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FenneszCity of Light Hier 15h49m
MurcofRecuerdos Hier 15h41m
IAMXSkin Vision Hier 14h00m
ManualAstoria Hier 13h55m
HerbertIt's Only Hier 13h47m
MoodymannRoberta Jean Machine Hier 13h44m
ÜnnEscape The Time Hier 13h38m
FenneszRivers of Sand Hier 13h34m
MurcofCometa Hier 13h24m
IAMXVolatile Times Hier 13h19m
ManualSummer Haze Hier 13h14m
HerbertThe Last Beat Hier 13h09m
MoodymannWednesday Night People Hier 13h06m
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The RaveonettesHeart of Stone Hier 22h29m
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  • CosmicOrigin

    new week, new track

    25 jan. 13h10m Répondre
  • CosmicOrigin

    you need to write a book and sell it to me regarding your experiences when you first came to the U.S (at least i'm pretty sure that's the country your referring to). Discussions about culture-shock are always fascinating to me.

    24 jan. 23h58m Répondre
  • CosmicOrigin

    i'll give you a dollar, or a mixtape, or more cool points? Cool points are serious business and I'm pretty sure we can negotiate a reasonable offer

    24 jan. 23h52m Répondre
  • Chrissanna

    Three? Greedy much?

    24 jan. 23h50m Répondre
  • CosmicOrigin

    i never thought I would ever see the word giddy on your profile, and you used it. you get more cool point for that

    24 jan. 23h43m Répondre
  • CosmicOrigin

    no! I want 3 cool points, because I'm 2 cool for school

    24 jan. 23h39m Répondre
  • Chrissanna

    lol, do you want me to give you 2 cool points in my sidebar? Only 2. I don't want you to get giddy from your perceived coolness. :D

    24 jan. 23h35m Répondre
  • CosmicOrigin


    24 jan. 23h30m Répondre
  • CosmicOrigin

    technically i'm a foreigner too so i guess i get cool points too?

    24 jan. 23h30m Répondre
  • CosmicOrigin

    i would advise against the seoul music ensemble, I would rather suggest Kaori Moraji's album "Amanda". I'm at home, now doing school stuff. All of it is done usually from home.

    24 jan. 23h28m Répondre
  • NouberNou

    Hey Chrissi. I was listening to Royksopps radio channel on Spotify yesterday, lots of good tracks came up on it. :) I'm doing good. I actually am not taking classes this quarter because I was dumb and missed and advisor meeting that I had to go to (after a certain amount of credits you have to meet an advisor for planning or something) and I got distracted, then it was too late and yea... I feel dumb dumb dumb. Oh well! I'll do something productive with my time this quarter. I hope the Seahawks win, I don't like the Pats, they are cheaters and arrogant! Hope everything is going good with you. We need to talk more, I miss my Danish spy!

    24 jan. 23h15m Répondre
  • brainstorm89

    Hi :) how do u do? can u recommend some music for me? i need inspiration!!!!!!! love from Germany

    24 jan. 22h00m Répondre
  • CosmicOrigin

    i'm fairly certain that kodo, kodō, 鼓童 and even コド all refer to the same name. I think it's the same thing that happen to spanish artist, like Óscar Chávez ! Some releases of Óscar Chávez have all the accents appropriately marked, while other releases have no accents whatsoever. Also, in case your wondering I have listened to "An deiner Seite" quite a bit and will listen to it more. All my thoughts of this song will go specifically to your journal.

    24 jan. 16h12m Répondre
  • CosmicOrigin

    I'm actually not a big concert-goer, but I am extremely upset because 鼓童 is coming to my state to play in a few months. It's aggravating because it's the first time in a long time that I've wanted to go to a concert but I don't have anyone who wants to go with me. I'm going to have to figure something out because I really do want to see them live.

    18 jan. 19h56m Répondre
  • CosmicOrigin

    Strobe's nanafushi - I actually have the album with this song, and I enjoy it. I actually once had a customer that was in my shop one day while this was playing. He asked me who it was. I of course wrote everything down for him and explained how the group was almost exclusively percussion, and from Japan, and so on and so forth. This occurred about four or five years ago, but I still remember.

    18 jan. 19h44m Répondre
  • CosmicOrigin

    I never feel obligated to write to you :) !!! Heck, I could probably write you fifty shouts in one day if I you really wanted me to. You're fun to talk to (well, actually write to. I've never heard your voice). What I meant to say is that sometimes when I post a shout I completely forget to write something that I was planning to post in that very shout. Then I feel like a idiot for writing two shouts when my intentions to write it in one shout. It also drives me crazy when I see grammar errors in shouts I have written and those are everywhere.

    18 jan. 19h36m Répondre
  • CosmicOrigin

    I keep on forgetting to say stuff when i post shouts to people. Anyways, if you look at my journals you'll see one with a peculiar name.

    18 jan. 13h33m Répondre
  • CosmicOrigin

    Week 6: Track: 虹のなごり Artist: 鼓童

    18 jan. 12h42m Répondre
  • CosmicOrigin

    my professor just asked: "Who has spent over $20 in the past year buying music?". I was the only one to raise my hand :(

    14 jan. 21h39m Répondre
  • CosmicOrigin

    This in fact would be difficult, but i know for a fact one of them to be a Cafe Tacvba song. It's from an album of their's that was praised by critics but chastised by fans so severely that the album it is the only one from them that is no longer in print or available digitally. This also caused them to be dropped by the Warner music label. I have such a history with this song that I could talk about it for 50 years. This is a youtube link, since spotify doesn't have it nor does the radio play it

    13 jan. 16h55m Répondre
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À propos de moi



occhi brillano splendente,
risate nel mio cuore...
sempre tu
sempre tu

Joss Weatherby's soundcloud

Heaven can't be far away,
I know I could find it, in just one day.
One day could last forever
If your heart is free.
One day could be heaven
If you gave that day to me.

Poe - Little Runaway

"Remember I was always true.
Remember that I always tried.
Remember I loved only you.
Remember me and smile."

The Cure - Treasure

Can you hear me, talking in my mind.
I can feel you, you're with me all the time.
Everytime I close my eyes, I see your face.

There's a warm sky, covering the night.
In the darkness, I only feel the light.
Everytime I close my eyes, I see your face.

When I'm lonely, your voice is in my head.
And my memory feeds my soul,
With all the things you've said.
Everytime I close my eyes, I see your face.
Lustral - Everytime

"...y si vivo cien años, cien años pienso en ti..."
Pedro Infante – Cien años

Sale el sol.

Music, you're making me blue,
While I'm alone without you
Fill my heart and fill my soul
With tenderness...
Music, fill my loneliness.

Music, I love you so true,
I'm just crazy about you.
Without you, I feel so sad
And full of pain;
Music, please come back again.

F. R. David - Music

link to CD's track

Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength;
loving someone deeply gives you courage.

Lao Tzu

Él no existe no mas

"I never wanted to be special;
I just wanted someone that was special to be mine."

from "Watch the World Go By"

Echo of Silence favourites of all flavours
Pianissimo adventure, danger, excitement
Echos beats and dance, dance and beats
Totalt Havari clenching 'n wrenching, crashing 'n clashing

He never came.

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