlier.

    Up on the Sun

    What's this? I can turn an album into a link! Cool!


    Also: I'm up for hire! Check out my deviantart account if you want me to design any fliers/album covers/shirts/whatnot.

    I work cheap, I promise. Occasionally free!