Ben Folds Shows from a few weeks ago.


24 oct. 2008, 5h48m

Thu 9 Oct – Ben Folds, Missy Higgins
Fri 10 Oct – Ben Folds, Missy Higgins

This is one gigantic post to cover the last two weekends of my life. EDIT: I lied. I got too lazy to finish one gigantic post. Part 2 can come tomorrow. Now, I shall continue to update my itunes library. Far more exciting with all the new tunes I've acquired in the last few days. (Thanks Alex!)

It was my first time in the fair state of Michigan. Picked up Mel from Mitchell International and headed straight to Brooke's and headed straight to Sarah's. Sarah was kind enough to wake up at the ass crack of dawn to let us in her house so we could sleep a few hours and then leave again to go to the show in Detroit. Brooke and Mel dropped me off at the venue to hold out spots in line and they went off to pick up Patti (a lady from theburbs). Heather, a friend from Facebook and her boyfriend joined up really soon. It was awesome to sit and talk to them. Hahaha. She was happy to have someone who could school her in Ben Folds knowledge.
I serve to please.
Also, fun fact. Def Lepoard was playing next door. Talk about a strange combination in music.
Eventually security came out to tell us that we were going to have to move our line. TO ACROSS THE STREET. And then asked us if we had Live Nation or Ticketmaster tickets. Apparently they form two different lines there, and Live Nation tickets get in first. I hadn't even seen our tickets yet, cause Brooke bought them (I paid her back) and was a bit weirded out about the ordeal. Heather and bf had Ticketmaster tickets. What a lame policy.
Brooke, Mel and Patti got back and probably wtf'd over our new location. Lynn and Frank joined at some point around here too. Found out that Brooke and Mel had both bought Live Nation tickets. So we were golden. Unfortunately the rest of our group had not. (Patti's was willcall.)
We got dinner/lunch/theonlymealoftheday from a salad creations place several blocks down the way. fucking huge salad. I ate all the tasty bits out of it, and left lots of lettuce behind. whoops. it was too big. They then set up the Live Nation line, but then didn't tell anyone. Lucky the people who moved over there first knew we were first in line and helped us fit in the front spot. I would have had to punch someone otherwise.
They were late opening the doors, but not by too much, and we got in and got our seats. It was a bit strange to not be next to Mel and/or Brooke at the show. I did spend a lot of time talking to the random lady next to me who recognized me from the myspace DVD and we chatted about the reunion and the cruise and her children and big bang boom and lots of goodies.
Missy Higgins is the opener this tour. She's good. But nothing special, imo. I feel like I could find a million different artists who sound exactly the same as her. Some of her songs have really great lyrics, though. But, there was nothing that made her stick out above the rest, in my opinion. She's very helpful to have on tour though, so Jared doesn't have to play Regina every night. :P
This was show 28
1 Way to Normal
2 Brainwashct
3 Effington
4 You Don't Know Me (Missy Higgins singing Regina Spektor's part)
5 Gone
6 Dr Yang
7 Cologne
8 Hiroshima
9 The Frown Song
10 You to Thank
11 Kylie from CT
12 Free Coffee ("strapped on my dildo" instead of backpack)
13 Free Coffee Town
14 Lovesick Diagnostician
15 Bitch Went Nuts
16 Zak and Sara
17 Bitch Went Nutz

18. Fair (omgwtffreakoutmoment!)
19 Still Fighting It
20 Kate
21 Where's Summer B.?
22 Annie Waits
23 Landed
24 Philosophy (inc Mirsilou)
25 Frowne Song

The production on this tour is worlds ahead of anything I have seen Ben have before. The lighting, imo, was better at the Reunion gig, but.... the video and stuff makes up the difference. The lighting on Kylie. Lightgasm, right there. Fuck. Totally one of my normal moves, the NC (no color... not North Carolina) and about a R78-85 combination of backlighting. SHAOkjdslk. Exactly what I would have done with that song.
The frown masks.... ahahahahaha. It's all so priceless.

Met Ben and Chad after the show. No photos, though, I think how long we were there and just chatting with Ben, we probably could have got a group shot. Chad was fucking flabberghasted that I had an old TAIT album. Dude, totally my first show. Hahahahaha. He held on to it so he could show Ben. Hahahaha. And then as we were leaving I told Ben not to play anything at the Apple gig that he wasn't going to play later that night cause we weren't going, in order to have the best place in line for the show at the Congress. And we got hugs all around. And it was wonderful. "Drive Safe! And won't see you at the Apple Gig!"

Then began the epic drive home.

Which I drove most of, but that was okay, I didn't even start to feel sleepy til Chicagoland anyway.

