• Coheed and Cambria playlist, 2/27/13, Sunshine Theater, Albuquerque, NM

    2 mars 2013, 10h40m

    Awesome concert. My second time seeing them and first since they opened for Linkin Park on 2/29/08. They played The Crowing, my favorite song by them!! The first Encore song surprised me, but I totally predicted the last 2. The crowd was very pleased when A Favor House and In Keeping Secrets started. As was I. A good crowd.

    1. Pretelethal
    2. Sentry the Defiant
    3. A Favor House Atlantic
    4. Goodnight, Fair Lady
    5. No World for Tomorrow (extended outro/intro for next song)
    7. Vic the Butcher
    8. Evagria the Faithful
    9. The Afterman
    10. Here We Are Juggernaut
    11. Dark Side of Me
    12. In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 3 (extended sequence in middle of song)
    13. Wake Up
    14. The Hollow/Domino the Destitute
    15. Welcome Home (What else? Double neck guitar played behind head and with tongue of course by Claudio)
  • Incubus concert playlist, 10/4/2011 at Santa Ana Star Center, Rio Rancho, NM

    20 fév. 2013, 13h35m

    Awesome concert. So glad I got to see my favorite band. It's been a while since I went to this concert, I was too lazy to ever type it all up. Lol this is mainly just for me anyway. Here's the playlist in order:

    1. Megalomaniac
    2. Wish You Were Here
    3. Adolescents
    4. Anna Molly
    5. Promises, Promises
    6. Isadore
    7. Have You Ever
    8. Privilege
    9. Vitamin
    10. In the Company of Wolves
    11. Defiance
    12. Talk Shows on Mute
    13. Are You In?/Riders on the Storm
    14. A Kiss to Send Us Off
    15. Dig
    16. Drive
    17. Switchblade
    18. Nice to Know You
    19. Pardon Me
    20. Tomorrow's Food
  • Anberlin Concert, October 1st, 2010.

    31 oct. 2010, 21h41m

    Sunshine Theater, Albuquerque, NM

    We Owe This to Ourselves
    Paperthin Hymn
    Dismantle. Repair.
    Art of War
    The Resistance
    The Haunting
    Take Me (As You Found Me)
    The Symphony of (Blase)
    Pray Tell
    Feel Good Drag
    Encore: (*Fin)
  • Lazy days...

    6 nov. 2008, 4h21m

    Haven't been doing too much lately. Just getting up and listening to music and or playing games and or being online all day. But for the most part it makes me happy.

    On October 31st I got up early and had a good long day, 6 hours of useful time. Met some new friends that day too. I'm going to hopefully hang out with them on Fridays and on the weekends. Play some basketball and some Rock Band 2 and watch movies and stuff. I can't wait.

    Also me, my brother and sister hung out with a LARGE group of young friends. We met up at a restaurant, then we went and played mini golf. It was dark, and it was good fun times. After mini golf we did a go kart race. And I didn't even have to pay for it. And the person who did pay paid for only a passenger ticket for me but I got to drive my own car anyway! I didn't come in first or anything but it was fun. Second time I've done that this year, the other being at my graduation party. I could say the same thing about bowling. I did that with my family for the first time in a while. Didn't do Stellar though. I don't like bowling much at all anymore. I used to be good though. is one of the best websites ever. It's so easy to download a whole discography. When I first used iDump to restore my iTunes onto this computer, I had 1071 songs. That was late September. I have 3196 now. And that's after dumping some stuff. Pretty good. However the only downside of that is stuff you don't really care about comes up on shuffle a lot. And I'm too lazy to make a playlist of things I do like. Oh well.

    I've been getting into some new bands, but not too many, really. I'm mainly listening to stuff I've already heard, or stuff I haven't heard in a while. Like I downloaded this giant 90s and 2000s alt. rock playlist and gave that a good playthrough. Popular radio stuff I hadn't heard in a while. And some I hadn't heard at all.

