100,000 scrobbles!


6 mars 2010, 15h10m

For the record, the landmark song was Songbird by Bernard Fanning from the album Tea & Sympathy. The CD arrived in the post this morning and I have been playing it all day so far, although I'll probably give the rest of my artists some scrobbles after dinner :o)

I have two Powderfinger CDs on the way over from Australia - they should be here by the end of next week. One of them is the 2-disc edition of Golden Rule. It's amazing how my taste has expanded since I started using last.fm - while I haven't got as many artists in my library as other people I know, I have discovered a whole load of artists that I would not have heard of just listening to the radio.

I am gradually acquiring as many of these albums as possible on CD so that I can take them with me when I go to visit friends and relatives and try and expand their tastes too. It annoys me when people use language differences as an excuse not to like a song. I have a number of songs in my library that I have only a vague idea - or sometimes no idea at all! - what the singer/band is on about, but they sound good to me so I don't mind.

I wonder what my 200,000th scrobble will be? I hadn't even *heard* of Powderfinger when I started on this site, so it may well be a similar case when I get to 200k. Or it may be an old favourite... who knows?
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