Top 20 Greatest Death Metal Bands


5 déc. 2011, 23h54m


  • more_DeathMetal

    see also: analyzed >300 bands from several "death metal" groups + the outcome is 12 characteristic artists (in this week's update: 96 bands were added, 1 new entry made it into top12, 5 left top12)

    6 déc. 2011, 6h48m
  • Behemoth91

    That is pretty cool. I like most of those groups, although I have to admit there's a couple I've never heard of.

    11 déc. 2011, 6h40m
  • RobotPolarBear

    Early At the Gates is definitely death metal.

    12 déc. 2011, 20h15m
  • Behemoth91

    Early At the Gates is death metal yeah. I listed them for there influence on the melodic death metal genre. I also listed Opeth only because some people would consider them death metal, or progressive death metal.

    12 déc. 2011, 22h49m
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