    Also crazy bands with male and female vocals like Lacuna Coil and Epica. I'm not crazy about them but they're interesting.

    Life is semi depressing lately but I try not to stay down. There's no point in moping around. I always make sure I'm doing SOMETHING.

    NP: Sunny Day Real Estate - Diary
    They were a big influence on Paramore (I love them so much) and had Foo Fighters members in it. I listened to like half of the album once on Youtube (I used to listen to music on youtube! All the time! I wish I could get all those playthroughs scrobbled onto And this is the first time listening to the whole thing. Pretty depressing really but not bad.
  • Another journal entry

    18 oct. 2008, 6h19m

    First off, **** you I accidentally exited this page after already typing up a few paragraphs, went back, and they were gone. What kind of pathetic website can't remember what was in a text box after you hit back? Dang it. Well anyway here's what I was saying.

    I stay up way too late and sleep in late. It sucks and I need to fix it. Starting tonight. Although it's kinda fun sometimes and I'm still awake for the same amount of time as people on "normal" schedules, but I'm just awake during different hours. Whatever.

    So I've been getting more scrobbles. I should have so many more, but my iPod playthroughs weren't saved when I switched my library to this computer. Whatever.

    So I woke up this morning and me, my brother, sister, and mother went to go eat and went to the mall afterwards. I drove, though I usually don't. I would, but I don't know where I'm going in this place! Thank goodness for GPS systems. We ate at Tokyo Joes, a fast, healthy, good, and fast Japanese place. Good combo there.

    We went to Staples to get a new CD-ROM drive for this computer. It just stopped reading discs for some reason last month. It's gay. This new one better work right. My brother needs it for his home school, and I need it for freaking CDs to work! It's really annoying when I actually buy a CD and I have to upload it onto my sister's computer then I have to send the album track by track to my computer. Really annoying process. But no worse than downloading an album track by track, lol!! The latter is cheaper though.

    Then we went to the mall... It wasn't really empty but it wasn't packed either. Some stores were really empty. Oh well. It was a decent mall. But it didn't have a Gamestop. Though I kinda hate that place anyway for not hiring me. We didn't do too much at the mall besides look around and such. I didn't buy anything. However, something really weird was that there were TWO Orange Julius shops! And they were close to each other too! Weird.

    After the mall I went and got a haircut then we went home. Of course this all happened after we hung out with my new friend Aaron last night. He's a pretty good guitar player.

    We finally got home and did pretty much the type of stuff we always do. Just hang around in the game room. I finally beat Flirtin' With Disaster on hard, then then beat Green Grass and the last 3 bonus songs. Now all that is left is like the last 4 bonus songs on expert (I'm stuck on Outside), and FwD and GGaHT. I just can't do FwD on expert. I had a difficult time on hard! I hate that song.

    My cousins Alan and Brian are making plans to come visit us sometime maybe next week, or maybe December. Hopefully they can come visit we're really close. They're so women obsessed though it's funny. Also 3 girls from OK are coming to visit in Dec. that should be fun...!

    Oh yeah, and I beat Fire Emblem 7 for like the 12th or 13th (probably more) time the other day. I love that game so much. I've spent so much time on it since late 2003. It's fun though. I have nearly all the support conversations (96%). I just can't get some of the conversations from the crappy people I never get/use though. Also I'm on the final chapter on Fire Emblem 10. That game's pretty tough. I've only beaten it once though since it only came out last year.

    Now playing: Coheed & Cambria - Good Apollo volume 1. Been on a Coheed spree lately, kinda. They're pretty cool.

    I guess that's it. It's past midnight now, which is early for me. Hopefully I'll get to bed soon.
  • Old news: Re-telling the tale of the Linkin Park concert, and history of getting…

    10 oct. 2008, 5h18m

    My first "real" rock concert, as in not a stupid one like I've been to in the past, was Linkin Park, who was my favorite band at the time. They have slipped a bit since but I still love them.

