The Best Female Vocalists (That I Can Think of)


15 avr. 2006, 7h19m

1. They have to be female (duh)
2. They have to be different in some way (they have to stand out)
3. Have to have memorable voices
4. I have to have heard more than one song by them
In alphabetical order (to make it easier)

10,000 Maniacs (Natalie Merchant)
-Favorite song: What's the Matter Here?
-Favorite album: MTV Unplugged

The 5th Dimension (Marilyn McCoo)
-Favorite song: One Less Bell To Answer
-Favorite album: none

ABBA (Frida & Agnetha Fältskog)
-Favorite song: Money, Money, Money & My Love, My Life
-Favorite album: Arrival

Alicia Keys
-Favorite song: Fallin’
-Favorite album: The Diary of Alicia Keys

Alison Krauss
-Favorite song: I Can Let Go Now
-Favorite album: Forget About It

Anne Murray
-Favorite song: Daydream Believer
-Favorite album: -

Aretha Franklin
-Favorite song: Think
-Favorite album: no favorite

The Bangles (Susanna Hoffs)
-Favorite song: Hero Takes a Fall & Eternal Flame
-Favorite album: Doll Revolution

Barbra Steisand
-Favorite song: Don't Rain on My Parade
-Favorite album: Guilty

Belinda Carlisle
-Favorite song: La Luna
-Favorite album: Heaven On Earth

Billie Holiday
-Favorite song: Gloomy Sunday
-Favorite album: none

Blondie (Debbie Harry)
-Favorite song: Heart of Glass
-Favorite album: none

Bobbie Gentry
-Favorite song: I Wouldn't Be Surprised
-Faovrite album: -

Bonnie Raitt
-Favorite song: I Can't Make You Love Me
-Favorite album: Nick Of Time

Bonnie Tyler
-Favorite song: Total Eclipse of the Heart
-Favorite album: Secret Dreams And Forbidden Fire

The Cardigans (Nina Persson)
-Favorite song: Carnival
-Favorite album: Long Gone Before Daylight

The Carpenters (Karen Carpenter)
-Favorite song: Goodbye To Love
-Favorite album: Christmas Portrait

Celine Dion
-Favorite song: Think Twice
-Favorite album: The Colour Of My Love

Chaka Khan
-Favorite song: Ain’t Nobody
-Favorite album: none

-Favorite song: If I Could Turn Back Time
-Favorite album: Believe

Christina Aguilera
-Favorite song: The Voice Within
-Favorite album: Stripped

Connie Francis
-Favorite song: Who's Sorry Now
-Favorite album: no favorite

The Corrs (Andrea Corr)
-Favorite song: Leave Me Alone
-Favorite album: Forgiven, Not Forgotten

Crystal Gayle
-Favorite song: Talking In Your Sleep
-Favorite album: -

The Crystals(Darlene Love)
-Favorite song: He's A Rebel
-Favorite album: -

Cyndi Lauper
-Favorite song: I’m Gonna Be Strong
-Favorite album: Shine

-Favorite song: Here with Me
-Favorite album: No Angel

Dinah Washington
-Favorite song: What a Difference a Day Makes
-Favorite album: -

Dionne Warwick
-Favorite song: I'll Never Love This Way Again
-Favorite album: -

Dixie Chicks (Natalie Maines)
-Favorite song: Don't Waste Your Heart
-Favorite album: Home

Dolly Parton
-Favorite song: Here You Come Again
-Favorite album: -

Donna Summer
-Favorite song: I Feel Love
-Favorite album: Live and More

Doris Day
-Favorite song: Secret Love
-Favorite album: -

Dusty Springfield
-Favorite song:I Think It's Going to Rain Today
-Favorite album:Dusty In Memphis

Elaine Paige
-Favorite song: Memory
-Favorite album: -

Ella Fitzgerald
-Favorite song: Come Rain Or Come Shine
-Favorite album: Ella & Louis

Emiliana Torrini
-Favorite song: To Be Free
-Favorite album: Love in the Time of Science

Emmylou Harris
-Favorite song: Making Believe
-Favorite album: -

-Favorite song: Only Time
-Favorite album: Watermark

Etta James
-Favorite song: At Last
-Favorite album: -

Eurythmics (Annie Lennox)
-Favorite song: Here Comes The Rain Again
-Favorite album: -

Evanescence (Amy Lee)
-Favorite song: My Immortal
-Favorite album: Fallen

Garbage (Shirley Manson)
-Favorite song: Bleed Like Me
-Favorite album: Version 2.0

Gladys Knight
-Favorite song: I Heard It Through the Grapevine
-Favorite album: -

Gloria Gaynor
-Favorite song: Walk On By
-Favorite album: -

Goldfrapp (Allison Goldfrapp)
-Favorite song: Ooh La La
-Favorite album: Black Cherry

Heart (Ann Wilson & Nancy Wilson)
-Favorite song: Alone & These Dreams
-Favorite album: Dreamboat Annie

