• Jackson in RIP mode

    26 juin 2009, 18h03m

    Michael Joseph Jackson a dat coltu' ieri seara, sad indeed :(
    Am aflat de stie la OTV cand a bagat Diaconescu un caracteristic "Senzational! Fenomenal! Nemaivazut! Exclusiv! a murit Michael Jackson :| " WHOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAWWWWWW well had to happen I mean people do die. Desi daca te uiti la el ai avea impresia ca ar trebui sa traiasca pentru totdeauna pe sistemu: WTF is that a human? hmmmmmm eu inca ma indoiesc

    Anyway asta e stuff happens
    Dumnezeu sa-i ierte
  • 10 Failed reasons NOT to use Onlive

    7 avr. 2009, 13h58m

    This entry is about the new service for gaming: Since I wrote a quick post on the Top 10 Reasons to Get Onlive, I thought to be fair I should also list the top 10 reasons others won’t get OnLive. Check them out below:
    1. OnLive is using new technology that possibly might not work.
    2. Lag could possibly be a huge problem.
    3. OnLive has very few games (currently only 16).
    4. OnLive could possibly be delayed and possibly never come out, becoming the next Phantom.
    5. If the OnLive service ever goes down, you can’t play your games.
    6. If you lose or don’t have Internet access, you can’t play your games.
    7. OnLive is only available in the United States.
    8. High definition gaming requires at least a 5 Mbps connection.
    9. OnLive doesn’t have the backing of a huge corporation like Microsoft or Sony.
    10. Using L, I, V, and E buttons instead of A/B X/Y buttons is stupid and confusing, just like “circle” and “triangle” buttons on PlayStation.

    AGREED, any man with a minimum amount of logic would figure these are ret.. um weird motives (they are not reasons at all):
    1. good thing they didn’t say: that possibly might probably shouldn’t in some cases work doesn’t get any vague than that, proves zilch

    2. true but that’s a HUGE “could” if they get servers all over the “could” gets pwnd

    3. Well no duh let’s see how many games did EA have when they started out, or any gaming company or gaming service in a BETA state. you’d be… to expect one hundred games when it’s in a beta or even at the begining

    4. “could possibly” AGAIN nothing certain epic fail I could possibly buy a car on friday if I found some money on trees, and the trees could possibly maybe grow that money. I could possibly do a lot of things but that’s intuition NOT REASON.

    5. If my ISP goes down I don’t have internet, if electricity goes down I don’t have any power in the house that doesn’t mean I quit on my ISP or I throw my PC, TV, Phone, or other out the window because they need electricity

    6. If you don’t have internet access you can’t play MMOs or download Patches or watch youtube, or post on forums or download porn, but that doesn’t mean the services aren’t succesfull.

    7. And they said that in time they will extend it, Last fm will be free only in Germany UK and USA but it still rocks. If pandora (which is unavaliable in Romania my country said they will make it avaliable for RO, I’d wait why not)

    8. And you will not die, and the game will not crash, if you use Standard definition, or upgrade your connection, how much you want to spend on your connection is NOT the company’s problem.

    9. Windows vista has the backing of Microsoft and it still sucks, Internet explorer 6 has the backing of Microsoft and it still sucks because it doesn’t support css2, loads of games have the backing up of sony and they still suck. Onlive doesn’t have that backing up because it gives the advantage to the people not the company, obviously the companies don’t like that, because they want to get rich of our –ses, How do you thin Billy boy got to wealthy?

    10. ummm and you can connect a controller to the pc to solve your problem, actually their own controller since it has a usb port.