    The concert was on February 29th, 2008 at the Ford Center in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Best leap day ever! Coheed and Cambria and Chiodos (I don't care for the latter at all) were the opening acts. By this point my library of music was pretty shallow, but boy did I know every Linkin Park song ever! My best friend on earth helped me get into them. We'd rock out to LP while playing Zelda. It was good times. I miss him since I've moved away from OK.

    As a kid I was into pop music. Sad but true. I never listened to any real rock, except for what was on the radio. I was much more into gaming and stuff than listening to music. But during probably the summer of 2007, my best friend Blake introduced me to some Linkin Park songs I had only heard a few times, namely, the singles from Hybrid Theory and Meteora. They were the first rock band that he really got into, and I remember thinking "Linkin Park is emo I don't like them. Crawling sucks lol." But, with the help of Youtube back in those days, we looked up the songs and listened to them, and since they were (and still are, I think) his number 1 band, I liked them more and more too. Eventually me and my brother downloaded (lol) all the songs and eventually we knew them all.

    When I learned that Linkin Park was going to be playing in Oklahoma City in February, I knew I couldn't pass up the chance. I remember, for the longest time, that the date seemed so far off. And even though the tickets were pretty expensive, me and my little brother bought us a pair. We were set to go. Now all we had to do was wait for 2/29/08.

    My best friend wasn't able to go to the concert, since his parents are super strict and crap. However we did know a few people at the concert, 2 girls (who were friends at that point, but aren't anymore) from our Kingdom Hall, and one of the girl's brother. 3 total. We were decent friends with them, but one of the girls and my sister stopped being friends and I didn't really get to hang out with them anymore. That girl stops being friends with a lot of people (I really hope she's not reading this!) We had fallen out of communicated for a while until I told her I was going to the Linkin Park concert through text messaging. Then we started talking again after that.

    Anyway... the day finally came for the concert. I was 17 at that point but my parents didn't want me to drive from Tulsa to Oklahoma City, so whatever, they drove us there. No big deal I suck with directions anyway, especially directions to a city I don't go to very often. After NEARLY FORGETTING THE TICKETS, we left for the 100 mile drive to the state capital. We ate some McDonald's before the show, adn I remember hearing "Man in the Box" on the radio and not knowing the title. My brother also dropped his phone in his water!

    So they dropped us off, which is easier than parking, and me and my brother entered the Ford Center, ready to rock.

    Chiodos had started already when we got there. Oh no! Such a loss. Me and my brother found our seats, which were to the right of the stage (if you're looking at the stage from the front) and also kinda towards the top since they were the cheapest. I remember the bass player in Chiodos made me feel sick, since you know, you can really feel the bass at concerts. Also their lead singer cussed a lot.

    Then Coheed came out. I had barely, barely heard any of their songs at this point, so I didn't appreciate it very much. It'd be much better if I could see them again now. I remember getting kinda bored... But their opener was No World For Tomorrow and it was cool, then their last 2 songs were The Running Free, which I knew, and Welcome Home, which I somehow didn't know at that point. But Claudio did the solo with his guitar behind his head, EPIC.

    There was about a 30 minute wait for LP. But finally they came out and opened with What I've Done. I love when the band that everyone there payed to see finally comes out. The lights go out, and the crowd roars. There's nothing quite like it. It's awesome. And, finally hearing those beginning piano sounds was so sweet after all that waiting! Chester was really sick at this concert and they ALMOST canceled the show. We were lucky, real lucky, that they came out and played, since they canceled their next 2 shows!

    After What I've Done, they played the first 3 songs from Meteora. I love Meteora. I couldn't remember the exact order but I found the set list online!

