Unicode List Part 3 (N-S)


11 mai 2008, 21h06m

Purpose of this list:

This journal entries serves as a link collection of japanese artists that share a name with a western artist. More info here.

Since the old list became too large and impossible to edit, I split it into 4 parts, to allow more growth.

Part 1 (A-F)
Part 2 (G-M)
Part 2 (N-S)
Part 4 (T-Z)

How to: to create a new unicode-profile you need to scrobble at least one track. If you don't know how to type unicode romaji you can copy and paste from here:


Note that the unicode characters are case-sensitive! So make sure you use the correct capitalization.

If you know of any japanese band that needs a unicode profile, leave a comment. I will add it here to connect the 2 profiles.

--- N ---
Nadia -> NADIA
Nadir --> Nadir
Naked Eyes --> NAKED EYES
Nami --> nAMI
Necromance --> Necromance
Nao --> Nao
Nero --> Nero
neu --> Neu
Nerve --> NERVE
Nine --> nine
Noah -->Noah
Noel --> NoeL
Nord --> nord
Nosferatu --> Nosferatu
Nude --> NUDE

--- 0 ---

Ove --> Ove

--- P ---
Parade --> PARADE
Parasite --> Parasite
Pawn --> Pawn
People --> -people- (not unicode)
Persona --> PERSONA
Phantom --> PHANTOM
Phobia --> Phobia
Presto -->PRESTO
Prototype -->Prototype
Psyche --> PSYCHE

--- Q ---
Quasar --> QUASAR

--- R ---
R -->
Rabbit --> RABBIT
Raphael --> Raphael
Rapture -> Rapture
Ray --> Ray
Ray --> ray
Red --> RED
Red Carpet --> Red Carpet
Red Fan --> RED FAN
Reincarnation -> ReincaRnatioN
Renaissance --> Renaissance
Retina -> Retina
Ribbon --> RIBBON
Ring--> Ring
Ring --> RiNG
Rosario --> Rosario
Rubber Sole --> RuBBER SOLE
Rush --> RusH

--- S ---
S -->
Saga  --> Saga
Sana --> SANA
Satan --> SaTaN
SCARE CROW --> Scare Crow
Scarecrow --> SCARECROW
Scarlet --> scarlet
Seed --> SEED
Seele --> Seele
Selene --> SELENE
Sephiroth --> Sephiroth
Seraph --> SERAPH
Shiver --> Shiver
Sics -> Sics
Silhouette --> Silhouette
Silk--> SiLK
Slave--> SLAVE
Smile --> SMILE
Snow --> Snow
Sound Of Silence --> SOUND OF SILENCE
Spiral --> SPIRAL
(*Note*: the unicode SPIRAL refers to a japanese rockband by that name. But if you're listening to the OST of the Anime "Spiral", you you might want to consider tagging it by the author Strawberry Jam or Spiral OST to keep the songs out of the profile of the other band Spiral.)
Stella --> Stella
Stir --> Stir
Straight --> STRAIGHT
Sugar --> Sugar
Suicide Squad --> Suicide Squad

Thanks for all additions!


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