• Ramlord / Cara Neir

    18 nov. 2012, 22h19m

    Tracks of oppression to purvey the sorrow of the masses. Don't check this shit out

    1. Cara Neir - Family Dirge 02:33
    2. Cara Neir - Cradled by Apathy 05:22
    3. Cara Neir - Wilted Blue 05:07
    4. Ramlord - Affliction of Clairvoyance (Part I) 10:01
    Total Run Time: 23:03

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    Released and pressed by Broken Limbs

    Cara Neir


    Ramlord Cara Neir
  • Ramlord Split W/ Condensed Flesh (Side Wolf Skull)

    9 nov. 2011, 16h29m

    Ramlord has a split cassette available for order at

    or just pick one up at a show, we play all around New England

    In grind we crust in the sludge we blacken.


    We've already reached our potential
    The day we were fucking born!!

    An illusion of choice // No solution to progress
    Repeat our mistakes // We've run out of options
    A pathetic excuse for life // Consume!! Ignore!! Repeat!! Die!!

    We live in a world that denounces creative thought
    Where happiness is suspicion and life has become a cruel joke
    Yet we're willfully conforming to and perpetuating this way of life
    what the fuck!?

    Restrained to suffer
    Restrained to forgive
    Restrained to ignore
    Restrained to live


    Caged in Existence
    Battered Wills Broken
    Trained to Accept

    Breaking Me


    Eyes full of dirt, mouth full of blood
    Blank stare, Mind Rot



    Each day feels like one hundred years
    Each minute a knife in my back
    I pray for death every second
    but my soul is too putrid to take

    Born against my will
    Cursed with compassion
    Twisting the meanings
    Warping my actions - fuck this!

    At this point in life it's all just another scar on my face
    I'm running and fighting, but I know I'll die in this place

    Fooled by facades, this worlds subject to so much hate
    Blackened by living, lie my head down and go back to sleep


    Alone, Deprived
    Surprised we’re alive
    Absolutely nothing left
    Clench my teeth and welcome death

    Alone, Decayed
    And soon we will fade
    Lived on too long for nothing
    Nothing but to die

    Draw the anchor
    And release the sails

    Look back at life
    Hoping never to return

    I start to feel warm
    And then I wake up in the cold – again.

    Reality begins to flood my brain
    Every fucking day I feel the same
  • Ramlord - Stench of Fallacy (Feb 2011) Free listening and lyrics.

    7 mars 2011, 4h18m

    Ramlord - Stench of Fallacy

    Wolves of Isolation

    wolves of isolation
    sinking into hollow existence
    clawing to the surface
    to a world of desolation
    i've seen so much despair
    affected all the same
    i tried to make a difference
    but no one else cared

    plagued by dejection
    subject to misery
    cursed by humanity
    i bear the stench

    roots grow over my soft feet
    i'm no longer bare
    yet the cancer of progress
    breaches my core
    i've been detached
    i've embodied total distress
    i've lived through sorrow
    i will always be depressed

    Blood Badge

    smoke weed//kill cops
    Plague of Despair
    Over your community
    Street. Justice. Prevails.

    Capital gain, moral decrease
    Money is civilization's disease
    Slave to money, addicted to wealth
    If money's your god then kill yourself


    Embrace guilt
    Fear life
    Powerless against the suffering
    Is my mind diseased?
    Die. As. You. Were Born.

    First Breath//Last Breath

    A kingdom as barren,
    as the withered and rotting times
    My body sinks deeper,
    a step closer to being swept away with the tide
    This oppression becomes depression,
     my mind in time begins degressing
    Your last breath will be my first,
     your last breath will be my first
    A calm storm envolopes me,
    and starts raging inside
    Vengence and anger,
    too great to hide
    I'm sinking deeper, Swept away with the tide
     at the bottom of my heart
    There is nothing to find.
    I retire to the my requim for your deeds
    A definitive end to your army of hate
    Acquited of wrong, your souls free to die.
    So long to your curse on my lungs
    a final goodbye to your disease in my blood
    finally silence in the air, my heart beats again.
    I've endured this trek through the mud
    pacing my steps, and ignoring the pain
    and up to this moment, i've been dead
    I've drown so long I've forgot how to breathe
    but upon the last look in your eyes,
    pull my head above water, and breath once again
    A kingdom as barren,
    as the withered and rotting times
    My body sinks deeper,
    a step closer to being swept away with the tide
    This oppression becomes depression,
     my mind in time begins degressing
    Your last breath will be my first,
     your last breath will be my first

    Burnt Out

    Life is too fucked up//I just wanna die
    I'm too fed up//I just can't relate
    Sick of living//It's me who I despise

    What's the point of living when I Just want to die
    Don't wanna wake up, just carve out my eyes

    Never stop producing, supply won't meet demand
    i can't make the fuck!!

    I hate...myself and everybody else
    I just can't do it myself....fuck!!

