Big Chill Radio Returns


14 nov. 2007, 11h13m

Big Chill Radio Returns

87.7FM and online

Big Chill Radio springs to life for one week, celebrating the arrival of Eurostar in Kings Cross.

A week of shows coming unlive and indirect from the stages and bars and studio at The Big Chill festival to London's FM airwaves and worldwide over the internet.

No chat, just brilliant, eclectic music from the Big Chill, bringing back memories of sunny summer days and magical, endless nights.

Big Chill Radio

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Monday, 12th November

12:00 Ben Mynott (exclusive Fragile State mix)
13:00 CDR (Club Tent)
16:20 Big Chill Recordings
17:00 Camino presents…DJ Panko (Ojos de Brujo) Part1 (exclusive mix)
18:00 Shepdog (Finlandia)
20:00 TY (Open Air stage)
21:00 Biosphere (Sanctuary stage)
22.30 Gaudi (Sanctuary stage)
23:30 Echaskech (Sanctuary stage / Big Chill House)

Tuesday, 13th November

00:00 Ursula 1000 (Big Chill Radio)
02:00 CDR (Club Tent)
06:00 Ben Mynott (exclusive Fragile State mix)
07:00 Biosphere (Sanctuary stage)
08.30 LJ Kruzer (Sanctuary stage)
10:00 Bill Brewster (Big Chill Radio)
11:00 Tru Thoughts Merry-Go-Round (Castle stage)
13:00 Ty (Open Air stage)
14:00 Gaudi (Sanctuary)
15:00 Shepdog (Finlandia)
17:00 Camino presents… DJ Panko Part 2 (exclusive mix)
18:00 Monkaiboy Evolution (the forum's favourite mix)
19:00 Mad Professor (Dub Shack)
21:00 Purple Radio (Big Chill Radio)

Wednesday, 14th November

02:00 Coldcut and friends Ambient Return to Goa (Sanctuary stage)
03:00 Tru Thoughts Merry-Go-Round (Castle stage)
06:00 Coldcut and friends Ambient Return to Goa (Sanctuary stage)
07:00 Yam Yam
07:30 Lifetracks preview
08:00 Lol Hammond It's All Gone Pete Tong Day
10:00 Mad Professor
12:00 Shlomo and the Vocal Orchestra
14:00 Joe 90 (exclusive mix)
16:00 Coldcut and friends Ambient Return to Goa (Sanctuary)
17:00 Camino presents… Quantic (exclusive mix)
18:00 Leggo Beast (Dub Shack)
19:30 Phil'n'Dog (Finlandia)
21:00 Crazy P (live) (Castle stage)
22:00 Warm DJs (exclusive mix)

Thursday, 15th November

00:00 TBC
02:00 Midtempo (Castle stage)
04:00 Jupiter Quarter (Club Tent)
04:30 Alucidnation (Club Tent)
06:00 Mixmaster Morris (Club Tent)
10:00 TBC
11:00 Mad Professor (Dub Shack)
13:00 Hafdis Huld (Sanctuary stage)
14:00 LJ Kruzer (Sanctuary stage)
15:00 Ojos de Brujo (Open Air stage)
17:00 Camino presents… Quantic (exclusive mix)
18:00 Warm (exclusive mix)
19:00 The Forum Favourite - Monkaiboy Evolution
20:00 Red Snapper @ The Big Chill House
21:00 Crazy P (DJ set) (Finlandia)
23:00 Milky Disco - Black Devil (Club Tent)

Friday, 16th November

00:00 Milky Disco - Black Mustang (Club Tent)
01:00 Hospital Records (Club Tent)
03:00 Future Loop Foundation (Sanctuary stage)
05:00 Hafdis Huld (Sanctuary stage)
06:00 Bobby Corridor (Finlandia) (tbc)
08:00 John Shuttleworth (Castle stage) (tbc)
10:00 Club de Fromage (Big Chill Nights)
12:00 Ojos de Brujo (Open Air stage)
13:00 Bullion (Fat Tuesday)
14:00 Purple Radio (Big Chill Radio)
17:00 Camino presents...Russ Jones
18:00 Danny Rampling (Sanctuary stage)
20:00 Monkaiboy Evolution (the forum's favourite mix)
21:00 Bill Brewster's Balearic Breakfast

Saturday, 17th November

00:00 Mixmaster Morris (Club Tent)
03:00 Danny Ramping (Sanctuary stage)
05:00 Alucidnation (Club Tent)
06:00 Paul Noble Sets Sail (Big Chill Radio)
07:00 CDR (Club Tent)
10:00 Pete Lawrence presents Fab Gear (Finlandia)
12:00 Tunng (Castle stage)
13:00 Tom Middleton presents Lifetracks (Open Air stage) (tbc)
15:00 DJ Oof @ The Big Chill House
17:00 Crazy P live (Castle stage)
18:00 Mr Scruff (Open Air stage)
20:00 Kruder & Dorfmeister Summer Sessions (Open Air stage)

Sunday, 18th November

00:00 Tom Middleton (Finlandia) (tbc)
02:00 Hexstatic (Open Air stage)
04:00 Hospital Records (Club Tent)
06:00 Bobby Corridor (Finlandia)
08:00 TBC
11:00 Wheelie Bag (Fat Tuesday)
13:00 Bullion (Fat Tuesday)
14:00 TBC
16:00 Mad Professor (Dub Shack)
18:00 Soul of Man (Fat Tuesday)
20:00 Kruder and Dorfmeister Summer Sessions
21:00 Red Snapper @ The Big Chill
23:00 Tom Middleton's Lifetracks (Open Air stage)
00:30 Close

Listings subject to change.

87.7FM and online

Big Chill Radio - with thanks to Arrivals, Eurostar, CreateKX, Camino, Moet and The Big Issue.
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