My Morning Jacket - Evil Urges : Quick Album Review 4/5


1 sept. 2008, 22h16m

Artist: My Morning Jacket
Album: Evil Urges
Label: Rough Trade
Tags: , , , , , , R&B, ,
Similar / Influences: Supertramp, Genesis, Eels, Prince, Neneh Cherry, Radiohead, Neil Young

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Another quick album review. I won't waste your time.

What's it got? It's got the lot!

I came to this album with no expectations or any preconceived ideas. In fact, I was more focussed on other things and this was by-the-by. As the summer wore on, this has become one of the albums I most look forward to on my iPod.

YouTube - My Morning Jacket interviews, performances and 'making of' footage for 'Evil Urges' (6:38min)

It's not just the fun the guys are obviously having, it's how it makes me feel. For me, child of the 70s, the music takes me back to what I was hearing on my little transistor radio Dad gave me, enjoying my tunes when it was my turn on our Raleigh Chopper. It's all Charlie's Angels, Six Million Dollar Man and The Dukes of Hazzard. So it comes as a tiny little jolt to hear modern words in the lyrics, such as 'interweb' - Librarian. Pulls you out from your Life On Mars reveries somewhat.

"Simple little beauty"

I just had a quick look on the interweb for reviews and I'm quite disappointed to find no one really likes it. What a shame! I feel these people have done 'Evil Urges' a huge disservice. I hope I can set the record straight a little here.

Production is a little bit experimental. It's not what you'd expect. Over-produced here, unfinished there. For me, it all fits in with the 70s prog ethos. That and analogue radios and mono sound systems. We had it rough back then. All together, Evil Urges sounds like a 'real' record.

My top favourite track is Thank You Too! but I have to say, the whole album is a joy, beginning to end. Every track has something different to offer, someone else referenced and for me to try and identify. It keeps me busy when I'm stuck in traffic or waiting in a queue.

A few tracks can be heard on their MySpace

Let's see what YouTube has to offer...

Aural upload Thank You Too!

Aural upload Librarian

Official Video Touch Me I'm Going To Scream Pt. 2

Not on this album but totally wow:

Aural upload Rocket Man (cover)

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  • MrModernRock

    My favorite track is Highly Suspicious, mainly because it (along with the first three songs really) are like nothing else the band has done. As an album, though, I don't think its nearly as good as the rest of their albums. They've done a lot of this "experimenting" before on their previous album and did it better. I'm not sure why critics are saying the guys made this album to spite all the people who try to pin them down to a specific subgenre because the majority of this album sounds familiar when compared to their other work. Still some good songs, but largely some not so memorable work.

    1 sept. 2008, 23h29m
  • Babs_05

    I suppose so, from a critical point of view. But I haven't been wearing my critic's hat. Just my sentimental, lost youth, wish I was eight again hat. Plus, I don't think I know My Morning Jacket as well as everyone else seems to. As far as I know, they weren't a big name over here in the UK, until very recently. If they are at all, can be very deceptive; what's big on the site might not be in real life. I wouldn't want anyone to overlook Evil Urges because the band have done better. Maybe you have to be pushing 40 (or remember pushing 40!!) to appreciate it. :)

    1 sept. 2008, 23h53m
  • MrModernRock

    You should look into their earlier stuff, then. What do you think of [b]Z[/b]?

    2 sept. 2008, 0h08m
  • Babs_05

    I really like Z. It's like Fleet Foxes + rock. I've heard something else of theirs too, I think I was browsing As good as their earlier work is, and there's no doubt about that, it's not reminding me of flared trousers, Steve Austin, My Sharona, Angel Delight and coming home to Campbell's Tomato Soup after school via classic Prince and Radiohead!! :D It's the nostalgia and devil-may-care that's really got to me with Evil Urges. It's like a battered teddy bear. Old and much loved.

    2 sept. 2008, 0h40m
  • MrModernRock

    I guess their albums bring up different sets of memories then. [b]At Dawn[/b] always reminds me of the mountains for some reason.

    2 sept. 2008, 1h04m
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