    What I've Done (Nice opener)
    Don't Stay (Great)
    Somewhere I Belong
    Lying From You
    Papercut (with "There They Go" outro)
    Leave Out All the Rest
    Numb (Awesome)
    The Little Things Give You Away (Nice)
    Shadow of the Day
    Valentines Day (Pretty epic performance. Chester went into the crowd with his security guards during the lyrics "I used to be my own protection, but not now" I thought that moment synced up really well!)
    Crawling (emo lol)
    In the End (Awesome. I remember Chester was in the crowd and I really couldn't see him during this 5/5 song)
    Bleed It Out (6 minute version with an awesome drum solo!)

    My December (Quiet, but awesome. Just vocals and piano)
    Breaking the Habit (Hell yes my favorite LP song! I knew they'd play it. Before the encore, bands always leave the stage and you get a little nervous.. but you know they haven't played one of their biggest songs so you know they're gonna come back out!)
    One Step Closer (I can't believe Chester's vocal chords held out for this song)
    Faint (The closer! It was so sweet. I can't feel the way I did before! Everyone was singing!)

    Man I'm glad I found that setlist. However I found out some info I didn't know. They didn't play a lot of songs they were originally going to play, such as Given Up, No More Sorrow, Points of Authority, and Pushing Me Away. I like all those songs, (ESPECIALLY NO MORE SORROW THEY SHOULD HAVE PLAYED IT) but Chester probably would have died if he had to do the Given Up scream. So oh well... The concert was still great and was 1000x better than a canceled show. The crowd and Mike really picked up Chester's hurt voice. It was all good.

    After the concert was over me and my little bro found our way out of the Ford Center and proceeded to call our parents. There was some crazyness in trying to get picked up but eventually we walked about a block and found them at a red light. They kinda passed right by where we were, earlier, and couldn't stop so they had to drive all the way around. But we got in my dad's car and made our way back to Broken Arrow (a suburb of Tulsa), Oklahoma. Our home. Excellent times. I want to see them live again even if they aren't my number 1 band anymore!

    (NP: Anberlin - Never Take Friendship Personal [cd])
  • First journal entry. Hopefully I'll remember to actually do these once in a while.

    10 oct. 2008, 4h04m

    I hardly ever write in journals, and I haven't for years. I've never even blogged online or anything. A lot of my life has gone un-documented, sadly. All I have is my memories. Some are really good, some are not. But that's what you'd expect with all lives. I write songs based on things like that...

    So I'm sitting here in my "game room" in the upstairs of our two-story house. There's no door to this little room, which sucks, since the game room in the old house in Tulsa, Oklahoma had a door and was much bigger. So not much privacy since you see the room the second you come upstairs. That means music can't really be too loud, especially since neighbors are pretty close by too. But oh well, at least the ceilings are higher than the other game room and it's a little wider... Just not as long as the other one.

    I made a in April 2008, but didn't know that it could sync with iTunes, so I didn't see the point of using it. But over the past week I've gotten way into I love how it records all your music plays and totals which artist is number 1, something iTunes doesn't do. I also really like the community aspect, it's much better than commenting on a song on Youtube or something. It's a lot like, but with music instead of pictures, which I like more anyway since I'm a music guy and not a photographer.

    I used to have my iTunes on my dad's laptop, so that me and my brother didn't have to share a computer for it. But the laptop has since gone to crap, long story short, so I moved all my songs to my main computer using a marvelous tool called iDump. Something I should have done in the first place. For months I didn't add any songs to my iPod since I was hoping I could get my iTunes to work again, but in the past few weeks I finally moved it and have added about 400+ more songs. Sadly all my play counts were lost... but oh well. I'll just have to build play counts on my now. It's a long process. I should have hundreds and hundreds of play counts from the past few months.

    I don't care if anyone reads this, if you are reading this and got this far, thank you so much, but this is more for me. I never blog, I've never kept a paper journal, so this will be a nice place to document what goes on in my life... Even though it's pretty pathetic right now.

    I guess that's all for now. I find it so much easier to write and communicate through texts than through talking. Thankfully all teenage girls nowadays have cell phones... It's just easier that way.

    (NP: Alice in Chains - Facelift)