• Sum 41 Survey

    18 juin 2012, 18h44m

    How many albums do you own?: including singles; 6
    What is your fave album?: Chuck or Screaming bloody Murder
    What is your least fave album?: none
    What is your fave song?: Pieces
    What is your least fave song?: none

    Half Hour of Power
    Another Time Around or T. H. T.?: T.H.T.
    What I Believe or Machine Gun?: Machine Gun
    Makes No Difference or Summer?: Makes No Difference
    What We're All About or Second Chance For Max Headroom?: What We're All About
    Fave Half Hour of Power song?: Machine Gun
    Least fave half hour of power song?: none

    All Killer No Filler
    Motivation or Nothing on my back?: Motivation
    Fat Lip or Handle This?: Fat Lip
    Crazy Amanda Bunkface or In Too Deep?: In Too Deep
    Rhythms or Pain for pleasure?: Pain For Pleasure
    Fave All killer no filler song?: Fat Lip
    least fave all killer no filler song?: NONE

    Does this Look Infected?
    Over My Head (Better Off Dead) or Mr. Amsterdam: Over My Head
    A.N.I.C. or Still Waiting?: Still Waiting
    All Messed Up or My Direction?: All Messed Up
    Hyper-Insomnia-Para-Condrioid or Hooch?: Hyper-Insomnia-Para-Condrioid
    fave does this look infected? song?: Still Waiting
    least fave does this look infected? song?: none

    Angels With Dirty Faces or The Bitter End?: Angels With Dirty Faces
    There's No Solution or Some Say?: Some Say
    Welcome To Hell or Pieces?: Pieces
    fave Chuck song?: Pieces
    least fave Chuck song?: NONE

    Underclass Hero
    Underclass Hero or Walking Disaster?: Walking Disaster
    Speak Of The Devil or Pull The Curtain?: Pull The Curtain
    Confusion And Frustration In Modern Times or Best of Me?: Best of Me
    Count Your Last Blessings or Ma Poubelle?: Count Your Last Blessings
    fave underclass hero song?: Walking Disaster
    least fave underclass hero song?: none!

    The Band
    hottest?: Cone
    funniest?: Stevo
    your fave?: Deryck
    your least fave?: NONE