    1 FAIL
    2 FAIL
    3 FAIL
    4 FAIL
    5 FAIL
    6 FAIL
    7 FAIL
    8 FAIL
    9 FAIL
    10 FAIL
    you EPIC FAIL in providing at least one reason (never mind 10) why people shouldn’t use Onlive, go back to spending your money on specs and consoles. I do hope Online notes in this period who supports it and who does not, and when it will work, and evolve to international all who said onlive fails should be banned from the service

    I later on saw that the post was made by the admin just to be fair about the top 10 reasons to use the service
    Opps hope they don't mind my excentric reaction to it
    still I must confess it felt rather good to get lose of all the frustration I've been feeling over some people that don't support the service
  • Last FM free only in UK USA and Germany

    30 mars 2009, 17h34m

    While reading some quite interesting journals I care across this by HumanRejection:
    The Subscription Decision 30 Mar 2009,
    17:59’s recent decision has sparked off a lot of rebellion in the community and I do not doubt that you do not know the reason why this is happening. There have been groups made up and users joining to support this. However, what is really the purpose of these groups? What are they really going to do to’s decision? Is it really going to change anything? The players So we have a lot of ‘big’ major groups forming and here are some of them which are making little progress. The first is Free is Free which have a very cluttered up announcement/overview in their group for starters and show no sign of even having anything they want out of it. Yes, they have the stupid idea of ‘striking scrobbling’ by scrobbling non-existed songs from their invented artist Strike Scrobbling. Even though, scrobbling is not even the threat here, it is the radio free-streaming broadcast which is put up by major labels. Also, this invention not only messes up the whole dam charts of, the database and also crowds your own charts; it simply is a childish way of doing things. I have been on’s side for this one, like I was with the design, but this time making alternative ideas for them like petitions or protest marches. The second is an equalling a stupid group, this is of course the wannabe ‘first’ made group of its kind – Bring Back the Free – which it isn’t. This group is better laid out, yes, but still what they want is not clearly collaborated anywhere. This protestors suck at organising anything beyond there virtual cd collection it seems. I haven’t really looked at this one as thoroughly as the last one, as they locked there shoutbox and forums for outsiders once I and a team of pros came in and ‘argued’ there group’s lack of ability to organise (which I find ironic). Anyway, one thing they think is good is that they are getting staff and moderators from the site in their group, watching them. Well, I could say that when they come visiting my groups but it isn’t frankly; they are just users of their site like any of us. The ones making the decisions are the business men in the directors meetings with their partner CBS. So really, little will change with these coming into your group except the hope that you are getting somewhere with your marketing. (Which is also ironic as seems they can’t do promotion out to every user on their database just saying please donate or something like that?) Purpose As you have read so far, and probably now either nodding your head or slamming your head into the computer screen, that these groups have no real outcome to them. It is like protests in UK for anything really, a shambles. The recent (or coming) ‘protests’ for the economic conditions of the country, it ant working I can tell ya. The purposes or main purpose is lacking in analysis or explaining. What do they want? Most of them (when I talked to them) is that they hate the moral distribution of the sites announcing this new feature. Well, how else were they meant to do it? Through the blog, the most effective way on this site to do it, isn’t it? Also, some of them feel it is that the subscription distribution that is the problem. Yes, three countries get let off but that is because they have revenue for these countries already. So, no we are not cheapskates if we are from these countries, we are backed up by fair business man that need freaking money because they are broke! (Because of some Scottish PM) Therefore, it is totally ridiculous view that are ‘unfair’. Money There is also another problem. One argument is that is ‘doing it to stab the users that love them in the back…again’…really? I don’t think so. Actually I am pretty sure it was the hardest decision they had to make since changing there name. I mean, come on, they are a small company based in the most economically blundering city of the world today (because of that Scottish PM again) and need some dosh to make up their bills? Wrong? Fair? I think it is fair for them to do it. It is only 3 euros (that is less than a lunch meal) for a whole month. Yes, you didn’t have to pay this before and it was a 3 euro a month that you had in savings, but you are really helping a broke company with this. The people saying they cannot afford it, come on, you are either cannot do your books correctly or you are being unjust to If you really cannot afford it, firstly, I am sorry you are in that way of life and society has failed you and secondly, how can you buy a computer/pay for an hour on internet café AND buy/download your cd collection OR even listen to music when I would be braking my back to earn a decent enough a living to have a comfortable life (like I am doing nowadays)??? Conclusion I know, could have done this differently but I really feel they are doing it for the user in the long run not to condemn you from their site. I do not think it is ‘racist’ (because if it is, I will call the KKK and tell them to be more extreme), I do not think that it is unfair or incorrect. Also, the purposes are all disorganised and will not do anything to change the minds of the big men in charge. If a business has troubles they always stick to it. If it is a joke, it be a sick one of that so anyone who says that is just as sick as they are. Peace. I did not read this back through

