Time document: 100000 songs played


7 mai 2010, 19h15m

Last time 25000 plays took eight months - this time it took 19 months. Clearly, I'm listening less to music today (or at least I scrobble less) than I used to.

1. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds (previously #1)
No change since last time.

2.PJ Harvey (#4)
There is no growing tired of PJ Harvey. If I'm not in the mood for one of her albums, I'm in the mood for one of the others.

3. The White Stripes (#2)
Still getting regular plays, mostly in the Ipod.

4. The Knife (#3)
Is there hope now for a new album? I've been pacing myself, willing myself not to listen so much to them that I'll grow tired. Not easy.

5. Boris(#6)
I've calmed down somewhat in my Borismania, but they're still one of the bands I listen most to.

6. Deerhoof (#10)
They were already the new darlings 25000 listens ago, and they still are. By far the most listened to for the last twelve months, a title which Boris used to hold.

7. Mogwai (#7)

8. Pixies (#5)
I predicted they would start dropping, in particular that they would be overtaken by Boris, Mogwai and Deerhoof. That prediction proved to hold true. I'm sure the descent will continue, but perhaps at a slower pace now as I don't see any immediate challengers charging up the list. And it's not that I'm not listening to the Pixies at all, just not as much as I used to.

9. Daft Punk (#8)
I tend to keep a couple of tracks in the Ipod which prevents their descent a bit. Need new material.

10. The New Pornographers (#9)
Great, but I tend to listen more to Neko Case on her own these days than in this constellation.

If I make a list after 125000 plays, I could potentially see Tom Waits, Neko Case, Electrelane, Sonic Youth, Neutral Milk Hotel or Kyuss challenge for one of the top 10 positions - especially the last three feels like they're up for grabs.


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