• Computers can be...

    30 juin 2006, 22h18m

    Computers are actually supposed to make your life easier but surely can be a pain in the neck sometimes.

    I really enjoy preparing a playlist, laying down, enjoying but then...No sound. Everything checked, nothing. Heck knows how i did it but...i finaly can enjoy the flow, dream along the meldoy. After this happening, well deserved and needed.
  • First edit of Artist entry

    17 juin 2006, 2h37m

    *Putting on party hat and all*
    I did my first public entry in here, H-Blockx

    Listened to them, as i surfed around here and got nosy. They come from the same town as me though. ;-)
  • The beginning...

    11 juin 2006, 2h04m

    Heard of this site some time ago.

    First time now i logged in and try to figure out all
    the advantages and possibilities of this site. First
    impression is actually quite well.

    Will have to learn more about it...
    First thing to tell is that it makes me getting
    tickets for a concert of Joe Satriani. Hopefully other concerts will follow.