• Overload of epicness

    15 nov. 2013, 20h10m

    Thu 14 Nov – Mutya Keisha Siobhan

    It was a long and anxious wait for me, but it was so worth it. It was a really good venue because you got bars on either side near the toilets. There's a bit of seating at the back as well but most of the them where standing. I knew the sacred three tour was going to be a success but the amount of people who were there was amazing. I did have a hard time trying to see the girls and I did move about a lot.

    There was an opening act. I can't remember his name but he was cute. Did a really nice cover of Do It Like a Dude. Then it felt like a long wait, but maybe because I was really excited. During the intervals they played Real Thing and Lush Life

    I love the bit where the audience were split into three parts. Buchanan clan, Buena clan and Donaghy clan. I was put in the Buchanan clan and they made a contest of who was singing the loudest. Buchanan part won.

    Buchanan: Ooh boy
    Buena: You miss me
    Donaghy: Like a hole in the head

    And before they sang push the button they called a guy up from the audience to be with them.

    Honestly was the best thing ever. They sound so much better live. So looking forward to hearing their new album and I want to see them live again. I did feel a bit left out as I was the only one wearing a panda hat. When they first came on I cried tears of joy. <33333333333333

    These were the songs they sang (can't remember the exact order)
    Promises (Intro) - Just first verse and chorus
    Run For Cover
    Hole In The Head
    Too Lost In You
    No Regrets
    I'm Alright
    Love Me Hard
    Push The Button
    Lay Down In Swimming Pools
    Freak Like Me

    Sugababes Mutya Keisha Siobhan Mutya Buena Keisha Buchanan Siobhan Donaghy
  • 2012 Predictions

    6 jan. 2012, 22h26m

    Not all of these predictions are serious

    We will actually hear tons of rumours about Siobhan Donaghy, Mutya Buena, Keisha Buchanan, Amelle Berrabah, Jade Ewen and Heidi Range, although they'll act as mysterious as possible. At least one of them will make a tribute to Amy Winehouse.

    I'll rage at some "SIOBHAN SUX" comments.

    Shortsonata will be called king of the Kamelot Shoutbox. He will ban Nicola as a nickname.

    Someone from the Nightwish shoutbox will be the first to comment on this journal.

    There will be a shock death from a female fronted metal band. - (R.I.P Nicole Bogner of Visions of Atlantis. 27...)

    Sugababes 4.0 will claim they're indie.

    Christina Aguilera's new album will be better than Bionic.

    HORRHAYY will at some point have an Anette avatar.

    Marco Heitala and Heidi Range's paths will cross.

    Jerkjones will write an article about the Sugababes.

    Shrines for Kingmicheal will be mistaken as tributes to Michael Jackson.

    Siobhan Donaghy fans will be very happy.

    Rebecca Black will have an album out, and it will be tagged as . Andro will love it.

    Delain's third album will be awesome.

    Epica's new album will be declared as the Symphonic Metal album of the year by at least 10 people.

    Girl's Aloud will blow people's mind.

    Seal, Tarja, and Susan Boyle might make some new albums that will be released this year.

    Tristania aka Pisstania will reveal more plans about a new album.

    Nightwish cover Cotton Eye Joe
  • Last.FM Nightwish Awards 2011

    27 déc. 2011, 22h03m

    Nominations for the Nightwish Shoutbox award nominations are closed. Thanks to everyone who nominated. Since Sugababes <3 was the only topic nominated for best copy and paste, it was moved into Best Random Thing Not Mentioned. I've made the polls, you all voted throughout the new year and January. Since it's February, I'd removed the links and the voting is closed. click here for the acepoll results.

    Best Troll

    Best Reviewer

    Best Artist

    Funniest Member

    Most Inspiring Member

    Most Missed Member

    Best Angels Fall First Fan

    Best Oceanborn Fan

    Best Wishmaster Fan

    Best Over the Hills and Far Away Fan

    Best Century Child Fan

    Best Once Fan

    Best End of an Era Fan

    Best Dark Passion Play Fan

    Best Imaginaerum Fan

    Best Critic

    Best Tarja Fan

    Best Anette Olzon fan

    Best fan of both singers

    Greatest Moment
    The Birth of Marcelo Cabuli

    Best Topic
    Anette vs Tarja Picture Saga

    Best Random thing I haven't mentioned
    Jade Ewen retweeting Symphonic Death Pop Metalcore

    Best Group
    Jerkjones' Marcelo Cabuli Fan Club

    Best Brazilian

    Lifetime Achievement Award
    Marcelo Cabuli
  • The connections between Sugababes and Nightwish

    16 sept. 2011, 17h25m

    This entry is much more epic when you're listening to Revolution in Me by Siobhan Donaghy.