Imogen Heap
-Favorite song:Headlock
-Favorite album: Speak for Yourself

Irene Cara
-Favorite song: Out Here On My Own
-Favorite album: -

Jefferson Airplane (Grace Slick)
-Favorite song: Somebody to Love
-Favorite album: -

-Favorite song: Falling For You
-Favorite album: Finally Woken

Jessica Andrews
-Favorite song: Show Me Heaven
-Favorite album: Now

Joan Baez
-Favorite song: Please Come To Boston
-Favorite album: Dark Chords on a Big Guitar

Joni Mitchell
-Favorite song: Big Yellow Taxi
-Favorite album: Dreamland

Janis Joplin
-Favorite song: Maybe
-Favorite album: -

Joss Stone
-Favorite song: Fell in Love with a Boy
-Favorite album: The Soul Sessions

Judy Garland
-Favorite song: Over The Rainbow
-Favorite album: -

Julie London
- Favorite song: Call Me Irresponsible
- Favorite album: Cry Me a River

Julie Roberts
-Favorite song: Wake Up Older
-Favorite album: Julie Roberts

Kathleen Edwards
-Favorite song: Back To Me
-Favorite album: Back To Me

Kate Bush
-Favorite song: Wuthering Heights
-Favorite album: -

Katie Melua
-Favorite song: The Closest Thing to Crazy
-Favorite album: Call Off the Search

Kelly Clarkson
-Favorite song: Since U Been Gone
-Favorite album: Breakaway

k.d. lang
-Favorite song: Constant Craving
-Favorite album: Ingenue

Kim Wilde
-Favorite song: Child Come Away
-Favorite album: no favorite

Kirsty MacColl
-Favorite song: A New England
-Favorite album: Tropical Brainstorm

Laura Branigan
-Favorite song: Solitaire
-Favorite album: The Best of Branigan

Lee Ann Womack
-Favorite song: The Fool
-Favorite album: Some Things I Know

Lesley Gore
-Favorite song: I'm Coolin', No Foolin'
-Favorite album: Ever Since

Linda Ronstadt
-Favorite song: Long, Long Time
-Favorite album: Winter Light

Lucinda Williams
-Favorite song: Can't Let Go
-Favorite album: Car Wheels On A Gravel Road

-Favorite song: To Sir With Love
-Favorite album: -

The Mamas & the Papas (Mama Cass Elliot & Michelle Phillips)
-Favorite song: Dream A Little Dream Of Me & No Love Today
-Favorite album: -

Mariah Carey
-Favorite song: Love Takes Time
-Favorite album: Mariah Carey

Martha Reeves & The Vandellas
-Favorite song: Heat Wave
-Favorite album: -

Martina McBride
-Favorite song: Be That Way
-Favorite album: Evolution

Melissa Manchester
-Favorite song: You Should Hear How She Talks About You
-Favorite album: Melissa

Miranda Lambert
-Favorite song: Bring Me Down
-Favorite album: Kerosene

Nancy Sinatra
-Favorite song: These Boots Are Made for Walking
-Favorite album: Nancy & Lee

Nightwish (Tarja Turunen)
-Favorite song: Over the Hills and Far Away
-Favorite album: Once

Oleta Adams
-Favorite song: Get Here
-Favorite album: -

Olivia Newton-John
-Favorite song: Hopelessly Devoted To You
-Favorite album: Xanadu

Pat Benatar
-Favorite song: Heartbreaker
-Favorite album: In The Heat Of The Night

Patsy Cline
-Favorite song: Sweet Dreams
-Favorite album: -

Patti Page
-Favorite song: Tennessee Waltz
-Favorite album: -

Peggy Lee
-Favorite song: Fever
-Favorite album: -

Petula Clark
-Favorite song: Don't Sleep In The Subway
-Favorite album: -

Phyllis Hyman
-Favorite song: You Know How To Love Me
-Favorite album: -

The Pretenders (Chrissie Hynde)
-Favorite song: I'll Stand By You
-Favorite album: Last of the Independents

Reba McEntire
-Favorite song: Just A Little Love
-Favorite album: Rumor Has It

Roberta Flack
-Favorite song: Killing Me Softly With His Song
-Favorite album: Softly With These Songs

The Ronettes (Ronnie Spector)
-Favorite song: Be My Baby
-Favorite album: Dangerous

Roxette (Marie Fredriksson)
-Favorite song: It Must Have Been Love
-Favorite album: Tourism

Sandie Shaw
-Favorie song: Girl Don't Come
-Favorite album: -

Sara Evans
-Favorite song: I Keep Looking
-Favorite album: Born To Fly

Sarah Brightman
-Favorite song:Only An Ocean Away
-Favorite album: Eden

Sarah McLachlan
-Favorite song: Angel
-Favorite album: Surfacing

Sarah Vaughan
-Favorite song: Summertime
-Favorite album: Jazz 'Round Midnight

Shirley Bassey
-Favorite song: Goldfinger
-Favorite album: -

Stevie Nicks
-Favorite song: Edge of Seventeen
-Favorite album: Trouble in Shangri-La

Tammy Wynette
-Favorite song: ’Til I Can Make It On My Own
-Favorite album: -

Tamyra Gray
-Favorite song: Faces
-Favorite album: The Dreamer

Tina Arena
-Favorite song: God Only Knows
-Favorite album: Strong as Steel

Tina Turner
-Favorite song: A Fool In Love
-Favorite album: Private Dancer

Tracy Chapman
-Favorite song: Give Me One Reason
-Favorite album: Tracy Chapman

Trisha Yearwood
-Favorite song: Walkaway Joe
-Favorite album: Where Your Road Leads

Whitney Houston
-Favorite song: I Have Nothing
-Favorite album: Whitney

-updated November 20, 2006


  • my_epitome

    You should join the Queens of the Music Scene group!

