Delusions of grandeur


21 fév. 2009, 20h38m

I've been listening to a lot of Online by Brad Paisley via non-scrobblable means...I love upbeat songs that make amusingly questionable claims, often personal attributes that the character in question obviously does not possess. This includes both first-person delusions of grandeur and third-person tall tales. Here are some other such songs I know.

I'm Money -- Zebrahead tries to rationalize a lack of friends and female attention.
Big Strong Man -- Carbon Leaf boasts about a superhuman brother.
Kenesaw Mountain Landis -- Jonathan Coulton sings about partially made-up versions of the first Commissioner of Baseball and his dealings with Shoeless Joe Jackson.
Mandelbrot Set -- Jonathan Coulton can turn mathematicians into superheroes, too.
Waking Up Jedi -- Tom Smith wakes up one day to find himself a Jedi.
Big big big da balls -- I think you can figure out the theme of this Pure Pwnage song. They've done a few other co...nfident songs, too.
Skrie Is Made Of Win Part 1 -- denwO sings about the many ways in which fellow Pure Pwnage fan Skrie is win.
Stockmarket -- Splen suggest that, "you can have it all, buying and selling on the stockmarket." :)
Wolves Of The Sea -- Pirates Of The Sea will steal the show.
Wolves of the Sea -- Alestorm thinks they're better for the job. Check out their other songs for more piratical daydreaming.
Year 3000 -- Busted has been there.
Corduroy -- The Previous becomes high school fashion king with corduroy pants.

Does anyone have any more to suggest?


  • LadyPatience

    Have you tried [track artist=Natalie Merchant]Wonder[track]? I feel the lyrics are probably deeper than they seem - they may even be religious (although Natalie Merchant doesn't show many signs of that), but taken at face value it is just a wonderful 'I am the best' song. Check it out. And Online by Brad Paisley is just fantastic.

    13 mars 2009, 21h37m
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