    To celebrate Sugababes <3 being copied and pasted over 100 times in the Nightbox, I am breathing life into my journal. Even though Sugababes and Nightwish are completely different bands, the similarities are undeniable.

    But before we go into that let me show you a rare and magical moment.

    This short lived awesomeness is the enchanting moment when the original line up of the Sugababes; Keisha Buchanan, Siobhan Donaghy andMutya Buena are the main picture of the Sugabox.

    Now we have that out of the way, let's go through the coincidences that connect Sugababes and Nightwish.

    1. Black Tarja and Real Tarja

    Things that both Keisha and Tarja have in common
    1. The fanbase scream for them.

    2. Both have strong and distinctive vocals which gives them the centre stage.

    3. Carry souls and hearts wherever they go

    4. Dark Chest of Wonders

    5. People can't tell the difference between Anette Olzon and Amelle Berrabah, yet they can tell Keisha and Tarja apart.

    6. Both are believed to be stroppy bullies and divas while tarjaholics believe that both are kind and gentle women.

    7. Departures of their band created broken hearts.

    8. Both cause an Overload of drama and go Round Round My Winter Storm.

    9. Both Tarjas and their bands are a great influence to Pisstania.

    Nine reasons to why Keisha is sometimes known as Black Tarja.

    "OH BLACK TARJA WHAT IS YOUR PARJAAAAAA?" - Black Tower by Kamelot

    2. The Sack From The Band Changed The Flow Of Their Commercial Success
    Sugababes are now once again an underground band now Keisha. The radio will only play singles from Line Up 2, the singles of change and Get Sexy. It is rare for Sugababes 4 to be played on the radio because Sugababes aren't mainstream anymore. Nightwish has become much more of a mainstream band without Tarja with Dark Passion Play being their best selling album to date with a new album and movie coming up.

    3. They Like Britney Spears
    Tuomas shamelessly admits to liking Britney Spears and no doubt that all members of the Sugababes; past, present and future enjoy her too.

    4. Both bands are epic!
    I love both bands.

    5. Songs About Hearts
    2 Hearts
    Every Heart Broken
    Unbreakable Heart

    The Heart Asks Pleasure First
    For the Heart I Once Had

    6. Andrew Lloyd Webber & Eurovision
    Nightwish have made a cover of The Phantom of the Opera whilst Jade Ewen sang It's My Time at Eurovision with Andrew Lloyd Webber. Jade finished at 5th place which is exceptional for a UK entry. I mean even Jedward did better than Blue in Eurovision.

    Nightwish also tried representing Finland with Sleepwalker but they didn't get chosen.

    7. Live Ghost Love Score > Studio Ghost Love Score & Freedom Live > Studio Freedom
    Thanks for this one, Andro!

    8. Blue Line Ups
    Some little trivia:
    Marco joined Nightwish and Heidi joined Sugababes in 2001.
    Mutya left the Sugababes and Tarja was sacked from Nightwish in 2005.
    Of course it's just a coincidence!

    Nightwish and Sugababes, especially the current line ups enjoy the colour Blue. Have a nice browse through the pictures, you'll see a lot of blue about.

    Further Reading:
    Happy Donawhores
    Gordon's Guide To Masterpieces by Artists Under 21
    Karla's Anger Management Guide
    Marcelo Cabuli's Fanclub
  • top 10 solo artists entry.

    10 avr. 2011, 21h35m

    Favourite Album: Human Beings
    First song heard: Crazy
    Song that made me fall in love: Kiss from a Rose
    Favourite song: Kiss from a Rose
    Well known for being soulful with beautiful songs. I love the deep tone in his voice and the passion and emotion that come out through his voice works wonders. Kiss From A Rose is my favourite song, but he's also got a lot of other great tracks as well.

