Death Metal & Mozart


26 fév. 2009, 17h51m

The combination ensures a rather unusual and eye opening listening process. As a sudden urge to find music that truly moves me overwhelms me I have been able to broaden my horizons tonight, as well as re evaluate my own little piece of philosophy on music.

A good piece of music or song is that which provokes a certain powerful energy inside you. It evokes emotions and demands a response. This can be sadness, joy or any range of emotions, as I have realized with classical music. Some songs can be both sad and depressing or uplifting and joyous . It is in the 'ear' of the beholder.

This of course means good music as we all probably have gathered is purely subjective. Certain songs, notes, artists, melodies create certain feelings in some people yet other people do not like or do not feel anything when they hear that song, perhaps other than disdain this is I guess is known as our music taste or music personality.

Perhaps it is our personality which governs which forms of music we find attractive. I find it hard to swallow that some people could argue with using my philosophy that Katy Perry releases "good music". Pop exists in my opinion because there is no doubt certain arrangements, forms of music are more endearing to the human ear and easier to decipher and understood. It creates a quicker but weaker form of feeling or emotion within a person than other forms. It is important to note that the trade off of this quicker message and creation of emotion is it the emotion comes in a weaker form and with a shorter life span. There is a reason why some songs remain timeless it is because they take longer to decipher but result in stronger emotions once understood.

People that attract to pop music perhaps are those yet to fully experience the full power of music's effects on oneself and thus live in their own small realm.

An example that comes to mind is if someone lives in the one suburb their whole life. They may like, They may enjoy it, but there is indisputably a better suburb somewhere else out there that could make them happier but they refuse to leave their comfortable realm to see it.

This is life too I mean some people will live in the same town for their whole life's and some people will listen to the same type of music their whole life's.

This is I guess why it is important to explore one's musical depth to it's full capacity so one can truly find the music (or suburb) that's best or most meaningful to them.

I'm completely ignoring trends in this blog for good or bad. Musical discovery at the end of the day should be about yourself. You identify with what you identify with,likely influenced by a range of factors from your peers to your personality but once you create your own musical realm it can be hard to leave the chances are it will always be a safe house even if you stray. Because I don't believe music taste changes to much once it is set.(You only have to look at your grandparents still raving about a song that was released in 1950 to realize this) You may pretend to like different music because it is cool or trendy but the core element of what you seek in your music are unlikely to change.

You only need to look as far as your grandparents to realize taste does not completely change or differ drastically over time. Even if you say your taste does change you listen to different genres etc what you seek in the music is unlikely to change.

To illustrate this I will use an example from my life. I am aware of a friend's brother who went from listening to Slipknot to attending raves, you may say he has completely changed his taste, and while it outwardly appears that is so what he seeks in his music(as governed by his music personality) energy and uplifting sounds which he can release himself too has not changed so his music personality or his music has not changed.

Comments welcome, sick of typing. And I cant really be bothered proof reading or doing any more explaining or defining of my ramblings.

A song I would without a doubt check out is:

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-On a lighter note I read some of my older journals on this site from some three years ago the other day and I really CRINGED.

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