Heart on Fire Compilation

Indie mix from march 2012 (C59)

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Shot and Ah Compilation

Mix-CD from November 2011 (C56) (tracks missing at 4: Shannon and the Clams - Toxic Revenge, then at 21: Hhymn - Mt. Jara. The Hellblinki Sextet is only called Hellblinki on my CD, the Lord of the...

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The Stairway Playlist 2012-02

The most played tracks on of all time. Taken from my stairway list 2012-02. (its here: )

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Monstermask Compilation

Mix-CD from October 2011 (C55) (There should be a track inserted at 11: The Kin - Chocolate Jesus, but i can't find it here. Also track 3 is not the instrumental version and 2:57 instead)

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Be Happy or I'll Smack You Compilation

New indie mix-cd in January 2012. (C57) (Track 10 is 3:42 and not 0:30 like it says here from

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