    2)Christina Aguilera
    Favourite Album: Stripped
    First Song Heard: Genie in a Bottle
    Song that made me fall in love: What a Girl Wants
    Favourite Song:Fighter
    Sometimes she can go over the top and overdo things, but Christina is still one of the best for me. Stripped is my favourite album from her because of the variety of styles she worked in for that album. She has a strong vocal range, and when she does it right it comes off as very raw and beautiful. Not only do I like her voice, but I like how each of her albums have a different theme.

    3) Siobhan Donaghy
    Favourite Album: Ghosts & Revolution in Me
    First song heard: Overrated
    Song that made me fall in love: Overrated
    Favourite song: Ghosts
    Known for being the first person to leave the Sugababes, she has two brilliant solo albums under her name. They may not be commercially successful and there are a lot of people who believe she should have charted a lot higher. She maintains the moodyness that people seemed to admire in the original sugababes in Revolution In Me while developing to be her own classy lady and giving her own special trademark in her second album, Ghost. Her vocals are very soft but can also show a strong egde.

    4) Lady Gaga
    Favourite Album: Red and Blue - EP
    First Song Heard: Just Dance
    Song that made me fall in love: Just Dance
    Favourite Song:Love Game
    Quickly standing out with astonishing fashion crazes and catchy dance tunes with strong influences from Madonna, Grace Jones, Björk, Kate Bush and David Bowie. She's a quirky soul, but I love her more for her personality than for her music. I think her old EP, Red And Blue is one of her best works to date because it's got a nice raw tone I like which is what sometimes her mainstream work can often lack.

    Favourite Album: What Lies Beneath
    First Song Heard: I Walk Alone
    Song that made me fall in love: Die Alive
    Favourite Song:Rivers of Lust
    Former lead singer of Nightwish stuck to her symphonic metal roots with My Winter Storm and What Lies Beneath. Her voice has constantly improved since leaving the group and her classical singing is much more crisp. The emotion she portays in her voice is brilliant and her personality on stage is sweet and humble.

    6)Luciano Pavarotti
    Favourite Album: Tutto Pavarotti
    First Song Heard: Nessun Dorma
    Song that made me fall in love: Nessun Dorma
    Favourite Song:Nessun Dorma
    A very iconic opera singer. As well as the passion and power in his specactular voice, I think it's his smile that does it for me.

    7) Kelis
    Favourite Album: Tasty
    First Song Heard: Milkshake
    Song that made me fall in love: Caught Out There
    Favourite Song:Keep It Down
    At times her voice is sweet and toneful, at others sharp and dynamic. Her music is very bipolar, but enjoyable. Her earlier songs had very strong R&B roots and in her recent album, Flesh Tone she moves towards a dance and electronica route.

    8)Klaus Nomi
    Favourite Album: Klaus Nomi
    First Song Heard: Keys of Life
    Song that made me fall in love: Wasting My Time
    Favourite Song:The Cold Song
    A very creative countertenor from Germany. I've only listened to his self titled debut, but I am planning on getting his other albums. I love his unique experimental approach to music, particually his blend of pop, rock, classical, new wave and theatrical music. Definatly ahead of his time.

    9)"Weird Al" Yankovic
    Favourite Album: Even Worse
    First Song Heard: Fat
    Song that made me fall in love: Fat
    Favourite Song:Amish Paradise
    "Weird Al" Yankovic is best known for making parodies of well known hits, but he also writes some of his own original songs that are sometimes in the style of anouther group or artist. He's a very clever artist and almost everytime his parodies and original songs work well. What makes the songs even funnier for me is that he has a decent voice. He featured on an old music program thing titled "Top 40 worst artists ever", I can't remember where it was from, but all I can say that I have been a fan of him ever since.

    10)Michael Jackson
    Favourite Album: History
    First Song Heard: Billie Jean
    Song that made me fall in love: Billie Jean and Thriller
    Favourite Song:Earth Song
    Widely known to many as The King Of Pop and the most successful entertainer of all time. His influence can be seen across many aspiring and established dance and music acts today and many more to come. His music was creative, bold and daring.

