Album recommendation, Wishbone Ash - Argus.


6 juin 2009, 13h47m

Artist: Wishbone Ash
Album: Argus

Genre: Hard Rock, Rock
Released: 1972
Label: MCA
Length: 48:29
Producer: Derek Lawrence

Track listing:

1. Time Was
2. Sometime World *Tip*
3. Blowin' Free
4. The King Will Come *Tip*
5. Leaf and Stream
6. Warrior *Tip*
7. Throw Down the Sword
8. No Easy Road *1991 CD Release*

Why recommended?

Argus is the third album by the rock band Wishbone Ash. It is the most popular Wishbone Ash album and widely considered the greatest by fans and reviewers.
Wishbone Ash did a great job on creating Argus, This album is sensational and is Wishbone's masterpiece. Over 30 years after its release, it sounds as fresh and exciting as ever. The album opens with the 10 minute "Time was", which moves from the gentle acoustic introduction into a wonderful up-tempo number featuring some great licks by Powell. "Sometime world" and "Time Was," are medleys of different tunes, played with assurance and developing into imaginative explorations of new musical territory and group interaction. The lyrics that have medieval themes like ‘’The King Will Come" and "Warrior", adds a majestic tone to the music. "The King Will Come" and "Throw Down The Sword" are similar to each other, in between we have the gentle "Leaf and Stream" and the awesome "Warrior". This song kicks off with a great guitar riff and ends with the fantastic "I'd love to be a warrior, a slave I couldn't be" chorus. The bonus track on the 1991 release "No Easy Road" is a pleasant enough rock song, but out of place here.

All seven tracks are highlights and still feature in their live repertoire to this day. The best way to discover this album is to buy it and hear for yourself.

In 2002, Argus was remastered and expanded. Avoid this version, you should get the original!

Youtube links

''Warrior'' *Live*
''Time Was'' *Live*
''Sometime World''


  • Roelant

    Er kunnen niet genoeg woorden vuil worden gemaakt aan dit meesterwerk. Maar is No Easy Road niet gewoon een albumtrack van Wishbone Four? Beetje vreemd dat ze dat op Argus uitbrengen.

    12 jui. 2009, 15h27m
  • Bartleman

    No Easy Road was erop gezet met de release van de cd. zal wel voor commerciele doeleinde zijn geweest. en het klopt inderdaad dat het een nummer van Wishbone Four is! :)

    14 jui. 2009, 15h17m
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