Your Favorite bands with Bullet-Fast Drums?


30 jan. 2009, 2h52m

Some of the bands I love who use double kick-bass drums include:
* Henker
* Bullet For My Valentine
* As I Lay Dying
* Bleed the Sky
* Five Finger Death Punch
* Chiraw
* Divine Heresy
* Sylosis
* Slipknot


  • marshmellow_man

    heh. i saw five finger death punch live. they scared me.

    30 jan. 2009, 19h15m
  • BenOnUserstyles

    Awesome man!

    31 jan. 2009, 0h14m
  • IamRobb

    best bullet fast drumming gotta give it to As blood runs Black(Hester Pyrnne track), and Burning the Masses(Mind Control track)

    3 fév. 2009, 6h10m
  • BenOnUserstyles

    Nice ones, I love Hester Prynne. Thanks for your contribution! Bullet-Fast Drums are so awesome

    3 fév. 2009, 6h11m
  • BenOnUserstyles

    Thanks scardonia, but isn't it Tim Yeung? Either way, I will add him to the group! Thanks

    12 mars 2009, 13h25m
  • MnemicMunky

    Nile, Fear Factory, By Night, Meshuggah (Bleed - that's polyrythmic bullet :D:D:D:D)

    13 mars 2009, 16h03m
  • BenOnUserstyles

    Nice! Thanks a bunch.. Those are awesome.

    13 mars 2009, 17h01m
  • nospr

    The Berzerker has machine gun drums. The fastest drums ever. I would recommend a song but they all have speed drums.

    2 avr. 2009, 23h33m
  • nospr

    Listen to 'Death Reveals' by The Berzerker. that speed drum solo is insane.

    2 avr. 2009, 23h37m
  • anesthetize7

    Becoming the Archetype, Extol, August Burns Red : )

    13 avr. 2009, 21h20m
  • Fr3e

    as i lay dying, quadruple blasting not amazing , just a dubble big sheet, my fav 2 drumm = suffocation

    20 mai 2009, 18h04m
  • Esbenrasp

    Pig Destroyer and Hate Eternal - at the moment :) oh yeah, and Konkhra !! (Hail to the King)

    20 jui. 2009, 23h32m
  • Invisor_LastR

    Cryptopsy thats the band with the machine-gun drums, Despised Icon, August Burns Red, As Blood Runs Black

    28 jui. 2009, 11h33m
  • BenOnUserstyles


    18 jan. 2010, 18h19m
  • winterregen

    Origin, Beneath The Massacre, Psycroptic, Kronos

    2 avr. 2010, 11h04m
  • ropbIHbI4

    despised icon & kill the client

    19 nov. 2010, 6h53m
  • I0O


    31 déc. 2010, 2h11m
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