    Sone honourable mentions go to Dave Gahan, James Blunt, Britney Spears, Ashley Breathe, Mariah Carey, Ashley Tisdale, Kate Bush, Koda Kumi, Hannah Fury, Beyoncé, Céline Dion, Shaggy, Gwen Stefani, Mutya Buena, Delta Goodrem, Peaches, Madonna, Avril Lavigne, Rhydian Roberts, Nelly Furtado, Emilie Autumn, Nicki Minaj, Tom Jones, Hilary Duff, Brandy, Lily Allen, Enya, Tracy Chapman, Jennifer Lopez, Gareth Gates, Björk, Darren Hayes, Kou Shibasaki, Elton John, Adele, Sarah Brightman, Amy Winehouse, Ozzy Osbourne and Louis Armstrong.
  • ~My Favourite Bands~

    10 avr. 2011, 19h59m

    10) Kaiser Chiefs (Indie Pop/rock) 
    First song heard: I Predict A Riot 
    Made me fall in love: I Predict A Riot 
    Fave song: Saturday Night 
    Fave album: Employment 

    I liked the wild side to their music. I played their first album on CD all the time in summer 2006. I liked the other two albums, but I think their debut will always be the best one. Ricky's voice is a bit average at best, but everything seems to work for me. Despite the lyrics not being very breath-taking or amazing, I do find a lot of it though provoking with hints of blunt honesty. They're an odd group, which is why I love them. 

    9) Placebo (Alternative Rock) 
    First song heard: My Sweet Prince 
    Made me fall in love: My Sweet Prince 
    Fave song: My Sweet Prince 
    Fave album: Without You I'm Nothing 

    Discovered the band by accident in 2005 while watching fan-made music videos. The original video I found that introduced to the song has been removed for copy-right reasons, but My Sweet Prince still remains a haunting and blunt ballad to me. I love the eeriness in Brian Meko's vocals and how it blends with the deep lyrics. In the progress of saving money up so I can get all the albums on CD. 

    8) Garbage (Alternative Rock) 
    First song heard: The World Is Not Enough 
    Made me fall in love: #1 Crush 
    Fave song: #1 Crush 
    Fave album: Undecided on this one. 

    I love the grungy tone in Shirley's vocals and her deep tone makes her stand out from the crowd. They've been consistently great with a lot of thought provoking songs that end up being dark and beautiful at the same time. When I heard they were recently working on a new album, I was pleasantly surprised. 

    7) Evanescence (Alternative/Gothic/Symphonic Rock) 
    First song heard: Bring Me To Life 
    Made me fall in love: Going Under 
    Fave song: Haunted 
    Fave album: The Open Door 

    Some very deep and sometimes depressing music, but for some reason it makes me happy. Amy Lee's vocals pleased me beyond expectations in The Open Door, especially in The Weight Of The World. One band I would definitely would love to see live. 

    6) The Sins of Thy Beloved (Gothic Metal) 
    First song heard: My Love. 
    Made me fall in love: Until The Dark 
    Fave song: Forever 
    Fave album: Perpetual Desolation 

    Favourite music discovery of 2010 for me. Very dark and beautiful. It's a shame they haven't done anything new in over ten years. I like the mellow tone in Anita's voice and the violins made their music stand out even more. I saw some clips from their live concert recorded on video and I think they sound much better live than on the studio versions. I really want to own the live CD and video but they're a very rare items because they were poorly distributed. 

    5) Destiny's Child(R&B) 
    First song heard: With Me 
    Made me fall in love: Survivor 
    Fave song: Bills, Bills, Bills 
    Fave album: The Writing's On The Wall 

    Very upbeat and satisfying music. I like the attitude thrown in with their songs. The Writing's On The Wall was one of my saviours at college last year and one of the few albums I ended up buying twice. Their debut is really underrated in my opinion and I think they make fantastic single choices. 

    4) Nightwish (Symphonic Metal) 
    First song heard: Walking In The Air 
    Made me fall in love: Phantom Of The Opera 
    Fave song: While Your Lips Are Still Red 
    Fave album: Dark Passion Play 

    Nightwish have made a huge impact on me. Their cover of Andrew Lloyd Webber's "The Phantom Of The Opera", brought me into the fanbase of The Phantom Of The Opera. It made me buy the movie, soundtrack, see it in theatre and made me love Sarah Brightman. Tuomas is very imaginative when it comes to song writing and I like his arrangements. My favourite album with the first lead singer, Tarja is Oceanborn, while my favourite overall is Dark Passion Play. They keep on improving and continue to get stronger as a band. They've made many risks in their career, but I think every one of them worked. 

