Best of 2007


23 déc. 2007, 0h13m

Top 40 records

40.Escapado – Initiale

39.The Mount Fuji Doomjazz Corporation – Doomjazz Future Corpses

38.Olafur Arnalds – Eulogy for evolution

37.Bury My Sins – King of all fears

36.Wolves in the Throne Room – Two hunters

35.Circa Survive – On letting go

34.Nadja – Thaumogenesis

33.Grails – Burning off impurities

32.Sunn O))) - Oracle

31.North – Ruins

30.queens of the stoneage – Era vulgaris

29.Poison the Well - Versions

28.Boris with Michio Kurihara – Rainbow

27.Explosions in the Sky – All of a sudden, i miss everyone + Remixes

26.Deathspell Omega - Fas - Ite, Maledicti, in Ignem Aeternum

25.God Is An Astronaut – Far from refuge

24.Neurosis – Given to the rising

23.Melt-Banana – Bambi’s dilemma

22.The End – Elementary

21.Sage Francis – Human the death dance

20.Logh – North

19.Devil Sold His Soul – A fragile hope

18.Blut aus Nord - Odinist

17.Om – Pilgrimage

16.Celeste – Nihiliste(s)

15.Kongh – Counting heartbeats

14.Pelican – City of echoes

13.Splitter - Avskräckande Exemplar

12.dälek – Abandoned language

11.Between the Buried and Me – Colors

10.Crippled Black Phoenix – A love of shared disasters

09.Ion Dissonance – Minus the herd

08.Stars of the Lid – And their refinement of the decline

07.Minsk – The ritual fires of abandonment

06.Gravenhurst – The western lands

05.Eluvium – Copia

04.Rosetta – Wake/Lift + Split with Balboa

03.Baroness – Red album

02.Alcest – Souvenirs d’un autre monde

01.Ulver – Shadows of the sun


  • Khanatist

    This poor excuse for a year-list features [i]everything[/i] which sucked in 2007 - headed by the author hismelf. You'll find any crap here which will make hipsters cry pitchfork-approved tears of joy: stupid indie-rock (Pelican), gangsta rap for fans of 50 Cent (Dälek), mascara-smeared emo wank (Gravenhurst, Poison The Well, probably also Nadja according to their name) and even more shitty indie-rock (Queens of The Stone Age, what the hell, I thought their drummer shot himself in the head after Nirvana's split-up and they should have followed the lead). And, as if all that wasn't enough, this piece of shit climaxes with just two of the most ridiculous bands to have ever existed: Alcest, who used to play black metal for like half a CD before their mastermind (read: retardmind) Neige decided to switch the music to post-rock and his gender to something between a female and a fucking fairy. How much can you sellout? Oh, right, there's still ULVER left. Once regarded as the gods of their genre, these gentleman from iceland (or whatever scandinavian hole) nowadays prefer to mix up sounds of defect computers with randomly interjected classic samples. [b]What the fuck.[/b] Kraftwerk happened like 40 years ago and Beethoven is dead for centuries you faggots. Thus, my Christmas season is ruined. Thank you, asshole.

    23 déc. 2007, 19h07m
  • pinoekel

    nunja,die hälfte taucht bei mir gar nicht auf. sonst ist das schon ok.

    27 déc. 2007, 16h28m
  • Khanatist

    Und das, wo er doppelt so viele Platten auflistet wie du? Blanke Ironie. :D

    28 déc. 2007, 23h46m
  • pinoekel


    29 déc. 2007, 13h50m
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