27 déc. 2009, 22h05m

Okay, so here it is. The list I've been planning for about a year now, but didn't actually compose until I sat down a few nights ago. The toughest process is ranking these records. I love something about every single one here. My list isn't as varied as magazine or online polls, so you're likely to see a lot of artists or bands appear more than once. But then it is just me and all of the albums here have been listened to in a rather ridiculous amount.

100. Joni MitchellShine
99. The White Stripes - Get Behind Me Satan
98. The Knife - The Knife
97. Röyksopp - Melody A.M.
96. Arctic Monkeys - Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not
95. Snow Patrol - Eyes Open
94. Wild Beasts - Two Dancers
93. Brazilian Girls - Brazilian Girls
92. Gwen Stefani - Love. Angel. Music. Baby.
91. M.I.A. - Arular
90. The Killers - Hot Fuss
89. Alicia Keys - The Diary of Alicia Keys
88. The Knife - Deep Cuts
87. Róisín Murphy - Ruby Blue
86. Laura Marling - Alas, I Cannot Swim
85. Basement JaxxRooty
84. The White Stripes - De Stijl
83. Justin Timberlake - FutureSex/LoveSounds
82. Hot Chip - The Warning
81. Regina Spektor - Soviet Kitsch
80. Beck - Guero
79. Björk - Selmasongs
78. Kanye West - The College Dropout
77. Thom Yorke - The Eraser
76. Hot Chip - Made in the Dark
75. ColdplayParachutes
74. Goldfrapp - Supernature
73. Damien RiceO
72. Björk - Volta
71. MGMT - Oracular Spectacular
70. Justice - Cross
69. Missy Elliott - Miss E... So Addictive
68. Santigold - Santigold
67. Nelly Furtado - Folklore
66. Florence + the MachineLungs
65. Red Hot Chili Peppers - By the Way
64. Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Show Your Bones
63. Fiona Apple - Extraordinary Machine
62. Bat for Lashes - Fur and Gold
61. Emilíana Torrini - Fisherman's Woman
60. Junior Boys - Last Exit
59. Fever Ray - Fever Ray
58. The Shins - Oh, Inverted World
57. Andrew Bird - The Mysterious Production of Eggs
56. Sufjan Stevens - Michigan
55. Animal Collective - Sung Tongs
54. Bat for Lashes - Two Suns
53. Norah Jones - Come Away with Me
52. Nelly FurtadoLoose
55. Alicia Keys - Songs in A Minor
50. Sufjan Stevens - The Avalanche
49. Lady Gaga - The Fame
48. José González - Veneer
47. Yeah Yeah Yeahs - It's Blitz!
46. Daft Punk - Discovery
45. Vampire Weekend - Vampire Weekend
44. The Strokes - Is This It
43. TV on the Radio - Dear Science
42. Coldplay - A Rush of Blood to the Head
41. PJ Harvey - Stories from the City, Stories from the Sea
40. Goldfrapp - Black Cherry
39. Beach House - Devotion
38. Iron & Wine - The Shepherd's Dog
37. Hercules and Love Affair - Hercules And Love Affair
36. RadioheadAmnesiac
35. Grizzly Bear - Yellow House
34. Britney Spears - Blackout
33. Goldfrapp - Seventh Tree
32. Portishead - Third
31. PJ Harvey - White Chalk
30. Tori Amos - Scarlet's Walk
29. Animal CollectiveFeels
28. Grizzly Bear - Veckatimest
27. Róisín Murphy - Overpowered
26. M.I.A.Kala
25. Fleet Foxes - Fleet Foxes
24. Dirty Projectors - Bitte Orca
23. Kate BushAerial
22. Amy Winehouse - Back to Black
21. Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Fever To Tell
20. Animal Collective - Strawberry Jam
19. The White Stripes - Elephant
18. Arcade Fire - Neon Bible
17. Broken Social Scene - You Forgot It In People
16. Björk - Medúlla
15. Madonna - Confessions on a Dance Floor
14. Joanna Newsom - The Milk-Eyed Mender
13. The Knife - Silent Shout
12. Sigur Rós - Takk...
11. Feist - The Reminder
10. Radiohead - Kid A
9. Animal Collective - Merriweather Post Pavilion
8. Sigur Rós - ( )
7. Radiohead - In Rainbows
6. Cut Copy - In Ghost Colours
5. Björk - Vespertine
4. Sufjan Stevens - Illinois
3. The Avalanches - Since I Left You
2. Joanna Newsom - Ys
1. Arcade Fire - Funeral


  • Constellation66

    Personally I think the arcade fire album is over-rated... wouldn't be in my top 5. Nice to see some love for Bjork though. And great to see Selmasongs in the list! I'd put her Vespertine album as number 1. I reckon amnesiac to too close to the top and hail to the theif should be in amnesiac's place. But you got it right with the other radiohead albums. surprised that no kings of leon, bloc party but i think you did a good job regardless.

    28 déc. 2009, 5h09m
  • Confessions87

    Never got into KOL or Bloc Party but I can see Silent Alarm is considered one of those amazing albums. Funeral is No.1 for me because it changed how I saw rock/indie music and there's something just so life-affirming about it, plus I bought it the day it came out without having even hearing of them and was completely blown away. Albums like The Reminder by Feist and Cut Copy are in there through personal choices. I tried to be generous to all the music I listened to from the start of the decade. For example, when I was 14 and Survivor by Destiny's Child came out, I thought it was incredible, and it's still a great pop is Fever by Kylie. There should probably be some Kanye West in there somewhere.

    28 déc. 2009, 10h43m
  • wangle-mcdangle

    Brilliant list! 'Funeral' blew me away like no other album but my enduring favourite is 'Ys'! I also agree with you that 'In Rainbows' deserves to be ahead of 'Kid A'. Just a quick question, If 'Ágætis byrjun' had of been released in the 00's, where would it have fit in?

    28 déc. 2009, 20h54m
  • Confessions87

    Oooh, good question. Well, for me, Takk was the album that got me into Sigur Ros, so to me it always has a slight edge over Ágætis Byrjun. Having said that, in this list I'd have put it somewhere around No.27. Ys is a somewhat more complex album than Funeral and I think it fascinated me more than Funeral. The top two are almost tied.

    28 déc. 2009, 21h17m
  • badkharmala

    cool list. I hope you didn't spend too long on this, lol. I've decided i'm just going to be lazy and make a list of like 5. easier that way :D but yeah, all those 5 or so on my list are within your top 10. WHICH MEANS WE ARE BOTH REALLY AWESOME.

    2 jan. 2010, 23h55m
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