    3) Within Temptation (Gothic/Celtic/Symphonic Rock/Metal/Pop) 
    First song heard: Angels 
    Made me fall in love: Memories 
    Fave song: The Dance 
    Fave album: Enter/The Dance/ Mother Earth/The Silent Force/The Heart Of Everything/The Unforgiving/Black Symphony 

    Despite a lot of gradual reinventions of themselves, I think all of their albums have been consistently good. I like how each album sounds very different to the other while having a special trademark in Sharon's voice. They're one of the most diverse bands around. 

    2) Depeche Mode (Synthpop/ New Wave/Electronic) 
    First song heard: Just Can't Get Enough 
    Made me fall in love: Only When I Lose Myself 
    Fave song: Dressed In Black 
    Fave album: Black Celebration/Violator 

    Simply beautiful. A lot of their music sounds very experimental and I feel like I'm in another world when I'm listening to their music. Black Celebration and Violator in my opinion ticks all the boxes of how I would describe a perfect album because I love their dark atmosphere in the music. 

    1) Sugababes(Pop) 
    First song heard: Overload 
    Made me fall in love: Overload 
    Fave song: Stronger 
    Fave album: Three 

    Favourite band for a long time. I've always found their glaring line-up changes very interesting while still constantly enjoying their music. They've long past their peak and currently into a very black era. A lot of people think this black era of the Sugababes began when Keisha left, but I think it started since Mutya left because they lost a lot of originality with Mutya. I still love all the line ups and albums though. I've made lots of memories with this group's music. 

    Honourable mentions: 
    Muse, Spice Girls, T.a.T.u., Eths, Arch Enemy, Tristania, Therion, Iron Maiden, Flyleaf, Kamelot, Atomic Kitten, Eternal, Busted, Fightstar, Take That, Epica, Alestorm, Nirvana, The Beatles, Leaves' Eyes, Mindless Self Indulgence, TLC, The Veronicas, Levellers, Metallica, Death, After Forever, Gorillaz, Theatre Of Tragedy, All Saints, The Monkees, The Corrs, Queen, Levellers, Pisstania, and We Are The Fallen.
  • 2011 Predictions

    12 jan. 2011, 20h44m

    Remember that these are predictions and some of these will not happen at all.

    Britney Spears's new album will top the chart in at least ten countries and sell over a million in it's first week. A lot of people will compare to to Circus and Blackout. She will duet with Nicki Minaj She will release a haunting ballad that will be loved by the critics and fans alike.

    Circus & Blackout will make another respectable chart appearance.

    Lil' Kim will work on a new album. - CONFIRMED

    Ke$ha will piss herself, get arrested and throw up on Obama's shoe.

    Lady Gaga will also sell millions.

    Annie Lennox will praise Nicki Minaj.

    Mariah Carey won't release anything this year but will write songs about her babies and get baby advice from Céline Dion.

    Keisha Buchanan's solo career will be a sucess and rumours will soar that she is having an affair with Jay-Z.

    Cher will make at least one number one hit. - Her song won a Golden Globe Award.

    Christina Aguilera porn will leak, she will kiss a girl; most likely Katy Perry. The partners will have no objections.

    Sugababes Heidi Range will reveal that she is a secret spy for Siobhan Donaghy.

    Susan Boyle will make another album and it will be released in November or December.

    Nightwish will perfom Nemo and Anette will bring baby Nemo on stage.

    Within Temptation's new album will have at least one electro song. Sharon will name her baby Angel. A video will leak of Robert dancing to Boombastic by Shaggy during the birth of angel.

    Liv Kristine will pose naked for a magazine.

    Tarja will run a marathon.

    Depeche Mode will work on an album.

    Jonas Brothers will split up. Their solo careers will be surprising.

    Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Effron will confess that the reason they broke up is because they were long lost siblings and they simply could not take it anymore. Zac Effron is in fact gay, but Disney told him to pretend that he was in love with his sister, Vanessa. Originaly meant to be just for the film, but High School Musical was so successful, the Disney Mafia made Zac and Vanessa go out with each other for real.

