Megadeth, Testament, & Exodus @ Hollywood Palladium 3/31/10


1 avr. 2010, 9h38m

Wed 31 Mar – Megadeth 'Rust In Peace' 20th Anniversary Tour

My first metal show!

And it was most definitely the the most intense show I've been to yet (not *favorite*, mind you, but still up there). I'd been at the front of crowds where everyone gets squeezed up against one another, but never before did I feel like I was actually getting my bones crushed into little tiny bones like at this show.

All three bands were fantastic. Admittedly, I'm not too familiar with Exodus' stuff, but Testament played all of their debut album The Legacy. Megadeth opened with Skin O' My Teeth, In My Darkest Hour and She-Wolf, then began playing Rust In Peace in its entirety. What a great album. The encores were Trust, new songs The Right To Go Insane and Head Crusher, Symphony of Destruction, and Peace Sells. They then reprised the last part of Holy Wars to close the show for good.

A few things to note:

Dave Mustaine and co., in total metal fashion, wore nice dress shirts during their performance.

People did the little devil hand sign in the air after literally every song.

Everyone kept losing shoes.

There were like three separate pits scattered amongst the entire crowd.

The smell of marijuana permeated the entire concert floor. Why would anyone would want to be high at a metal show?

$35 for a shirt?!?! Fuck you, Megadeth's merch guys.

Some dude had little tiny bottles of vodka that he kept drinking and offered me a bit of one. Yay.

Apparently this particular show was being FILMED for a concert DVD! I hope Exodus' performance makes it on there cause that's the only time I looked into the camera

In conclusion, I am so SO very glad I remembered to bring earplugs. It's nice coming back from a show and not having everything sound like ass cause my ears are ringing. Through I probably looked like an idiot that was mouthing all the lyrics cause I was singing so quietly. All in all, great show, great music, and long-haired drunken people waving their hair in my face. I hope to see Megadeth next time when they tour for the 20th anniversary of Risk.

(if anyone was there, I was the guy with the Faith No More shirt)


  • jsnruf

    Yeah, I'm going to get the DVD just to see if I'm in it. And lol 20th anniversary of Risk.

    1 avr. 2010, 19h29m
  • Oskoreien

    Some photos are available here:

    1 avr. 2010, 21h51m
  • brandonistkrieg

    HAHAHA OH MAN, were you the dude with the Angel Dust shirt!?

    1 avr. 2010, 23h00m
  • Chumsicles


    2 avr. 2010, 0h03m
  • Tormentor312

    awwww his first show :P why not get high?

    2 avr. 2010, 5h40m
  • brandonistkrieg

    fuck yea

    2 avr. 2010, 6h50m
  • DetoxScission

    'I hope to see Megadeth next time when they tour for the 20th anniversary of Risk.' [2]

    1 oct. 2010, 3h57m
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