    15 avr. 2006, 10h17m
  • Carali

    I don't really know Kirsty MacColl well enough to judge. Sorry

    15 avr. 2006, 20h31m
  • MarekDragon

    How about Arch Enemy's Angela Gossow?

    15 avr. 2006, 21h33m
  • Carali

    They aren't really my type of music, but thanks for the suggestion

    15 avr. 2006, 21h50m
  • rrscc

    Have you heard Jenny Lewis? (of Rilo Kiley, or solo)

    15 avr. 2006, 21h56m
  • Carali

    I've heard Jenny Lewis with the Watson Twins. I wasn't initially a fan, but she's growing on me.

    15 avr. 2006, 22h00m
  • caraestranho

    You should try non-english singers, they are awesome too! My sugestions (They are all Brazilians, cause I'm too, so I Know them well) : Gal Costa Marisa Monte Os Mutantes (Rita Lee) Cássia Eller Elis Regina Elza Soares Hope you try to listen some of them, and hope you like it.

    16 avr. 2006, 2h56m
  • pascalbaez

    Joan, Emmylou, Dolly and Linda Ronstadt! Good taste. ;)

    16 avr. 2006, 3h08m
  • Carali

    Thanks wrud and pascalbaez! :) To caraestranho: I'll check them out, I'm always open to new artists

    16 avr. 2006, 3h21m
  • Tr1xx

    I agree totally, with the ones you mention that I know. Current personal favourites: Donna Summer & Dusty Springfield. Notable omission: Alison Moyet. See my (admittedly overly long) tag list at

    17 avr. 2006, 15h42m
  • MarekDragon

    I also missed out Tarja Turunen (ex-Nightwish). It may not be your style, but I find it amazingly relaxing (the Nightwish, I mean).

    20 avr. 2006, 15h22m
  • Carali

    I love Nightwish. I don't realy find them relaxing though.

    20 avr. 2006, 17h06m
  • Babs_05

    You have exquisite taste. Have you heard any Neko Case? She has a very distinctive and powerful voice. Try Runnin' Out of Fools, then take it from there. : ) Kirsty McColl had a gorgeous, natural voice and she sang effortlessly. She also had a great sense of humour that often came through in her songs. She would be one of the singers in the soundtrack of my life, so I might be biased.

    29 avr. 2006, 4h26m
  • Carali

    Thank you :) I've never heard of Neko Case, but I'll be sure to check her out. I've actually listened to Kirsty McColl recently and she really is rather good. I've only heard a couple songs so far though.

    30 avr. 2006, 4h11m
  • drcyclone7

    what about amy lee of evanescence? she has the best pure voice right now with the except of maybe alicia keys... put her up there

    4 mai 2006, 5h11m
  • Carali

    She is up there actually. I have her under Evanescence with Amy Lee in parentheses. I really do love her.

    4 mai 2006, 5h17m
  • drcyclone7

    i just scrolled past the A's and didnt see her and got violently angry...haha good deal

    4 mai 2006, 19h02m
  • Babs_05

    Alicia Keys uses one of those voice corrector / balancer things. Surprising, huh?

    4 mai 2006, 19h48m
  • Carali

    Really? That's interesting. I still like her though. Even if she had some help.

    4 mai 2006, 22h53m
  • Teaforone

    You're missing Darlene Love and Hope Sandoval (of Mazzy Star). Otherwise some good ones on that list.

    5 mai 2006, 22h49m
  • Carali

    I do love Darlene Love, I'll add her. I haven't heard Hope Sandoval (or Mazzy Star), but I'll be sure to check her out

    6 mai 2006, 1h56m
  • acidrock

    If you like divas, I recommend Tina Arena! You've probably heard Chains but just don't remember it ... she also sang the theme song for the Sydney 2000 Olympics and the Mask of Zorro soundtrack with Marc Anthony. Jo De Messina & Leann Rimes have both covered her too!

    6 mai 2006, 6h07m
  • Carali

    Thanks, I think I have heard her before. I'll go and look her up.

    6 mai 2006, 17h19m
  • mikeroach113

    Laura Branigan was one of the best female vocalists ever, and she will be missed!

    3 jui. 2006, 22h48m
  • Carali

    Most definetely. She's one of my favorites.

    5 jui. 2006, 17h59m
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