    Naomi Campbell will make a fierce song.

    Marco Hietala will beat a world record.

    Tarja and Nightwish will have a group hug. They'll write another open letter for her, but this time it will be very positive and they will apologize for slagging off Marcelo Calubi

    Christina Aguilera will practise death growls.

    Kayne West will be bashed by Lil' Kim and will share his thoughts on twitter.
  • Pokemon Gothic and Pokemon Symphonic POKEDEX COMPLETE

    2 jan. 2011, 22h29m


    Yay for special editions.

    1. Tarja (Fire)
    2. Sharon den Adel (water)
    3. Liv Kristine (grass)
    4. Anette Olzon (Normal) Can evolve to any type, like Eevee.
    5. Amy Lee (Ice)
    6. Christina Aguilera (poison/fire)
    7. Britney Spears (fire/flying)
    8. Roy Khan (dragon/fire)
    9. Simone Simons (Fire/Dragon)
    10. Michael Jackson (ghost)
    11. Nicki Minaj (Steel)
    12. Emilie Autumn (dark/water)
    13. Robert Westerholt (electric)
    14. Tuomas Holopainen (bug) Only females can evolve to Katy Perry
    15. Katy Perry (bug/flying)
    16. Lady Gaga (electric)
    17. Vibeke Stene (Ice)
    18. Lisa Middelhauve (fire/psychic)
    19. Maxi Nil (ice)
    20. Nienke de Jong (poison/dark)
    21. Andrea Datwyler (grass)
    22. Sabine Edelsbacher (electric)
    23. Charlotte Wessels (fighting)
    24. Anneke van Giersbergen (flying)
    25. Floor Jansen (normal)
    26. Kelis (Rock)
    27. Madonna (dragon/dark)
    28. Ben Moody (fighting)
    29. Alexander Krull (dark/ground)
    30. Meat Loaf (Ground/Flying)
    31. James Hetfield (Dark/Steel)
    32. Seal (water/flying)
    33. Shakira (ground/fighting)
    34. Cristina Scabbia (fire)
    35. Martijn Westerholt (grass)
    36. Alla Fedynitch (ice/ghost)
    37. Nell Sigland (fire)
    38. Tim Curry (fighting/grass)
    39. Fergie (normal)
    40. Jonsu (grass/electric)
    41.Michael Kiske (water)
    42. Johnny Gioeli (steel)
    43. Frida Ohrn (flying)
    44.Emily Ovenden (fire)
    46. Mark Jansen (dark/poison)
    45. Scott Stapp (psychic/fighting)
    47. Helen Vogt (steel)
    48. Fernando Ribeiro (dark/poison)
    49. Peter Steele (steel)
    50. Carly Smithson (ghost)
    51. Marcela Bovio (fire)
    52. Mariangela Demurtas (ground/fighting)
    53.Ailyn (flying)
    54.Morten Veland (ice)
    55. Siobhan Donaghy (Ghost/water)
    56. Mutya Buena (Fire/flying)
    57. Lotta Höglin (water)
    58. P!nk (normal)
    59.Sarah Brightman (psychic/dragon)
    60. Mana (dark/psychic)
    61. Sakis Tolis (ground/steel)
    62. Jade Ewen (fire/ground)
    63. Amelle Berrabah (grass/ground)
    64.Heidi Range (ice/grass)
    65.Keisha Buchanan (electric/ground)
    66. Taylor Swift (grass)
    67. Andrew Fletcher (dark)
    68. Martin L. Gore (dark/water)
    69. Dave Gahan (dark/electric)
    70. Alan Wilder (Dark/ghost)
    71. Hannah Montanna (normal) [Miley Cyrus when holding the Disney Stone]
    72. Miley Cyrus (normal)
    73. "Weird Al" Yankovic (any pokemon can evolve into Weird al with the weird stone and will maintain it's type.)
    74. Justin Beiber (Noob/Normal)(When you breed Michael Jackson with Tuomas.)
    75. Kanye West (dark/fighting)
    76. Justin Timbalake (grass/fighting)
    77. Anders Jacobsson (dark/rock)