    I thought it necessary then that I post my own reflection over the matter:

    Well certainly from your point of view, you are quite right. Still there is a issue that puzzle me:
    What country are you from? only 3 euros (that is less than a lunch meal)" if we look at this statement it might be true but it also might be untrue given that there are some countries where euro is a astronomical amount compared to the national coin, the second reason I'm asking is because if you are a UK USA or Germany resident your point of view is automaticly useless since you are unaffected by the condition of paying, thus I dare say you do not have the right so comment upon the issue.

    Personally I admit I'm against this but I also believe that this will be a temporary decision (because of the economical crysis and so on ) At the same time I say that this is just poor marketing and nothing else (meaning they don't have something against users they just didn't plan well enough for their success)
    Has for the groups you are quite right, however I don't think they're ment has some kind of movement other the fact that you can see how many members are against this > 2,628 + 1,434 = 4.062 (note the number is relative since you can be member of bolth groups at once) I'm a little ticked I can't access (or don't know how anyway) the total number of members to make a percentage of the community

    Therefore, it is totally ridiculous view that are ‘unfair’
    I agree but I think not in the manner you intended. Unfair means mostly unethical behaviour and there is nothing unethical about's decision. However if you take "unfair" has it's common meaning of discrimination, of limited privileged conditions for few then it would be ridiculous NOT to admit that last FM is unfair since there exist countries that do not pay (If would have free subscriptions status for 5 countries only that would not be fair, also if veoh does not allow viewing of it's services in some countries they are unfair so I can't see why last fm would NOT be almost unfair, I say almost because unlike pandora or veoh last fm won't cut the service just restrict it for some)

    It amazes me how people treat this issue like life is fair, and it's values equal.
    This may come a shock to some but life is not fair and we are not equal so neither are countries we never were, we say we are but that us untrue at the highest level possible, furthermore we will never be.

    In conclusion who didn't see this coming must've been sleeping (anyone remember ? that's exactly what happened there, and that's exactly what gave last fm a huge wave of users, a lot of people gave up on pandora) Note Pandora is totally restricted but that doesn't mean the situations are not similar. Where do we go from here, to me the actual situation is no surprise at all, it's going to be very interesting to see. People will just have to make their choice either they pay the fee or they migrate to other services of musical inspiration (quite curious as to how many of them will it be) And Last fm will become from the most listened radio on the net, the biggest musical show-off site on net since that's mostly what will be available for quite a few

    Let's hope it's temporary due to financial issue
  • Pentru fanii Rammstein

    8 mars 2009, 21h00m

    Salutare dragilor, din cate ma serveste memoria aveam prin grup cativa fani Rammstein, astfel lor le recomand cu toata caldura track-ul acesta:

    El e omuletul:

    (observati ce barba wacky are hahahaha)

    M-a fascinat destul cat sa fiu interesat de el, iar dupa wikipedia, a fost destul de ocupat

    Un videoclip cu melodioara, as fi pus cel original dar era super-plictisitor asa macar asta e mai caterinca

    Versurile Germana si Engleza:

  • Concurs Redactori pentru revista Anime

    28 fév. 2009, 13h13m

    Din cenusa primei reviste de Anime din Romania se naste Anime Kaze - revista nonprofit a domeniului anime-manga-japonia
    Cautam redactori, crezi ca ai stofa? ai vrea sa incerci? Nu mai sta pe ganduri inscrie-te aici (necesita inregistrare)