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f(x)Summer Lover 10 jui. 1h37m
Maejor AliTrouble (Ft. J. Cole) 10 jui. 1h34m
Maejor AliLolly (ft. Juicy J & Justin Bieber) 10 jui. 1h30m
f(x)Dracula 10 jui. 1h25m
f(x)Paper Heart (종이 심장) Coups de cœur 10 jui. 1h21m
GLaDOSStill Alive 10 jui. 1h18m
K CampCut Her Off (Remix)(Ft. Lil Boosie, YG & Juicy J) 10 jui. 0h45m
Travis PorterRide Like That (Ft. Jeremih) 10 jui. 0h19m
Spice GirlsDenying Coups de cœur 9 jui. 20h52m
EXO-KMAMA (마마) 9 jui. 20h46m
EXO-KHISTORY 9 jui. 20h44m
GLaDOSStill Alive 9 jui. 20h39m
f(x)All night Coups de cœur 9 jui. 20h29m
Maejor AliLolly (ft. Juicy J & Justin Bieber) 9 jui. 20h25m
K CampCut Her Off (Remix)(Ft. Lil Boosie, YG & Juicy J) 9 jui. 20h20m
Travis PorterRide Like That (Ft. Jeremih) 9 jui. 20h18m
EXO-KMAMA (마마) 9 jui. 18h59m
f(x)Boom Bang Boom Coups de cœur 9 jui. 18h56m
f(x)Summer Lover 9 jui. 18h53m
f(x)Paper Heart (종이 심장) Coups de cœur 9 jui. 18h50m
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오늘 뭐해

Kristy | 22 | German/Russian/Korean | Student

♡I'm pretty chill, But I'm also a bitch.
☮Madly in love with 대한민국 & 日本国!
✿Baby, Don't kill my vibe!!✿
♡Music is the love of my life!♡
☮Aquarius for Life! ♒
✿I love to swear cuz I just don't give a fuck :)
♡K-Pop/J-Pop fan since 2002!♡
☮I fucking hate that stupid hipster shit.
✿I have such a girl crush on Amber Liu!♡ FUCK HATERS!
♡I have a weird obsession with mushrooms and hello kitty.
☮Don't fucking steal my graphics.
✿Don't piss me off, and you'll be good :)

♡Note before adding: Don't add me or accept me If you're just gonna delete me.


So Obsessed

LOUD MUSIC! ☮ Hip Hop/Rap ☮ K-pop ☮ Achievement Hunter ☮ Rooster Teeth ☮ General Hospital ☮ The 60's & 70's ☮ Fiji Water ☮ Black lights ☮ Singing & Dancing ☮ iPod & Cell phone ☮ Trippy ☮ AriZona Green Tea ☮ Partying ☮ Peace & Love ☮ Hello Kitty ☮ Scarface ☮ Mushrooms ☮ Remixes ☮ Alice in Wonderland

링가 링가


1st Track: f(x): 라차타 (LA chA TA)(9/25/09)
1,000th Track: BoA: Revolution Code: 1986-1105 (10/18/09)
5,000th Track: Afroman: Colt 45 (6/14/10)
10,000th Track: Cypress: Roll ↑, Light ↑, Smoke ↑(9/24/10)
15,000th Track: Gorilla Zoe: Lost (2/15/11)
20,000th Track: Snoop Dogg: Ain't No Fun (3/8/11)
25,000th Track: 倖田來未: Juicy (3/25/11)
30,000th Track: 슈퍼주니어: Sorry Sorry Answer (5/28/11)
35,000th Track: Felt: The Biggest Lie (6/21/11)
40,000th Track: Jason Derülo: Don't Wanna Go (10/23/11)
45,000th Track: St. Kelly: Sexy Lady (Ft. Yousuf)(1/17/12)
50,000th Track: Kid Cudi: Day n' Nite (2/21/12)
55,000th Track: B2K: Street Is Callin' (6/11/12)
60,000th Track: BoA: I See Me (9/6/12)
65,000th Track: Driicky G.: Snapbacks & Tattoos (10/23/12)
70,000th Track: Se7en: I Like You Like That (12/29/12)
75,000th Track: Brandy: Baby (4/23/13)
80,000th Track: 蔡依林: Bravo Lover (愛無赦)(9/22/13)
85,000th Track: f(x): Airplane (10/16/13)
90,000th Track: Juicy J: Bandz A Make Her Dance (2/19/14)
95,000th Track: EXO-K: Baby, Don't Cry (5/14/14)

Red Light

Boy 니가 말한 최선이란 변명 내겐 의문투성이 일뿐
진짜 사랑이란 어쩌면
아주 느린 파동
아주 느린 파동

Ay Ay It’s a Red Light Light
서로에게 찾자 빛으로 찬 특별한 비상구
Ay Ay 생각해 봐 봐
그 무엇이 우릴 왜 멈추게 했던 건지 Red Light

한번만 뒤를 돌아 Oh Eh Oh
소중한 걸 찾아봐

눈 크게 떠 거기 충돌 직전 폭주를 멈춰
변화의 목격자가 되는 거야
밀어대던 거친 캐터필러 그 앞에 모두
침몰 할 때
켜졌어 Red Light 선명한 Red Light
스스로 켜져 그것은 Red Light
켜졌어 Red Light 두 개의 Red Light
붉은 태양과 네 앞의 Red Light

Shout It Out!

すぐ去りしい日々はSo beautiful days
笑い飛ばせ yeah!

Shout it out!
今の君が一番(Oh yeah) 輝きます
Shout it out! 素直な君のまま
Let’s dance the night away!

Shout it out!
This party is so cool, party is so cool baby!
Take it to the moon, take it to the moon baby!

月明かり阿鼻 tonight
心からの Shout it out!

Show Out

Pockets so swole, I think they finna bust
Ace in my hand, and a 45 tuck
Money coming down, codeine pourin' up
Smokin' on some dope, always on a float
20 years in, niggas callin' me the G.O.A.T
Money adding up, you haters going broke
Still in the game while you niggas ridin' oak

See me showin' out, they muggin, I dont give a fuck
How I start my morning off, a zip and a double cup
Hating ass niggas, y'all behind me
Ball so hard they want to fine me
Juicy J, Taylor Gang
I been rich since the 90's

I'm currently accepting adds (:

All graphics and animations are made by me. Don't fucking steal them.

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