Songs, Albums, Bands and Experiences Of the Year: 2009-Year Of the Band and Britney!


26 déc. 2009, 5h14m

New Discoveries: (in order)
Epica/Never Enough/The Obsessive Devotion/The Divine Conspiracy/Design Your Universe-March
This year I had the pleasure of finding the band Epica on the great wide web. Credit goes to Youtube! I was just searching through the Great Metal Vocalists With Female Leads video's for fun and I found the song Never Enough. I listened to it and just kept GOING and going searching and finding new stuff to love. Never Enough really spoke to me, and now I have them in my life, I honestly think out of all the artists I've taken a liking too over the years. They seem to be the most well thought out, expressive, talanted, breath-taking, thought provoking, involving and overtaking bands EVER. I literally feel like I'm within the music it's that brilliant. Simone is now one of my favourite singers ever (as a singer myself), so classic yet expressive with power and emotion. She is an amazing woman and inspires me as a vocalist and singer. (and I also find her really good looking) As is Mark for thinking up all these in depth/deep, thought provoking,concepts I get to listen to and he gets credit for creating this band. Everybody else I also just love for giving their thing to this new discovery of mine. They are the next band I want to see live ASAP.
Even had I not listened to Never Enough, their latest album would've made me love them. Everything is literally PERFECT on that record. I'm gushing but really they've given me so much already...I so love them
Fools Of Damnation - The Embrace That Smothers Part 9, Martyr of the Free Word, Design Your Universe ~ A New Age Dawns - Prt VI ~, Sancta Terra have also been great "FINDS" this year. Told you their new album is pure amazingness.
Santa Terra is one of my favourite leave me alone songs, and I can sing it pretty well, considering, everything!!
oh and The Obsessive Devotion is one of my most played songs this year. That song is THE reason I'm here today. That song is the reason I fell in love with them and everything they are. It's a wonderful contribution to me and music in general.
They also are contributing to what I write and what I will do with my music in the future <3 <3

Kamelot/When the Lights Are Down-May
Kamelot got my attention again through random listening to music. Their band lead me back to Evanesence in some twisted way...I love the guitars and I enjoy looking forward to getting their Epica/The Black Halo/Ghost Opera albums. Roy really tickles my ear with his voice which is amazing. I really really could love this album. I have heard most of their stuff through Youtube and I love almost all of it. They are a brilliant band.

Evanescence/The Open Door/Fallen/Your Star/Lose Control/Call Me When You're Sober/Whisper/Tourniquet-July-ish
oh Evanescence, Evanescence let me express myself after alot of heart break and confusion I've had the pleasure of experiencing at the start of the year.
Particularly Important Tracks:
Lose Control is one of my favourite tracks of this year as far as discovering goes gosh I love singing it
Your Star which opened me up as a song writer
Call Me When You're Sober made my life by it's meer existance feelin' the "If You love me, come find me MAKE UP YOUR MINDINDINNNNNNND".
Fallen also has some tracks which I have enjoyed knowing such as Whisper and Tourniquet. Whisper is a joy to sing. Amy Lee has also influenced me to experiment with the piano and keyboard. She is a really powerful woman who knows what she wants I really like that. Joined their forum I like them so much

New Albums I brought this year and Songs of which I'm fond of:

Design Your Universe-Epica
Design Your Universe ~ A New Age Dawns - Prt VI ~
Martyr of the Free Word
Burn to a Cinder-I've alread mentioned how much Epica is just amazing. These tracks are definately some of the best of their newest album. I find Design Your Universe inspiring, I can liste to Martyr when I feel abit Angsty and Burn To A Cinder is just really friendly and well sung Martyr and Cinder both have amazing solo's which I enjoy soooo much.

Cradlesong~Rob Thomas
I only got this album recently, but it makes me so happy. It's a real nice follow up to Something To Be. Romantic and Realistic and I can just picture boys singing them to their loves everywhere. As good and better then anything Justin has ever done. Made me fall in love with him all over again. His voice could be singing anything I would just listen. He's just got that special thing about him. Special songs off this album are:
Wonderful-kind of a follow on to the song Something To Be of his debut. Beautiful song with some reallly amazing vocals "I'm A WANTED MAN!!!" Catchy Would You Love Me Then? hook. It's one of the most perfect tracks ever.
Snowblind-I think this should be a single, it's just upbeat and a joy to listen too.
Give Me the Meltdown-favourite single this year. Amazing song, upbeat and relatable and romantic and pissed off at the same time. Everything you need in a song is in this song.
Those are just the ones which stand out so far, I could say the whole album is perfect, musical ear candy.
Hard on You and Still Ain't Over You. These two tracks are definately one of my absolute favourites off the record. They are so funky and poppy and have this catchy edge to them which makes them particularly special. That and they are really sweet.

Breakthrough~Colbie Caillat
The first record I brought this year. This album was definately a worthwhile former ONLY purchase musically this year. It has all different sounds, it's a growth album where she leaves behind her purely acoustic sound and starts to experiment with different sounds from jazzy snaps ( You Got Me ) to symphonies and memorable original beats even (Fearless) and piano driven tracks (It Stops Today). This album is a worthy contender for album of the year by any guess. Full of creativity and cohesiveness......My favourite track is Breakin' at the Cracks
I got the deluxe edition and they are some real special tracks on that part of the album too!

Talk Is Cheap~Miley Cyrus
I brought Time Of Our Lives on a whim while out this holidays. This song is worth the 10 dollars I spent on the record. This song is one of her truely incredible songs. As good as Fly On the Wall and See You Again. This song screams attitude and I relate to it ALOT. Especially considering this year.

Hazardous~ Vanessa Amerosi
This album I think of as a Spiritual Successor to Blackout by Britney Spears. Me being a Britney song makes me enjoy it so much. I love her voice she can sing ANYTHING and I enjoy it. Her style of singing is amazing and she writes amazing songs! Particularly brilliant tracks are:
Mr Mysterious: This is only the second time I've heard a rent a rapper just fit into his part of the song. Amazing song, catchy and rhythmic, I enjoy it so much.
Hazardous~amazing new track.
Sleep With That~kick as break up track, worthy single choice. Memorable.
Aliens And U.F.O.s~I get this song, it's fun and I could just enjoy it. It's just a song of contradictions = I love it.
Blow Me Away~This song is so poppy and upbeat I love it. It's exactly how I feel right now. I love this track.
Snitch ~all sorts of amazing

The Concert Experience Of A Lifetime:
On the topic of Blackout by Britney Spears....The greatest experience of my life:Thu 19 Nov – The Circus Starring Britney Spears
I went to see her live, was worth every cent I spent on it. One of the most incredible things to ever happen to me. Made me feel like dreams do come true. It was just beyond words. Time was flying and She was singing and dancing her ass off and I felt so connected to her. The reason I love her was solidified over that period of two hours. She was worth it all. I cried I laughed and I felt so inspired. Truely amazing experience.


If you take the time to read this, You get my credit!


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