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7 nov. 2007, 4h37m

If you listened to The Chiller Cabinet over the last five years, you will be very familiar with the work of Rothko, who is featured regularly.

More recently, Rothko joined the ranks of The Arctic Circle.

Popular tags in Last.fm are: , , , , , , . I wouldn't say 'shoegaze' is quite correct, however, I'd agree there is a certain bleak, cold quality to the music that perhaps might be considered shoegaze.

The music is at times alienating, a little bit scary, lonely, dark, unfriendly. It is as well as . Other times, it takes you away into the ragged soundscapes of post-rock, with heavy bass and solid, earthy sounds. It is one of these tracks that I have chosen to be the new Reco of the Week.

The video is of a live post-rock version of Give.Every.Thing. You can compare it with the one on Rothko's Myspace to hear the differences. The recorded version, which is also used in the short film by Anne Sulikowski, is softer and more .


Give.Every.Thing is on both Eleven Stages Of Intervention as well as the forthcoming A Life Lived Elsewhere, a career retrospective album due for release on 12 November on Trace Recordings and available from http://www.tracerecordings.com/. It is a limited edition of only 350 copies and not available anywhere else. So one for the collectors! The album contains previously unreleased material. The track listing is as follows:

01 Suddenly Becomes Light
02 Umber - unreleased
03 Undone
04 To Silence In Sound.
05 Truth Burns – 1998 - Unreleased
06 Forty Years To Find A Voice
07 Windows Doors And Other Openings
08 Sky Blue Glow
09 Exits Into Open Spaces
10 Red Yellow Blue
11 Light Traces
12 Sharps Box
13 St. Seno
14 291
15 Zurich Trains
16 Nights Air -
17 Not Gone. Not Forgotten. – 2000 - unreleased
18 Fugue – 2002 - unreleased
19 No Space Between - unreleased
20 Breaking The Fall

I have made a collection of Rothko videos in The Arctic Circle group for anyone who is interested - here.

I hope you like my reco this week. I really love Rothko and I'm really pleased to have found the live video.

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  • Babs_05

    Sunday Times Review - 25 Nov 07 4/5 stars A Life Lived Elsewhere Trace TRACECD002 Mark Beazley has released bass-heavy instrumentals under the name Rothko for a decade now, but since the death of John Peel and the cancellation of Radio 3’s Mixing It, you’ll never hear his work on national radio. This limited-edition compilation of highlights from 1996 to now, available only at www.tracerecordings.com, is probably the best entry point to Rothko’s catalogue. A key track is 1998’s Undone, which sounds like the zen-centric American jazz bassist Gary Peacock trying to jam with Sonic Youth. By 2006’s Breaking the Fall, Beazley has mellowed, channelling Arvo Part’s holy minimalism from a home studio. Here’s to another 10 years.

    26 nov. 2007, 14h41m
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