Top 10 in depth


1 oct. 2009, 0h17m

Take the top 10 artists on your 'Artist chart', and answer the questions.

1. The Smashing Pumpkins
First Song You Heard: Bullet With Butterfly Wings
Song You Fell In Love With: Thru the Eyes of Ruby and many more were to follow...
Current Favourite: Set The Ray To Jerry, Thru the Eyes of Ruby, Geek U.S.A., Age Of Innocence, someone please stop me...

2. Pixies
First Song You Heard: Cecilia Ann A cover, of all things. But that was the first song on Death to the Pixies, so there you go...
Song You Fell In Love With: Where Is My Mind? because, honestly, how can you not? And just for the record: I already loved that song BEFORE it was on Fight Club...
Current Favourite: tells me it's Allison but since it is the Pixies we're talking about, the obvious answer is all of them.

3. Nine Inch Nails
First Song You Heard: We're In This Together Actually I saw the video on MTV (yes, there were times when MTV actually aired music videos...weird, huh?). Next day I bought The Fragile. The rest, as they say, is history...
Song You Fell In Love With: Hurt which is not exactely the most inventive choice, but it's just so brilliant.
Current Favourite: The Great Destroyer I just love the drum&bass part at the end.

4. Tool
First Song You Heard: Stinkfist
Song You Fell In Love With: Disposition, Reflection and Triad. Great way to end a perfect album.
Current Favourite: The Pot

5. Devin Townsend
First Song You Heard: Life
Song You Fell In Love With: The Death of Music, The Fluke
Current Favourite: The Fluke Because the harmonies are catchy as fuck, the rhythm is intricate and because its generally made of awesome. Just like Devin...

6. Frank Black and the Catholics
First Song You Heard: All My Ghosts
Song You Fell In Love With: St. Francis Dam Disaster It's just so beautiful and catchy and peaceful...and it's written from the floodwave's perspective.
Current Favourite: I Want Rock & Roll And Rock & Roll is what you get. Pure, raw, brutal. Also the way the guitar solo completely spins out of control towards the end reminds me of Marty's solo in Back To The Future. And that's never a bad thing...

7. Frank Black
First Song You Heard: Los Angeles
Song You Fell In Love With: Olé Mulholland There's the St. Francis Dam Disaster again...or the other way round, because this here actually came first.
Current Favourite: 21 Reasons Give me a sec and I'll come up with more than 21 Reasons why I love this song...

8. The Devin Townsend Band
First Song You Heard: Storm and it blew me away
Song You Fell In Love With: Storm instantly
Current Favourite: Triumph Prog Metal at it's whacky, hyperactive best...

9. The Notwist
First Song You Heard: Day 7
Song You Fell In Love With: Chemicals Second Notwist track I ever heard, instant love. Clicking marbles as percussion...if you don't love that you're either deaf or dead. I'm neither...
Current Favourite: Alphabet

10. The Who
First Song You Heard: Behind Blue Eyes First heard as an amazing acoustic version by Anthony Stewart Head on Buffy, the Vampire Slayer (say nothing). The Who had been on my gotta-check-them-out-sometime-because-they're-obviously-awesome list for quite some time. The cover bumped them up to first place...
Song You Fell In Love With: Drowned from Live at the Royal Albert Hall Again with the acoustic...
Current Favourite: Eminence Front


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