23 déc. 2010, 20h31m

2010 has been the best year for music for a long time. I remember 2007 and 2008 being particularly great, too, but I wasn't expecting this year to be so good. This list was incredibly hard to compile and has probably been thought about way too much over the past month. Even the albums that don't make the top ten have all been so thoroughly enjoyable to listen to, so if your favourite seems quite low, it's only because the standard was so frickin' high all round. There's all the usual suspects featured here and a few others. My top three are almost too difficult to separate (they are all equally my top album of the year), yet this list demands a distinct order and a distinct order is what it will have.

I'll begin with a few albums that didn't quite make the mark.

Vampire Weekend / Contra
The biggest disappointment of the year, along with the album directly below.

What happened?

Best Coast / Crazy for You
Probably the single most obvious example on this list of an album that is as catchy as it is annoying. Unrequited love lives.

Flying Lotus / Cosmogramma
The album that I wish I could have got into more, but it just wasn't happening. Not gonna give up though, and I know something will click eventually.

Sufjan Stevens / All Delighted People EP
The only reason this isn't right near the top of the main list is because it's an EP. Absolute genius.

#30 // Hot Chip / One Life Stand

Highlights: One Life Stand / We Have Love / Take It In

#29 // The Chemical Brothers / Further

Highlights: Dissolve / Horse Power / Swoon

#28 // Tame Impala / Innerspeaker

Highlights: It Is Not Meant to Be / Alter Ego / Expectation

#27 // Surfer Blood / Astro Coast

Highlights: Floating Vibes / Take It Easy / Harmonix

#26 // Goldfrapp / Head First

Highlights: Believer / Dreaming / I Wanna Life

#25 // Antony and the Johnsons / Swanlights

Highlights: Everything Is New / Swanlights / Christina's Farm

#24 // The National / High Violet

Highlights: Sorrow / Anyone's Ghost / Bloodbuzz Ohio

#23 // Massive Attack / Heligoland

Highlights: Girl I Love You / Flat of the Blade / Paradise Circus

#22 // Yeasayer / Odd Blood

Highlights: Madder Red / I Remember / O.N.E.

#21 // Crystal Castles / Crystal Castles (II)

Highlights: Baptism / Suffocation / Intimate

#20 // Laura Marling / I Speak Because I Can

Highlights: Made by Maid / Blackberry Stone / Goodbye England (Covered in Snow)

#19 // No Age / Everything in Between

Highlights: Fever Dreaming / Depletion / Common Heat

#18 // The Tallest Man on Earth / The Wild Hunt

Highlights: Burden of Tomorrow / King of Spain / Kids on the Run

#17 // Broken Social Scene / Forgiveness Rock Record

Highlights: World Sick / Texico Bitches / All to All / Art House Director / Meet Me In the Basement

#16 // The Knife / Tomorrow, in a Year

Highlights: Ebb Tide Explorer / Annie's Box / Colouring of Pigeons / Seeds

#15 // Janelle Monáe / The ArchAndroid

Highlights: Dance or Die (feat. Saul Williams) / Cold War / Tightrope (feat. Big Boi) / Wondaland

#14 // Four Tet / There Is Love in You

Highlights: Love Cry / Circling / This Unfolds / Plastic People

#13 // Foals / Total Life Forever

Highlights: Blue Blood / Miami / Black Gold / Spanish Sahara / 2 Trees

#12 // The Walkmen // Lisbon

Highlights: Juveniles / Angela Surf City / Stranded / Victory / Woe Is Me

#11 // Robyn / Body Talk

Highlights: Don't Fucking Tell Me What to Do / Fembot / Dancing on My Own / Hang with Me / Call Your Girlfriend

#10 // Caribou / Swim

Highlights: Sun / Kaili / Bowls / Hannibal

#09 // LCD Soundsystem / This Is Happening

Highlights: One Touch / All I Want / I Can Change / You Wanted a Hit / Pow Pow

#08 // Owen Pallett / Heartland

Highlights: Red Sun no.5 / Lewis Takes Action / The Great Elsewhere / Oh Heartland, Up Yours! / Lewis Takes Off His Shirt / E Is For Estranged

#07 // Kanye West / My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

Highlights: Power / All of the Lights / Monster / Devil In A New Dress / Blame Game / Lost In The World

#06 // Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti / Before Today

Highlights: Bright Lit Blue Skies / Fright Night (Nevermore) / Beverly Kills / Butt-House Blondies / Reminiscences / Menopause Man

#05 // Deerhunter / Halcyon Digest

Highlights: Memory Boy / Desire Lines / Helicopter / Coronado / He Would Have Laughed

#04 // Beach House / Teen Dream

Highlights: Silver Soul / Norway / Used to Be / Lover of Mine / 10 Mile Stereo

#03 // Sufjan Stevens / The Age of Adz

Highlights: Futile Devices / Too Much / Age of Adz / Now That I'm Older / Get Real Get Right / Vesuvius / I Want To Be Well / Impossible Soul

#02 // Joanna Newsom / Have One on Me

Highlights: Easy / Have One on Me / '81 / Good Intentions Paving Company / Baby Birch / On a Good Day / You and Me, Bess / In California / Go Long / Soft as Chalk / Autumn / Kingfisher / Does Not Suffice

#01 // Arcade Fire / The Suburbs

Highlights: The Suburbs / Ready to Start / Rococo / Empty Room / Half Light II (No Celebration) / Suburban War / Month of May / We Used to Wait / Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains)


  • Friend567

    Thanks for sending me the link! If you read my 2010 summary, you may have noticed that I mentioned the fact that I definitely need to listen to your #1 a bit more. I will do that. You probably know that sometimes an album is just there and then all of a sudden it 'clicks' and you understand it and can appreciate it. The same goes for The Suburbs. Apart from that, the list is...well, I'm afraid we're almost the same person when it comes to music :D Your taste is amazing. Also, it's good we can see your face again on your avatar. Merry X-mas and all that cal. :)

    23 déc. 2010, 23h49m
  • cliquott

    Fantastic list. We share number one. But I do love Maya's new album and also I just can't understand the love on Hot Chip's One Life Stand. The highlights are absolutely right ('We have love' is one of my favorite songs of the year) but I don't think it's so amazing to be on the list. Well if you're interested or bored or both I listed my best and worst albums of the year right here Sorry if my english is as pathetic as I think it is.

    24 déc. 2010, 10h22m
  • Confessions87

    I loved MAYA when I first heard it but it quickly grew stale. It just doesn't hold up and it's such a disappointment in contrast to Kala. I must admit to not being overly impressed with One Life Stand, either. Made In The Dark and The Warning are great albums. I feel bad for having The Tallest Man On Earth lower down the list. What an exceptional album.

    24 déc. 2010, 17h31m
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