Favorite Beatles Songs (By Letter)


17 nov. 2007, 21h59m

I have ten million things to do this weekend, and yet I choose to do this. Now what does that say about me?

A: Across the Universe (I had the lyrics to this song written all over a page in my planner in 7th grade... *lame*)
B: Baby You're a Rich Man
C: The Continuing Story of Bungalow Bill
D: Day Tripper (So close to A Day in the Life.)
E: Everybody's Got Something to Hide Except Me and My Monkey
F: The Fool on the Hill
G: Got to Get You Into My Life (Get Back, to quote Maxwell Smart, missed it by... that much.)
H: Hey Jude (Only beats Happiness is a Warm Gun because it's one of my ultimate favorite songs ever. Still...)
I: I'm Only Sleeping & I Want You (She's So Heavy) I couldn't decide. So sue me.
J: Julia (Not like there was much to choose from... XD)
K: Komm, gib mir Deine Hand (Same here, though I like it better than the English version.)
L: Lady Madonna (Much love to the random fake brass section parts.)
M: Maxwell's Silver Hammer (I've loved this song forever and can sing every word.)
N: Nowhere Man
O: Only a Northern Song
P: Paperback Writer
The letter Q is one of the most neglected letters in the English language. Perhaps if it didn't always have to be followed by a U...
R: Revolution 1
S: Sexy Sadie
T: Taxman
U is also quite frequently neglected. I suppose the little guys have to stick together.
No V either. *tear*
W: While My Guitar Gently Weeps
Poor X.
Y: Yesterday (How could I not choose that?)
No Z either.

Alas, even with my attempt to choose only songs of awesomeness, many were left out.
Well, that can't be avoided, can it?


  • xXKiteXx

    bang bang shoot shoot >_> P.S. No love for Kansas City/Hey Hey Hey Hey?

    26 nov. 2007, 23h53m
  • ComradeKellybug

    >_> Yes, there is love for Kansas City/Hey Hey Hey Hey, but not as much as for Komm, Gib Mir Deine Hand. LOL SORRY.

    27 nov. 2007, 4h37m
  • Bloopy

    Nice idea. I'm having a go at doing the same for Metallica, but I'm stuck with the five letters left blank too... Q,V,X,Y,Z. I wonder if their next album will be kind to any of those letters.

    8 mai 2008, 9h59m
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