    Where the Waves Still Crash

    The frustration of walking upon this path
    we set so carefully up,
     of tiny sticks and string
    for the longest minute I have ever felt,
    is unbearable to Bare.
    Like Baring the harsh cold ocean
     or the tundra
    where life does not see for miles;
     I am dragged.
    Where the occupiance of life
    is the same as the traveler.
    My knees shake and my hands bleed,
    as my mind wanders -
     frozen steel of my LUNGs
    send shivers over my skin
    as they touch when I stray.
    alive at last
    the mendacity of existence
    Propaganda like the hope I build,
    like our statues or our path
    like sand in my lungs
     or salt in my eyes,
    Without relief or any sign of help in this barren fucking sea.
    and it is here,
    where the rain still falls, where the sun still soaks,
    the sharks still swim, the waves still crash,
     the air still stains your lungs;

    Abandoned by hate/you decay on your back
    Reduced to food for the earth

    Gravity tightens your skin, time always wins

    Spend your whole life destroying the planet
    Now the planet destroys you

    You make me sick
    They won't bless your grave with flowers
    The air turns black around you
    Until you become nothing, until you become nothing

    Total Doom

    Through unending ocean waves/
    boundless, coulless tides/
    crash upon me like plagues/
    ceaseless deadly demise/
    as life i tend the earth/
    in death i shall return/
    as symbiotic cells converge/
    i suffer still i burn/

    now i die alone/
    begin to rot and mold/
    travel through realm of forgotten/
    in the form of a pack of wolves/
    is this death or is this life/
    as i shift through time and space/
    my true natures calling/
    destroy the human race/
  • Lidless Eyes

    29 déc. 2010, 20h31m

    (Fast blast beats or thrash we decide)
    Is my anguish really real?
    or just a storm cloud in my brain
    Am i feeling love and hate
    Can thinking make me go insane?
    or do I lack the DNA
    to live a subtle unstirred life
    honestly i'm not the type
    (Slowed down fill)honestly it's just not right
    (Slowed down riff)
    So bruised it's black
    my brain bares attack
    the same snares that snap
    and on your life attach
    (Speeds up)
    I'm seeking fucking ignorance
    The price of life is on my head
    I wake up feeling sick the same
    way i feel when i go to bed
    Nerves bend and break
    but you swim in your shame
    your bodys afloat, in an effortless way
    meaning of life, is to trudge through your head
    enduring reality, until you are dead

  • EHG & Nachmystium

    17 juin 2010, 0h48m

    Tue 15 Jun – Eyehategod, Nachtmystium, Howl, Sexcrement, Cold Northern Vengeance, In the Shit

    Some funny antics and a really heavy EHG set. Nachmystium sounds more black metal live.
  • Trapped Inside -Two Hands

    13 mai 2010, 3h56m

    Horses gallop, like rushing waters
    or the ruse of a con artist
    completely taken
    completely blankened

    emerged from a cave
    once it was light to see
    not because he's brave
    he could of waited for years

    Skin toughens but souls fade away
    When it brings doubt you learn to hate the day
    Battles rage where the heart felt
    Emotions raged by what life dealt
    Two hands cover a face
    Two hands cover a face
    but the breath leaks through

    Two hands cover a face
    but the breath leaks through
    Two hands cover a face
    this was all he knew

    Trapped Inside
  • Unemployment

    8 avr. 2010, 16h07m

    Trapped Inside

    Walk pales out of endless wells of relief
    Any kind of truth is hard to believe
    Seen so much despair, affected by so much
    Relieved but not forgotten upon your touch
    Callouse your knees/time wasted/never forgiven

    Sorrow is employment

    Blur the ground beneth
    with me, i'll take only
    what i need to survive;
    and that's you

    I don't need that fucking job.

    Explanation: Don't let sorrow consume your life, keep it in your head and never forget the pressures that can push against you. I have found something that helps me deal with all the problems in my life but I still fully understand that sorrow can come at any time and it's all just a randomly generated fuckfest.
  • Sinking Deeper into Inner-City Disaster

    28 jan. 2010, 5h56m

    I'm not sure if you understand any of the musical shit Janko, just too blaaazed, love yah.

    I fear, i will never be free (4/4)
    A trek through a desert(2/4)
    sinking to the bottom of the sea (2/4)
    Roots in the ground(2/4)
    PULLED OUT (2/4)
    by the hand on the clock (2/4)
    SEVERE DROUGHT (2/4 chord change on 3 and 4)
    A question for the clouds (2/4)
    I FEAR NOT (Ring2/4)
    [One measure of that silence]
    Roots grow over my soft feet (4/4)
    I'm no longer bare (4/4)
    The interest in your city streets (4/4)
    is just no longer there. (4/4)
    I'm tired and sick of being lost, (4/4)
    These windows glare and drains suck down (4/4)
    water drops strain my brow (4/4)
    and blur my sight (2/4)
    CURSED BY LIFE! (2/4)
    Jan can think of some shit here.
  • Tyrannic Time

    21 jan. 2010, 0h49m

    Alone, deprived, surprised we're alive
    Aboslute nothing left, except the sound of my breath
    Alone, decayed, and soon we will finally fade
    lived on, too long, and for nothing
    nothing but to die

    I can't stand
    I can't stand
    Seeing this done to my fucking land
    for i have to live
    for i have to die
    for i have to live between it and the sky

    Nothing to breathe
    The air is so thin
    At a loss for words
    cause everythings a sin
    a law made by no one
    but followed by all
    we prayed for the wrong cause
    cause humans did fall
  • Heathens

    6 jan. 2010, 5h37m

    Hate your fucking statues
    Hate your fucking crosses
    Disease my fucking mind
    am I supposed to cut my losses?
    under a pile of garbage
    over the fucking heavens
    ask god to explain the laws of science
    and then I'll become christian