Psychedelic Rock timeline


10 mars 2009, 14h57m

An early version of Psychedelic Rock Music timeline. Most of the list will concentrate on music that was recorded in the studio. The timeline is Rock based only.

1- Spring, 1965 The Psychedelic Rangers including future DOORS drummer John Densmore is formed in Los Angeles.

2- Spring 1965- The Beatles "Ticket to Ride" Not only does the title indicate a possible double meaning (taking a ride/taking a "trip") but the droning/ jangly guitars and the distinctive drum pattern provide a blueprint for mantra/raga rock rhythm that would be present on "Tomorrow Never Knows".

3- June 1, 1965, the Charlatans began an extended residency at the Red Dog Saloon in Virginia City, Nevada,

4- "The Trip" 45 July, 1965 Kim Fowley released has some elements of Psychedelic Rock

5- July of 1965 Yardbirds "Still I'm Sad" has some elements close to Psychedelic Rock.

6- July on 1965 the Kinks "See My Friends" is released has some elements that resemble Psychedelic Rock.

7- August- The Doors are formed

8- September of 1965 The Doors- The Doors record demos "Moonlight Drive", "End Of The Night" and "Go Insane"

9- The Beatles October, 1965 The Beatles record "Norwegian Wood" and The Beatles - Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown) (Take 1) and take 2 could be considered containing elements close to Psychedelic Rock. "The Word" the first organ solo (technically harmonium) in a psychedelic rock context, and lyrically they voiced the drug-influenced peace-and-love sentiments that would color many psychedelic lyrics. November 1965

10- November, 1965 The first ACID TEST is arranged in La Honda by KEN KESEY & THE MERRY PRANKSTERS. Local band the Warlocks, soon to be renamed the GRATEFUL DEAD perform at the event.

11- December 19, 1965- Donovan records "Sunshine Superman"

12- Dec 22, 1965 The Byrds The Byrds record "Eight Miles High", first version . The song fuses Coltrane and Ravi Shankar.

13- The Beatles January, 1966 John Lennon writes "Tomorrow Never Knows" a song overtly dealing with concept of Psychedelia.

14- Yardbirds February, 1966 The Yardbirds release the "Shapes Of Things

15- The Byrds February 23, 1966 The Byrds record "Eight miles high", second (and official) version.

16- March, 1966 John Lennon records demos for what was to become "She Said, She Said", a clearly LSD-influenced song.

17- 13th Floor Elevators March 16, 1966 Live recording exists of 13th FLOOR ELEVATORS performing psychedelic material like "Roller coaster" on this date (the live KAZZ-FM tape

18- Love March, 1966 Love release their self-titled debut LP, a few songs of which have psychedelic elements

19- March, 1966 The Merry Pranksters- The "Acid Test" LP featuring KEN KESEY & THE MERRY PRANKSTERS is released in San Francisco. The contents and packaging are 100% lysergic.

20- Early April 1966 The Beatles The Beatles record "Tomorrow Never Knows" and the classic psychedelic sounds of backward guitars, exotic Indian drones, and trance like background sounds from tape loops is invented in a psychedelic rock sound.

21- April, 1966 The Dovers from California release "The Third Eye", a 45 that is clearly psychedelic

22- May of 1966 Yardbirds "Over Under Sideways Down".

23- May of 1966 The Velvet Underground record the highly drone influenced "Venus in Furs".

24- May of 1966 The Rolling Stones "Paint it Black"

25- May of 1966 The Electric Prunes release their debut 45, "Ain't It Hard.

26- May of 1966 The Beatles release "Rain" and it's noted use of a backward vocal coda.

27- May of 1966 "Season of the Witch" is a song by recorded by Donovan.

28- June of 1966 Country Joe & The Fish record tracks for their upcoming "Bass Strings" EP

29- Recorded June, 1966 The California band EUPHORIA record psychedelic material such as "Pick It Up". Except for a Mainstream label 45, the songs remain unreleased until the 1980s.

30- July of 1966 The Byrds release the "Fifth Dimension" LP,

31- August 5, 1966 The "Revolver" album by the Beatles released in the UK. It becomes the first Psychedelic number one album in both the UK and America and establishes Psychedelic rock in the process.

32- August, 1966 SPIKEDRIVERS 45 with psychedelic B-side "Often I wonder"

33- August, 1966 Rusty Evans & the DEEP record the "Psychedelic Moods" LP in Philadelphia. This is the first ever LP with a consistent psychedelic theme throughout.

34- August of 1966 MALACHI The "Holy Music" LP by MALACHI is recorded

35- September, 1966 The Charlatans version of "Codeine" is released

36- September, 1966 The 13th FLOOR ELEVATORS record "Kingdom Of Heaven" and "Reverberation" in a studio in Houston.

37- August - early September 1966 The Doors begin recording their debut album

38- Cream "I Feel Free" recording is completed. Sept of 1966

39- Yardbirds Happenings Ten Years Time Ago / Psycho Daisies October (1966) [Single

40- October 10, 1966 The BEACH BOYS release the "Good Vibrations"

41- October The CREATION release "Painter Man" Which featured Eddie Phillips playing his electric guitar with a violin bow. He was reputedly the first guitarist to use this technique

42- October, 1966 The SHADOWS OF KNIGHT release their second LP "Back Door Men

43- Pink Floyd "Interstellar Overdrive" was first recorded as a demo on 31 October 1966

44 - October, 1966 "It's A Happening" by Philadelphia band the MAGIC MUSHROOMS released. It reaches the Billboard charts in November.

45 - Oxford Circle release "Foolish Woman"

46- October, 1966 The MONOCLES from Colorado release the great "Psychedelic (Where it's at)" 45 on the local Denco label. This may be the first 45 to use the term.

47- Oct- November 1966 The Jefferson Airplane start recording their second album Surrealistic Pillow

48- November- Blues Magoos release Psychedelic Lollipop one of the first to have the word “psychedelic” on the sleeve

49- November, 1966 "Stone Free" is recorded by The Jimi Hendrix Experience

50- November 1966 The Beatles start recording sessions for Sgt Pepper sessions and their landmark Psych/Prog song "Strawberry Fields Forever".

51- November 1966 The Byrds start recording "Younger Than Yesterday" which has some overtly influenced psychedelic rock tracks.

52- November, 1966 The ELECTRIC PRUNES release the "I Had Too Much To Dream" 45

53- November 1966 PAUL REVERE & THE RAIDERS release the "Spirit of '67" LP, which contains several tracks with a psychedelic influence.

54- November 30, 1966 "Psychedelic Sounds" LP by the 13th FLOOR ELEVATORS released

55- December, 1966 "I Can Take You To The Sun" by the MISUNDERSTOOD released.
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