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  • schink

    Ancient players of Guess Metal Melody! Such a long time as passed since this game was active. So, in memory of all those past guesses, I did it, I did a new round. I chopped 50 chunks of metal for you to guess! Fuck yeah. But for those who care to play, go here:

    5 mars 16h51m Répondre
  • kerolol

    Sehr guter Musikgeschmack :)

    6 fév. 2014 Répondre
  • Lord_Marcello88

    Hey, ich bin leider auch nicht soo informiert, aber weiß, dass FotN recht aktiv waren die letzten Jahre was Liveauftritte anbelangt. Ob das die Originalbesetzung weiß ich nicht, aber der Sänger und Mastermind ist definitiv mit dabei (dementsprechend keine Panik^^). Ich denke sie spielen nen Mix aus allen Alben aber auch viel von Mourning Sun, schau mal im Inet nach Ceremonies. Das ist nen Livealbum ausm letzten Jahr und ich denke so ähnlich wird sich das dann auch abspielen. Also ich bin definitiv dabei, da ich auch ihr Eliziumalbum immer mehr mag mit der Zeit ;) Kannst es dir ja überlegen!

    24 mai 2013 Répondre
  • Lord_Marcello88 biste dabei? ;)

    21 mai 2013 Répondre
  • r1Co

    I think that's it's still a secret group so you won't find it. but if you add me (or I add you, my page is: I can invite you to the group :). heard the new Riverside already? it's a lot more accesible I would say, though nowhere near a coldplay album or anything like that. I kind of miss a bit of an edge, but it's a very soothing record to play in the background.

    18 jan. 2013 Répondre
  • r1Co

    dunno if you have facebook but you should join metal education on there ;D it's kind of a reboot of markus and me (or possibly an outlet for me to spam new stuff ;>)

    15 jan. 2013 Répondre
  • r1Co

    new cult of luna is their best one yet. for me personally it is the record against which all other records this year will be measured (and I'm pretty sure it will stay at the top of the year list anyway). it's so brutal and slowly heavy with thunderous double drumming <3. I'm not sure if you'll even like a behemoth of an album like that :)

    7 jan. 2013 Répondre
  • Lord_Marcello88 schon gesehen? ;)

    9 nov. 2012 Répondre
  • r1Co

    I will check it out when my pc gets fixed :/ currently on my laptop which is already entirely full so I can't dl anything new. It might take a while though because I can't fix it myself, I need outside help. btw, check out swedish rockers Lingua, very odd prog rock/metal kind of something. If I know anything about you I would say you will love the "to get back up" scream in this song (I'm addicted to this one in particular atm):

    18 oct. 2012 Répondre
  • r1Co

    new chant is indeed awesome, it's on my music player for work (I get to listen to music at my work the entire day ;D) and it's getting played A LOT. haven't checked the new threshold yet. Eagerly awaiting three black metal releases myself at this point but can't find anything yet :(

    7 sept. 2012 Répondre
  • r1Co

    well, it's "out there" already if you know where to search, but I'll remind you when it's officially out again ;p. btw loving Daturah atm (think I found out about them through your list, so thnx for that :P)

    29 jui. 2012 Répondre
  • r1Co

    btw, the Chant's new album is out halfway august, but there is cake already. I really love the kind of new direction, songs are longer, more added instruments (more piano, sax etc) and it looks like they were influenced by the whole post rock movement at times (just check out the album opener: this is becoming a band to keep my eye on for me

    24 jui. 2012 Répondre
  • r1Co

    no it's really happening, Time I is pretty much done and getting released in oct, Time II later this year (or early next)

    22 jui. 2012 Répondre
  • r1Co

    so far I like forest of sahdows a lot, needs a few more spins though, see ur already trying the new baroness so I don't need to make that rec :). I'll just post what I already posted to SocialEnemy on facebook: "there's no official released new song yet, but at least a live version of a new wintersun song is circling around the web. This already sounds amazing with some killer hummable riffs, can't wait for the album: ", really love the live vocals in this, can't wait to hear what the multi layered (knowing jari) album version sounds like. If all songs have this kind of quality it will compete for album of the year, probably top 3

    20 jui. 2012 Répondre
  • r1Co

    yeh I've listened to it a few times, but it never really settled its way into my mind like in absentia did, maybe it needs another spin :P

    29 mai 2012 Répondre
  • r1Co

    yeh I know, I have a good version though, thanks to soulseek

    29 mai 2012 Répondre
  • r1Co

    oh btw, there's this project of former nefilim and FotN members (but no carl mccoy, although you will hardly notice that at times) called NFD (noise for destruction), I guess it actually comes a lot closer to the mourning sun sound than older FotN material. Probably a little more metal-y. I especially love the 9 minute non album track Break the Silence ( because of the brilliant guitars at the end. They released 3 full lengths and it sucks Break the Silence isn't on any of them

    28 mai 2012 Répondre
  • r1Co

    yes the ending to Apres L'Ombre is brilliant indeed. I couldn't believe when I first heard it that was only on a split vinyl and not on a full album, thank god it is now. As for older FotN, I only really listened to Elizium a lot, I guess it has the most similarities with mourning sun and it's also the last official full length before they made a comeback with Mourning Sun. MS has a much louder production if you ask me, a lot more industrial, like some guy from Ministry or something handled production duties. It's got a lot more Vim, but Elizium is nice as well after a few listens, even a little more darkwave-y, and ofcourse instantly recognizable thanks to carl's unique vocals. I can't really pass judgement on the first two releases as I haven't listened to those enough just yet but I guess it's even closer to that old english darkwave sound than the other two releases

    28 mai 2012 Répondre
  • r1Co

    I see ur late to the Mourning Sun party, one of my personal fav records. also, don't forget to check my last rec ;p and I have another one: Lithium Dawn. They just digitally released a very accomplished debut album. you can dl it for free from their bandcamp page: . I got to know them through but they might be the least djenty band on there and a lot more prog-rock/metal actually (only the sound of the guitars gives their meshuggah influence away, but only sometimes). They name Meshuggah, Tool and Porcupine Tree as their main influences and their debut is stunning. Very nice melodic vocals and as a whole sounds as a true album, not in any way as a debut.

    20 mai 2012 Répondre
  • Lord_Marcello88

    alles klar Chef ich hör nachher mal rein, sitz grad auf Arbeit ;)

    7 mai 2012 Répondre
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