CYHSY live in Mad-town


13 oct. 2007, 8h56m

Sat 6 Oct – Clap Your Hands Say Yeah

First off, The Annex was somewhere new to me. And completely ridiculous. In a good way. The stage couldn't have been more than a foot high. Crazy. So Brooke and I were there crazy early, because that's what we do... so we were night and just left of center. (I hate getting stuck in a moshy thing. and I love being able to see everything.)

Before the show I was wondering how Clap Your Hands Say Yeah would be live because of how unique Alec Ounsworth's vocals are. I wasn't sure if it'd be really really good. Or really really bad. Luckily the former was true. AND they played most of my favorite CYHSY tunes. AND they must be working on a new album- because there were a couple songs that I'd never heard of....

I also managed to procure, through Brooke's sneakiness, a set list.
The first song apparently was called telling the truth.
In This Home on Ice
Foreign Land
Satan Said Dance
Yankee Go Home
Gimme Some Salt
Some Loud Thunder
Is This Love?
The Skin of My Yellow Country Teeth
Details of the War
Underwater (You and Me)
Over and Over Again (Lost and Found)
She Smiles
Clap Your Hands!
Let the Cool Goddess Rust Away

Motor Away
Heavy Metal
Upon This Tidal Wave of Young Blood

CYHSY was high energy. Low tech (though the practicals were pretty sweet) and that was a nice comparison between what would come the next day. But CYHSY was pretty much fantastic, minus the scratch I got from someone and their moshiness. AND my pet peeve of all concert/live anythings. People who push their way to the front. IF you didn't wait long enough for a front row seat -GET BACK. I did my time, KTHNXBAI!

The opener was pretty decent. Kind of reminded me of Clem Snide.


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