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15 mars 2011, 17h27m

Track: Shallow [ Spotify | We7 | Soundcloud ]
Artist: Found
Album: factorycraft (Chemikal Underground, 14 Mar 2011)
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YouTube, edit of Shallow

They had me at I only ever wanted to put my tongue in your dimples.

My recommendation of the week is the standout track, Shallow, from the new album, factorycraft, released this week.

Characterised by melty shoegaze swoons, surfy garage and Cocteau Twins pedal board, this catchy track shimmers whilst it bounces, slipping and sliding along the way. It is the only one on the album to have this treatment, making it memorable and moreish. The video, frustratingly, is only an edit. There isn't a full video for this track yet.

[Ziggy Campbell on Shallow]: This track was painfully difficult to get sounding right at Chem 19. Paul Savage agonised over it. At one point I declared it a complete write-off before Paul turned it round and managed to make it (in my opinion) one of the finest moments on Factorycraft. It’s a eulogy to all the empty factories, shops and houses in my dying hometown. (The Skinny)

I was torn between this and album closer, Blendbetter.
[Ziggy Campbell] The lyrics for this one include a slightly out of place nod to 80s blue-eyed soul boys Hue & Cry. I’ll say no more on that matter. We used a deliberately out-of-tune guitar and a sample of a hoover to create the moody, sci-fi inspired backdrop to this song. The outro features the only live drums on the entire record, which I insisted on playing much to everyone’s annoyance… because I’m painfully shite. We recorded all the vocals in one day due to a tight budget. I remember screaming the last colourful line of this tune right before my voice packed in. (The Skinny)

(Source: MySpace)

Formed in Aberdeen and now based in Edinburgh, FOUND do exactly that, take what they find and see what they can do with the sound it makes.
FOUND began life as an experimental arts collective putting on many weird and wonderful events in art galleries, warehouses and even storage containers.

Their most recent project, an emotional robot band called Cybraphon, captured the attention of the world’s press. Since its unveiling at the Edinburgh International Festival at the start of August, Cybraphon has been featured on national newspapers across the world (e.g. China, Brazil, Italy, Spain, UK), made the top story on the homepage of WIRED.com and has been covered by CNN and TV networks internationally including BBC’s primetime arts show The Culture Show. In November 2009 Cybraphon won a Scottish BAFTA in the Best Interactive category.

FOUND made their American debut at SXSW in March 2009 and followed up with a string of performances at CMJ in October 2009 where Brooklyn Vegan picked them out as ones to watch. In the UK they have built up a strong fan base and highlights of their live career to date include the BBC Electric Proms, T in the Park, Triptych, Brighton’s Great Escape, the Fence Collective’s ‘Homegame’ festival and Hydro Connect Festival. (Official site)

The album has a lo-fi, roughly finished sort of feel to it, with space for the sounds to breathe. Lead singer Ziggy doesn't disguise his Scottish accent, notably on Johnny I Can't Walk The Line, with the line Johnny I just cannae / Cannae walk the line. This track has one foot in OMD and the other in Ennio Morricone.

Album opener, Anti Climb Paint, features Nuala Kennedy on harmony. It sets the tone with jagged edged but gentle folk rock that sits apart from the average. It's the second track, I'll Wake With A Seismic Head No More, where my favourite line (above) comes from, that tells you how intelligent this album is. Machine Age Dancing is the most commercial sounding track and is followed by the glam Blackette. By this point, you're listening beyond the familiar indie rock to the glitchy electronica and whirrs and squeaks, admiring what they're doing with it. And this is where Shallow comes in. The second half of the album is slightly overshadowed by this track but carries on regardless, finishing on the brilliant psychedelic Blendbetter.

This album is outside the box whilst standing within it. The music spills out and soars around you, dazzling and confusing with its unexpected twists and references, done in a familiar and acceptable way. This is how you push people beyond their comfort zones without them feeling it.

Further reading and info:

Twitter: @foundtheband http://twitter.com/#!/foundtheband
BBC review
FOUND’s Factorycraft: a track by track tour by Ziggy Campbell, 01 Mar 2011


- My Gang

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  • rwitte

    Another well constructed piece of prose. The song itself is exactly as you describe. Thanks

    16 mars 2011, 18h03m
  • Babs_05

    Thanks for the compliment and your post, rwitte. :)

    16 mars 2011, 18h25m
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