[My Gang] Soap&Skin - DDMMYYYY : Reco of the Week 18 Aug 09


18 août 2009, 18h55m

Artist: Soap&Skin
Album: Lovetune For Vacuum
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In the last couple of days, I have had less than four hours sleep. I can't tell you how good this sounds and feels, jangling on my nerves and reminding me of nightmares.

The Guardian describes Soap&Skin as ambient music for torture chambers and it's not hard to see why. Listen carefully, and you hear screams rending behind unsettling and jarring melodies and rhythms.

Soap&Skin is nineteen year old Austrian artist, Anja Plaschg currently living in Vienna. She is classically trained in piano and violin and learnt basic sound programming on the computer from her brother. Lovetune For Vacuum is her debut album, released in April this year.

DDMMYYYY is an instrumental electronic track that's more percussive than ethereal, bringing to mind artists such as Aphex Twin. Beginning with drums, it is largely repetitive and instead of building to a crescendo, it introduces distressed vocals in the background, which close the track with horrified screams.

This track is an unusual one for her. Normally, her music is piano-led with lyrics being part-sung and part expressed. The last track on the album, which comes straight after this one, Brother of Sleep, sits at the other extreme: soothing, gentle, "I dreamed of you / every day / every night" which in repetition sometimes sounds like "fairy tales / very nice". The second half of the piece is lost in a haze of drone and birdsong.

Sleep, nightmares, horror, terror, death, the drama of the macabre are all themes explored in the album. Her style recalls artists such as Julee Cruise for Angelo Badalamenti in the Twin Peaks soundtrack, Dead Can Dance, Cocteau Twins (Elizabeth Fraser), Scott Walker in Drift, Joan Wasser, and Björk of course, but I'm casting around for an anchor. This is the kind of music that's more of an art piece than a pop album. Not being able to pin her down and struggling to find an exact niche is a disconcerting exercise that remains with you throughout the album.

Anja Plaschg has contributed to two Austrian films: the horror sequel Dead In Three Days 2 [ trailer ] and the adult FILM IST. a girl & a gun (Film is: a girl and a gun).

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'Lovetune For Vacuum' is an album rich with imagination and childish fears that never leave us, that only become more disturbed and distorted as we get older. Don't tag this 'goth', it's much more than that.

And so to sleep, perchance to...

Babs My Gang

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  • IanAR

    Sorry to hear of you recent sleeplessness, Babs! Ironically, it it's Soap&Skin's [i]Sleep[/i] that I've been obsessed with. When I first saw the journal-entry title, I double-taked and thought you were going to be reco'ing DD/MM/YYY, who do share some roots w/ Soap&Skin, in the musique concrète area, vis the use of repetition and non-4/4 time-signatures. I liked [i]DDMMYYYY[/i] which, in terms of context reminded me of David Holmes's 'lets pretend I'm doing a soundtrack' albums - more foreboding / edgy, of course. In terms of the instrumentation / constriction of the track, it had me thinking that we're at the 25 year anniversary of [i](Who's Afraid Of?) The Art of Noise![/i] and - although, I'm sure, many will find this track 'difficult' - How much of a stretch is it, compared to the more abrasive tracks from that 1984 album, like [i]How To Kill[/i]. Furthermore, I'm reminded of what a marvel electronics sophistication / mass-production has been to music, over the last few decades - Art of Noise used a Fairlight (coincidentally Australian), costing - as I remember - a couple of times the average annual wage. Notwithstanding nepotistic support, it's amazing that, quarter of a century on, a 19 y/o young woman can produce this sophistication of electronic music solo! On a final note, I do hope the tagging on this track improves - What's currently floated to the top is almost entirely uninformative / unrepresentative / misleading. Good & interesting pick - Thanks, Babs! *passes you a rooibos*

    20 août 2009, 12h26m
  • Doorchaser

    I saw her live at Pukkelpop and was totally blown away!!!! I let it come all over me and didn't regret that for a second!!!

    26 août 2009, 12h25m
  • Babs_05

    Thank you for the comments, Ian and Doorchaser. I have absolutely hammered this album and each play reveals something new. She's amazing.

    26 août 2009, 14h13m
  • Titorsbrother

    She is sharp .... you can feel his music under your skin ... then she slowly abducts you!!

    30 oct. 2009, 22h48m
  • Babs_05

    Thanks for the comment, Titorsbrother. Yes, she does!

    31 oct. 2009, 13h33m
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