Facebook Collection Impressions: #8, Rock Vol. 2


21 sept. 2006, 19h54m

With this, Apple and Facebook have given away 200 songs. And I have listened to and reviewed all of them (more or less- there are some I couldn't bear to listen to). I'm a bit proud of myself for sticking with this the whole way, but there's still more to be done. But first, this set.

1. Gary Wright - Wildfire: This is not what I was expecting to kick off a rock list. In the first thirty seconds, there's funk and country elements. A little digging says this is from the 70's, and it has that sorta vibe. Not disco, just 70's rock.

2. Todd Snider - Lookin' for a Job: More pseudo-country-rock? Amazing. Gotta say, though, he's got some good songwriting skills. Better lyrics than the country that makes it to pop radio.

3. Evans Blue - Over: Starts out as really good melodic rock, and soon drops the melodic part and just becomes good rock. This is more what I expect from a rock playlist.

4. No-Fi Soul Rebellion - Let's Pretend: (iTunes messed up the name, there should be a dash.) Heavy on the bass, overall good rhythm. Not bad vocals, but someone should tell them that contradictions are not naturally witty.

5. The Format - Time Bomb: I didn't like these guys when I heard them first, a little while ago. Compared to their earlier stuff, they've moved a tad away from the indie style, and their lyrics are less emo-ish. I think they're worth a second chance.

6. Stereophonics - Devil: It's got a nice chillout vibe to it, at first. But it is a rock song and it makes itself known. Can't help but wonder what they looked like doing this live. Must have been some jumping around and leaning into the mic. I would imagine.

7. Oliver Future - Marcello Mastrioanni: It's not a bad song, just not much interesting to it in my opinion. The lyrics sound kinda angry, and it's got a little bit of that creepy electric/violin sound in the background, which you don't hear too much.

8. The Mooney Suzuki - Half Of My Heart: Simple, bouncy, enjoyable garage rock. It sounds like anyone could play it, but only they could play it right. Of course, not anybody could, but still.

9. Delaware - Wish For: Surprisingly mellow at first. Overall, it sounds like a pretty common, but solid alternative track more than a heavier rock track.

10. Sparta - Taking Back Control: This sounds like solid rock music. Not too heavy, but it picks up when it needs to. It's nothing interesting to me, but I can see why a lot of people like them.

11. Gov't Mule - Mr. High & Mighty: The first of the southern jam bands on the list (though moe. is more country than southern). I see Allman Brothers on their similar artists list and it's spot-on.

12. Stroke 9 - Letters (Acoustic): I can see why these guys get on soundtracks a lot. They've got a very good indie sound to them. Curious how the electric version of this song would sound, but I bet it won't be quite as good as this.

13. Anberlin - Paper Thin Hymn: Back to what most people think of as rock. I can't follow the lyrics well enough to say if it qualifies as either emo or christian, like the band's tagged as. But, if those sorta things wouldn't bother you, and you want some real rock, here it is.

14. Crashbox - Radio: Aside from having a slightly higher rock level, this has a lot in common stylistically with other radio-based songs I've heard- REM's Radio Song, Everclear's AM Radio, Elvis Costello's Radio Radio, etc.

15. Vaux - Don't Wait: Not as hardcore as their tags might suggest. It is a bit up there, like they probably do get hardcore in other songs but they toned it down for this one.

16. Pete Yorn - For Us: He's got a fairly standard alternative sound. Nothing all that crazy one way or the other.

17. Lynam - Tanis: Here's some heavier rock. Has a sort of stadium rock sound to it, akin to Styx or virtually any rock band in the late 80's, just updated to sound a bit more modern.

18. moe. - Okayalright: More country vibe. I'm reminded for some reason of John Mellencamp school of music. Throw in the jam band element and it's not half bad.

19. Lamb of God - Redneck: Easily the most metal entry to the list, what with the heavy distortion and the power drums and the yelling and whatnot.

20. Iain Archer - Canal Song (End of Sentence): Sounds like he went solo to do some mellow singer-songwriter stuff. If you're looking for something slower, this is an excellent track. Not entirely sure it fits in a rock pack, though.

21. Underoath - Writing On the Walls: Emo + metal rock yelling = this. Also means I absolutely can't stand it.

22. The Chalets - Love Punch: Sounds like dark electronic pop, at first. And it is, somewhat, but it's also got some good alternative element to it. Still a pretty strange song, altogether.

23. The Black Keys - Your Touch: The inverse of The White Stripes? Maybe. These guys are blues-rock, emphasis on the blues. Very good style. If you like the Stripes you'll probably like these guys.

24. Josh Ritter - Wolves: Enjoyable, folky singer-songwriter. Vaguely reminds me of Paul Simon. I just really like this song for whatever reason.

25. Iron Maiden - The Reincarnation of Benjamin Breeg: Finally, a Facebook collection song that had virtually no effect on the artist's charts! It's got the several-songs-in-one style of Paranoid Android or Happiness is a Warm Gun, just it's obviously Maiden.

And, the ten finalists:

The Format
The Mooney Suzuki
Stroke 9
Pete Yorn
Iain Archer
The Black Keys
Josh Ritter

Coming next, Hip-Hop Vol. 2. That should be interesting.


  • tweak41

    Where can one get these free songs?

    15 nov. 2006, 21h51m
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