Chicago (the wiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnddddyyyyyyyyy city):

Aneela joined us in the morning at Brooke's. And we got a wayyyyyy late start out to the restaurant we agreed on meeting up as theburbs at. Nikko called me to ask where we were, and uh, we had barely gotten on the road. Then, when we got down there, for some reason we couldn't find the big teeth and the red things on the sidewalk. Hahaha. Whoops. We ate, it was good, and lots of laughs the six of us... (Brooke, Mel, Aneela, Nikko, WIChris and myself). Mel found out in her fortune cookie that she was going to inherit a large sum of money................... in bed.
Ha. Then we went to park the car in the no-pay section. And as we were walking over to the venue, Mel goes; UH. GUYS? I left my ticket at Brooke's. So Mel and I got back in Brooke's car and drove back to Brooke's house. Where. Boo. Her mom totally pulled right into the back of Brooke's car as we were reversing out of the driveway. total lame.
We got back to the area of the venue, and saw Nikko walking down the street. Picked him up. To take him backward. Why, I dunno, but he hopped in Brooke's car, by sitting on my lap and off we went to park the car. Then walked back to the line. Stood there for quite some time. Took a pee break at the CVS and "ate" there and blah. But in line found out that Ben played Best Imitation at the Apple gig from Justin. LAME. I've never seen that one. But the line was, eventually, Mel, Brooke, Aneela, Richard, Justin, Nikko, WIChris, Lynn, Frank, and myself. It was almost like a Ben Folds Five reunion. Minus Alex. And you know, Darren Jessee and Robert Sledge. Nikko came clad in his Anti-Rock this Bitch shirt. Which between Justin, WIChris and Nikko they started harassing the line. By harassing, I mean, informing the unaware that Ben dislikes Rock this Bitch. We've basically decided, if Ben can't kill it off himself, we the fan base will.
I tried to get it on video several times, but it just wasn't working right. So Justin and Nikko decided to walk the line that had now grown across the street......
And this baby was born.
WATCH. LEARN. And show all your friends.

Then, eventually we got inside. We had our Barack this Bitch sign ready to go. We don't support Rock this Bitch- but we do support being witty. :P
So we got spread out again, and once again, not next to Mel and/or Brooke. Next to Nikko and random girl who made her way between WIChris and me. Shrug. found out that the guy behind me had been to 27 shows. So I asked him when he started going. MAJOSHA. FHEROLIJSLD. MAJOSHA. Get THAT bug outta YOUR system. Oh that was bad.
Then, sad day, part 2, happened, Aneela started feeling woozy or something, and actually ended up in the hospital before the show even started. Richard was a total sweetheart and went with her. Major bummer. :(
Set list was basically the same.
1 Way to Normal
2 Brainwascht
3 Effington
4 You Don't Know Me
5 Landed
6 Annie Waits
7 Cologne (which we "taped" for itunes, and had to start several times, cause Ben wanted it to sound like it was a 'classic' with our reaction. And it apparently was fake. hahaha. so over and over again we went.... and it's not even up on itunes, one from later in the tour is)
8 Lovesick Diagnostician
10 Hiroshima
11 Frown Song
12 Kylie from CT
13 Free Coffee
14 Free Coffee Town
15 Zak and Sara
16 Bitch Went Nuts
17 Bitch Went Nutz

18 Luckiest (solo)
19 Emaline (solo)
20 Boxing (solo) (ahahahahaha. mel hates this song. hahahahahahahaha.)
21 Fair (good thing she fucking adores this one)
22 Kate
23 Still Fighting It (really hit me this night. I dunno. i got weepy again. couldn't watch. damn you song.)
24 Rockin the Suburbs
25 Not the Same
26 Frowne Song

We started several now traditions at this show. There is now a wave in Effington. (after 'the soundtrack sounds like this') must pogo during fair. must clap at the right points during the Frowne Song. (that has been picked up by Ben, thanks to yours truly and Nikko) hahahaha.

We will conquer the world. Plain and simple.

Hung out with Jared and Sam after the show. Sam called me Chudley when he was saying goodbye. And, cause I said it on theburbs, it must be completed, the next person to call me that in RL was getting punched. IT JUST HAPPENED TO BE SAM SMITH. Whooooooooooooooooooooops. Also talked to him about the Elvis feel in Dr Yang. And he said that it used to be called Elvis Ba (Bach?) before they had words they just had the 'hey, hey, hey, hey, hey' bit. He also gloated to me, interrupted my conversation with whoever, to make sure i heard, that he'd seen ben folds five when he was 15 in central park with an orchestra. BASTARD. I love Sam Smith. He makes me smile. I also am a big fan that the band won't lie to me if Ben's left. What an awesome gift I has. :D

or maybe i need to get a straight jacket?

Brooke got Sam to talk to Aneela on the phone. That was major awesome. Told you, that kid makes me smile.

And by kid, I mean someone a good five years older than me.

We then went to the bar next door to celebrate ILChris (he appeared magically during the show) and Mel's birthdays which had happened earlier in the week. Good times. Nikko was all - I need to see Ben again this tour. And I was all.... uhhhhh there's tomorrow, or next Friday. That's it. Ha. So he decided to investigate the potential on going with us to the twin cities the next Friday. Eventually we all finished our drinks and we left. Saw that the tour bus was STILL outside the venue. Aneela and Richard joined us up again there. Debated waiting to see the bus leave. Then decided against it cause we had to get to Green Bay in the morning. So, PS: why does Ben get to go back to the hotel and Sam and Jared get stuck on the bus? LAME policy I tell you.

We parted ways. And cried all the way home. (I'm kidding on the crying.) I miss the people that I get to see at these shows more than Ben, Jared, and Sam (no offense). I think that's really what I go through when I go through 'ben withdrawl' I can't IMAGINE a folds show on my own anymore. Oh, HELLLLL no.
The two shows that I have gone to all on my lonesome have both had meet and greets afterward. Huuuuuuuummmmm.
Interesting theoriesssssss could develop.

My brain is totally warped from splicing bootlegs all night long.

Green Bay and Minneapolis to come in part 2.... when I feel like epic typing again.


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