    78. Lisa Johansson (psychic)
    79.Sonya Scarlet (ghost/poison)
    80. Lord Vampyr (ghost)
    81. Lil' Kim (Steel)
    82.Lil' Wayne (normal)
    83. Chris Barnes (steel)
    84. Katie Price (normal)
    85. Will Young (normal)
    86. 50 Cent(steel)
    87. 2Pac (steel)
    88. Jay-Z (Rock/Ground)
    89. Alica Keys (grass)
    90. (dark/electric)
    91. Taboo (dark/electric)
    92. Cheryl Cole (water)
    93. Nicola Roberts (fire)
    94. Usher (dark/fire)
    95. Rihanna (fire)
    96. Slim Shady (fire)
    97.Akon (dark)
    98. Leona Lewis(water)
    99. Cher Llyod (Normal)
    100. Cher (rock)
    101. Beyoncé (fire/water)
    102.Kim Wilde (rock)
    103.Klaus Nomi (dark)
    104. Tracey Chapman (fighting/ground)
    105. Willow Smith (Electric) [breed Will Smith]
    106. Will Smith (Electric)
    107. Emma Bunton (normal)
    108. Melanie B (normal)
    109. Melanie C (normal)
    110. Victoria Beckham (normal)
    111. Geri Halliwell (normal)
    112. Ashley Tisdale (normal)
    113. Vanessa Hudgens (dark)
    114.T.A.T.U (Electric/rock) (Lena Katina and Julia Volkova in the same party and both over level 18)
    115. Lena Katina (electric)
    116. Julia Volkova (electric)
    117. Shirley Manson (Electric/dark)
    118. Ricky Wilson (rock)
    119. Candice (fromEths ) (Grass/Steel)
    120. Courtney Love (rock)
    121. Alanis Morissette (grass)
    122. Leona Lewis (water)
    123. Brian Molko (rock/dark)
    124. Stefan Olsdal (rock)
    125. Stephen Fry (steel)
    126. Hugh Laurie (steel)
    127. David Bowie (electric/rock)
    128. Cascada (electric/water)
    129. Nelly (ground)
    130. Nelly Furtardo (posion)
    131. Lily Allen (posion)
    132. Freddie Mercury (rock)
    133. Kate Bush (pyschic)
    134. Luciano Pavarotti (ghost)
    135. Johnny Cash (rock/pyschic)
    136. David Garret (ice)
    137. Alexander Rybak (ice)
    138. Christofer Johnsson (steel)
    139. Andrew Llyod Webber (dragon)
    140. Paul McCartney (rock)
    141. Jack Black (rock)
    142. Dolly Parton (rock)
    143. Ke$ha (electric/fire)
    144. Paris Hilton (psychic/grass)
    145. Ozzy Osbourne (steel/dark)
    146. Elvis Presley (Electric/Ghost)
    147. John Lennon (ghost)
    148.Rik Waller (normal)
    149.Björk (Ice/Dragon)
    150.Marcelo Cabuli (Dark/ghost)

    Default Moves may include
    Bootie Shake

    Gym Leaders



    Alice Cullen

    Doctor Who

    Franziska Von Karma

    Maya Fey

    Mr. Bean

    Main Characters - Luke and Flora

    Professor J.K Rowling and Professor Layton

    Rivals Harry Potter and Hermione Granger

    Nurse Marco

    Officer Emmpu - Always chasing down members of Team Hip Hop

    Elite Four: Fantina, Gandulf, Flannery and Voldemort

    Champion: Hermione.

    ===Team Hip Hop===
    Team: Taboo,, Fergie, Cheryl Cole, Nicki Minaj and Usher

    Exectutive Eminem
    Team: Slim Shady, Nicki Minaj, P!nk, Rihanna, Akon and 50 Cent.

    Exectutive Missy Elliot
    Team: Christina Aguilera, Beyoncé, Britney Spears, Madonna, Usher and Jay-Z.

    Exectutive Snoop Dogg
    Team: Katy Perry, Alica Keys, Beyoncé, Fergie, Sharon den Adel and Tim Curry.

    LeaderSimon Cowell
    Team: Cheryl Cole, Rik Waller, Will Young, Leona Lewis, Justin Beiber, and Cher Llyod.