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23 mars 2012, 0h42m

So, before the BIG DAY tomorrow, we though it's worth doing one last check of our sabotaging personnel...just to be prepared, sort of speak. We grabbed our guest Marcus Fix for one of our informal 101s where we discuss all or nothing about his music, his studio muse, his desire to keep music as unlabeled as possible and of course his becoming one of Cocoon's knights flying the label's colours all over the world. London, tomorrow night is our turn!
Without further adue, meet Markus Fix

Hi there Marcus! How are you and where does our inescapable interview find you?
Marcus Fix: Good Morning, I am fine. Your interview just caught me in a pile of cables in my studio :)

How are you settling into 2012? Any fond memories of 2011 (memorable gigs, music, moments)?

Marcus Fix: The end of 2011 is when I've started building my studio and as for 2012: in the last couple of weeks I’ve been working on my first Live act. In hindsight the year has started with a lot of work but I am very proud to see my studio growing up and also launching my first Live act in the Cocoonclub Lounge in Frankfurt to a complete success!
My absolute highlight in 2011 was without a doubt my gig at Creamfields in Lima, Perú.

Just the best organized party I ever played! an amazing stage, incredible soundsystem and absolutely nice people who “Dance like Hell” :) I will never forget this!

Coolio, let's get things started properly then shall we.
Marcus, allow us to introduce you to our extended family and friends. (You know family is very important :)Tell us a couple of things about you. Your musical lineage, your musical beliefs and what do you do for a living?
Marcus Fix: Let´s talk about family, yes! As you’ve said it so well the family is really important, so we are all very close and help each other every time. The “extended family” are friends like Reboot, Sascha Dive, Robert Dietz, Chris Tietjen, Federico Molinari, Dorian Paic and many other djs from Frankfurt are close friends…everyone is in contact, sharing music, having dinner together, doing afterparties together…

Sounds like a pretty party oriented family :))
Tell us what is music for you?
Marcus Fix: Music...is like “fish & chips”….no,no, no! :)
Music is always, everywhere. Like if you go out you listen to music, to a car, to a bird, or to people talking maybe; everything gives you a impression of something, and that’s music for me. That’s what music does for me.

What/who makes you want to get up in the morning and write music?
Marcus Fix: All the buttons and knobs on my hardware, they make me horny everyday ;))

What is the music that Marcus Fix makes? Your preference in style, themes, song and flow.
Marcus Fix: Describe my style….hmmmm...That’s not really possible for me to say.
Some people say that a style of “claps” I use is “my style” but I honestly don’t know.

When I sit in my studio I have no idea on what I want to make or even how I want to make it.
I love to just jam – then record the line I like and then the pieces of puzzle start falling into place. So it can be a real trippy track, a harmonic one or a pumping house tune.
I have no rules for producing music.

How do these preferences fit into your dj sets? What’s more important when playing live: presenting the sound you love or hitting the spot with the crowd you have in front of your Dj booth? How do you find the balance?
Marcus Fix: It really depends on the party you are playing. Sometimes the public is really open minded, sometimes they are not. I always try to feel out the audience and see how they react. But I do love to present them some of the music I really like and I try to do it more and more often.

Having released music on some of the finest labels in both underground terms and worldwide influence, how has your evolution to this point been?
Marcus Fix: Most of the time, an artist becomes the center of attention through his releases. But the battles he has fought and the learning experiences he’s had to get to that point, are most times overlooked. It’s really difficult.

When you have your first good release, everyone expects your next one to be like the first one, at least similar or in the same style. And for me – this is not possible! I don’t see music as a calculation where you can take parts of the first track and then calculate on which elements you take for your next one or even just modify some and use them again.
The best tracks are done in 4-6 hours and made without thinking too much about “I need a break here, a noise there” and etc. Of course labels want to sell records, I completely understand that…but sometimes I do miss music from the heart - which is not made necessarily straight for the dance floor.

7. What was the moment that transformed Djing from a hobby into an actual daily occupation?
Marcus Fix: I think it´s now 3 years ago……before I was already playing in Germany a lot, but after my first release on Cecille, the hobby became an occupation. And it was the best choice of my life, no doubt!
How would you describe your connection to Cecille?
Marcus Fix: Nick Curly is such a fun guy, and I am a very close friend of Marc Scholl, he lives only 5 minutes from my house. So my connection to Cecille is more of a friendship. I have to be very thankful to these guys, there really believed in me.

What about Cocoon?
Marcus Fix: As far as music goes - I grew up in Frankfurt, my first Club was the Omen in Frankfurt where Sven Väth had his residency at the time. And I was actually at the first Cocoon-party in a small Location where “Earth Nation” was performing their Live Set. After that, Cocoon did a lot of parties in Frankfurt, which I, of course, attended :)
My first time in Ibiza I lived in the house of a girl who was working for Cocoon at the time and she introduced me to the “Cocoon lifestyle” From that point on it was my dream to become a DJ for Cocoon and for the past 2 years I am really proud to be a part of it.
It is without exaggeration a dream come true!

We are very happy and honored to have you headlining our event “Sabotage” tomorrow night alongside our best Codekontrol family members (residents) Johnny Fiore, Gabriel Amaru, Unai Trotti, DJ Soundbyte

We have put our all to make this event something special, with special music and special people. Looking at the huge response we’ve had from our crowd, it certainly looks like it’s going to be special! When was the last time you played in London and how do you feel about crossing the Atlantic to our shores?
Marcus Fix: My last time playing in London was at Fuse, in Brick Lane and I really love to be in London!!! The crowd is really outthere here in London and I'm sure we can rock all night :)

So to wrap things up. What’s in store for 2012 for Marcus Fix? (hype us please)
Marcus Fix: I have some new releases in the pipeline and I've told you I've just played my first Live set at Cocoon club last Saturday.
I am really looking forward to what's coming this year and of course to our party in London tomorroooow!!! ;)

Sabotage Feat Markus Fix @ Relay London

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