• Back

    20 juin 2007, 18h44m

    Yeah I'm back. Let the metal recommence.
  • Moving House

    16 juin 2007, 13h39m

    Moving house today, internet will not be enabled until around the 19th June so I'll be sending songs up as caches through bursts of dialup. Usual service will resume when the net is up and running.
    Thanks in advance to any comments people are gonna leave. I'll be sure to catch up as soon as I am able. :)
    See ya!
  • Poetry

    13 avr. 2007, 12h55m

    Like poetry? Why not download my free ebook of a selection of my poetry?
    Get your copy here.
    Charonic Poetry Vol 1
  • Mosh

    1 avr. 2007, 12h02m


    Set the drums a-pounding
    Let them pick up the pace
    Faster, faster, faster
    And then sneak in with the bass

    Now that baby's twanging
    Drums beating like my heart
    In come two more hard guitars
    This song's about to start

    Wailing screaming vocals
    The lead singer takes the reins
    A superfast shredding solo
    I feel the metal in my veins

    The rhythm is so damn catchy
    The mosh bursts forth like thunder
    The metal fills my mind and soul
    And tears my world asunder

    © Charon 2007