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22 avr. 2006, 12h25m


So, i'll post the songs i'm most addicted to, well at least one per band or else this list would be full of The Queers, the Lillingtons, TBR, and Methadones


Magnificent Seven
Well i've always been a Clash fan, i own every album by them except Cut The Crap, but i never really got into this song, well i was discussing the clash with my friend when he said i should listen again The magnificent Seven because in his opinion it had one of the best bass lines ever, after hearing it i was amazed, the bass line was great and the song itself was great, i've been hearing it every day on my way to school and i find myself singing it half the way


I'm Shakin'

Well i never liked bands like Rooney, but this song is too catchy to be ignored, the song reminds me of a milkshake commercial which gives it a comedy relief aspect, i always sing and "dance" when hearing the chorus! A song that makes me dance is a good song ok??


Neighborhood #3 (Power Out)

This song is really catchy, Arcade Fire are not the catchiest band ever but this song really shines, from the first second to the last this song never becomes dull or repetitive, this song really makes me want to listen to Funeral, and it was the song that got me into them, this song will never become overplayed
for me :D

Mr. Ambulance Driver

This song is not the greatest thing by The Flaming Lips (not even close) but the lyrics and just the sound of this song makes me think about ambulances at night and it makes me want to hear Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots, this song is great to relax and great when you want to go for a walk alone.


This was the song that introduced me to Editors, this song is really catchy, the chorus: " You don't need this disease" is perhaps the thing that makes this song so great, the music is really energetic and lots of fun



Alright this is what i don't get, Shoplifter is probably the best song in the b-sides and a-sides of American Idiot, but it was left out, i don't know if it was only because of the whole Jesus Of Suburbia/ST. Jimmy Concept or if it was just plain dumb, i really love Green Day but this song is the living example of the change of attitude by Green Day, this song could in my opinion compete with songs like Longview, or Christie Road, Shoplifter is really a great song and possibly one of the few songs of the newer and preachy Green Day that old and new fans would like


Nazi punks fuck off

Nazi Punks Fuck Off offers a quick rush of energy to your body and the chorus is catchy and agressive, this song is short, fast, catchy, agressive, this is the role-model to every so-called Hardcore band out there!


Love in a Trashcan

The Raveonettes lowered the distortion and went poppier, but that isn't all that bad, some songs on Pretty in Black are horrible, songs like The Heavens andSeductress of Bums, sound different from the old The Raveonettes but Love In A Trashcan is just AWESOME, it sounds like the old Raveonettes and the Poppier Raveonettes this song is my favourite after Demon's Fire


Toxic Avenger

The Dickies are an awesome band and this song though it's weird is funny because i used to see the animated series and i even got a couple of troma movies, this song both remind me of a lame childhood and helps me survive each day with a comic reliefe/energetic song



  • strobolight

    heheh i heart that rooney song so much too!

    4 mai 2006, 22h20m
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