• Awesome Music Video

    27 nov. 2007, 15h07m

    The other day I pulled an all nighter doing who knows what on my laptop. It was about 3am or so and I decided it was time to go to sleep.

    So I get in my bed and turn the tv to vh1. Vh1 always play music videos in the mornings.

    About the third music video was Weapon of Choice by Fatboy Slim. I kinda knew Fatboy Slim from a couple of tracks I herd of his on

    The music video starts with some guy sitting in a chair. It looked a bit like Christopher Walken, but I though there was no way he would be in any but especially this music video. It was very early and my vision was a bit blurred as well.

    The video continues and he gets up and starts dancing, at that point I knew it wasn't him.

    Well, I finished the video and went to sleep. The next day I got up and decided to look it up on youtube, and sure enough it was him.

    Wow he is a really good dancer. The video is also very good and a bit funny.

    Anyway, here it is.

    [video artist=Fatboy slim]Weapon of Choice[/video]
  • First Post

    27 nov. 2007, 5h49m

    My name is Jason and I am a software programmer/blogger.

    I mainly use to listen to techno while I program. For some reason it seems to make me go faster.

    Anyway. I'll write soon.