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  • xavipvs

    I am dying to hear abour Amen Dunes...

    27 jui. 22h48m Répondre
  • xavipvs

    Our current mood determines our appreciation for anything really… I wouldn´t say Amen Dunes are hard to appreciate, perhaps the mood for it hasn´t been there particularly, yet. Currents includes many aspects of what we are used to listen from Tame Impala, (they stick with catchy clean lines. Etc. ) But also differs from the other two albums as far as the melodies are concerned; the sound seem to me more pure and clear.. But most importantly, it shows the kind of eager visionary Parker really is, and his growing talent as a songwriter, producer and as a singer.. I do appreciate Tame Impala, and I can´t wait to see them live; last year I saw Pond, which we know the relationship with Tame Impala, and I was not disappointed at all, in the contrary, I actually it made me appreciate TI in a different way.. How did you like it?

    21 jui. 21h00m Répondre
  • xavipvs

    Yeah, I agree; our mood determines depends the music we play.. or the music we might appreciate during any specific mood.. Amen Dunes first two albums were recorded somewhere in the middle of nowhere.. in a cabin.. so it is much about exploring our own... the album titled "Love" is more easy to listen if you are not familiarized with his early work.. From this album play it from the beginning and the next thing just falls right in.

    15 jui. 2h52m Répondre
  • xavipvs

    What did you think about Amen Dunes?

    13 jui. 21h01m Répondre
  • xavipvs

    OMG!!!!! Where did you get Beach House´s New Album? I am dying for it!!!!!

    9 jui. 21h43m Répondre
  • xavipvs

    Yeah, I just discovered Other Lives, and for sure “Reconfiguration” has become my fav song of the month... I am not a big fan either of streaming music, and now that iTunes just came out with this service, I am not quite sure about it.. I have more than the 100,000 songs bought thru iTunes, and of course, the cloud library can’t hold it all, so I can’t really use iTunes streaming service.. I like VNV Nation, I have never heard of them before, I appreciate the lyrics and the melodies as well. Certainly will be adding them to my library.. I really enjoy “Nova”.. I am currently enjoying a lot this Canadian band from Montreal QC “Suuns”.. they are in my last 7 days chart—Listen to “2020” “ Up Past The Nursery” “PVC” “Arena” “Pie Ix” I´d like to know what you think.. Cheers!

    9 jui. 14h49m Répondre
  • YuriBR

    Ah, how I appreciate your suggestions, my dear friend.

    7 jui. 1h02m Répondre
  • YuriBR

    Oh, and don't you find this weirdly and absurdly addictive?

    6 jui. 2h25m Répondre
  • YuriBR

    Look who's also been listening to Joy Division and Lady Day! :)

    6 jui. 2h24m Répondre
  • xavipvs

    Thank you, I really enjoy music too. I do love Sigur Rós, and I have been a fan of them for some years now. I also have been following Jónsi solo work with bf; I find his solo work stimulating and beautiful as well. I came across Sigur Rós in the early 2000s by QAF, and the Ágætis Byrjun album; the alien angel fetus, the album cover attracted me, and as the first couple of tracks started playing, I was sure hooked. Sigur Rós´s sensibility of what music is, add new dimensions to the whole human experience and sure does redefine music itself. I share your taste in this under appreciated band. Have you seen them live? They were in México city a few years back, I missed them, must be quite an experience to see them live. Cheers!

    3 jui. 4h21m Répondre
  • xavipvs

    Thank you.. He is playing this saturaday.. I have seen him played already once.. I am excited!

    25 juin 14h32m Répondre
  • xavipvs

    Awesome Taste, Thanks for accepting :-9

    24 juin 22h52m Répondre
  • joniks

    Yeah, it is quite pleasant and I love this parts which go into kinda deep house. Nevertheless, Kamasi Washington’s Epic is absolutely the most outstanding recording I’ve heard lately. It will surely stay with me for years to come. Timeless piece of music. Jamie is merely good vibe :)

    8 juin 9h46m Répondre
  • SilentOctober

    I went to Mechelen because it was the closest place to Brussels where we had housing. We spent the New Years' there, it was lovely! But this was 7 or 8 years ago when I was in high school, and I didn't have time to explore Brussels like I would have wanted to. I remember I stumbled upon Manneken Pis without previously knowing of his existence and I thought it was so strange, haha. For the longest time I've wanted to move to Brussels after that charming visit. I'm pretty sure I've romanticised the idea of Belgium in my head all these years, but I still feel very attracted to the idea. Now I'm studying to become a conference interpreter and I'm interested in working for the European Commission (SCIC). It's not only a very difficult job, but it's very difficult to get in. I'm also considering working for the UN. Who knows, I have a long road ahead of me. Time will tell.

    31 mai 18h29m Répondre
  • SilentOctober

    Well if we're considering the way it's presented in the first video... I guess I can't keep repeating beer and chocolate, can I? Haha, it does sound a little complicated but I still think it's impressive how it somehow still works. (doesn't it?) Thank you so much for the links, I enjoyed them a lot. Bruges sounds wonderful, I hope to visit one day. I didn't know about that channel, I subscribed, I really liked him! René Magritte is one of my favorite painters. The music too, I will definitely listen more! Are you familiar with writer Annelies Verbeke? She wrote one of my favorite books, "Slaap!". I know I should have said Brussels, when I visited I started to pronounce things in French and considering we say Bruxelles in Romanian also, it stayed with me. I actually went on a group planned trip and visited some places throughout Europe, and I liked Belgium the most. Something in the air, I don't know. I remember I felt really good as a tourist, and I felt like that in Amsterdam, too.

    31 mai 18h29m Répondre
  • SilentOctober

    Haha, it's strange to hear that! What makes it so absurd? In my mind, Belgium is the ideal country I'd live in. I love your chocolate, waffles and beer, your languages sound really good, wherever I've been everything had this chic air. I visited Bruxelles twice (I adore that city!) and I stayed for a couple of days in a city called Mechelen, it was absolutely charming, I'll never forget it! Where in Belgium do you live?

    28 mai 7h17m Répondre
  • SilentOctober

    Yes, I feel in a very vulnerable state when I listen to it. It's rare for me to get emotional like that to music, so it is something special. It's nice to meet you, Bernard. I'm Camelia. How's life in Belgium like? I'm in love with that country. I visited twice and it was such a great experience!

    26 mai 18h41m Répondre
  • SilentOctober

    Hi. How are you? I saw your comment on the Sufjan Stevens page about his latest album and I wanted to say it's so beautiful and true what you said.

    25 mai 20h04m Répondre
  • Milkana


    15 avr. 13h56m Répondre
  • YuriBR

    Going to listen to it right now! Amazing couple of songs.

    6 mars 1h34m Répondre
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