I Still Haven't Heard The Umbrella-la-la Song!!


10 sept. 2007, 14h02m

Woo hoo!! Yayy me! :D

Just read Rihanna won Video of the Year for Umbrella at the MTV Video Awards in Las Vegas. She also won Monster Single of the Year. Is that a category or a journalist's opinion? I wouldn't know. I haven't heard it! lol!

Must confess, I have heard a clip. It was on the evening news during the summer, when the UK was experiencing severe floods. They did a video montage of the worst areas, using the song for audio. That's how I know about the "la-la-la" bit.

It's very strange that I haven't heard it. Ok, I don't listen to commercial radio, but you'd think I'd have heard it whilst out shopping or something at the very least, wouldn't you? But I haven't.

I wonder when I will hear it? I wonder how I'll feel? I bet I look at my watch, to see the time, and then report back in Last.fm and cry my eyes out with disappointment, being cheated of my bliss!

Just thought - am I the only person in the world who hasn't heard it? If you haven't either, raise your hand.

Oh dear, all the press are picking on Britney. They're using her to make the headlines, saying how awful she is. I feel so sorry for her, it's obvious she isn't well. I feel like saying to her, "Britnoy. Britnoyyyy. Look at moyyyy. Look at moyyyy, ployse, Britnoyyy. Now I've got one word to soy to you: stop it." (That last bit was just for my friend hayden_is_a_go) ; )

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  • The7thBobba

    *Raises his hand* You are not alone. I must however confess that I've been making an effort to avoid it. Like you, I hardly ever listen to commerical radio. But every time my spider-senses started to tingle by the sound of Umbrella-ella-ella, I would clench my eyes tightly and focus on the words la la la inside my mind... only inside my head they would be a lot more guttural... heheheh... cheers lass

    10 sept. 2007, 15h19m
  • Babs_05

    Ohhh! Is it ella-ella? Didn't spot that. Just heard la-la ! : )

    10 sept. 2007, 18h34m
  • maplejet

    Because I too...haven't heard it. You see, around January of this year, I heard Fergie's London Bridge...FOR THE LAST DAMN TIME. I turned off and eliminated the pop/top 40 radio station from my memory, and moved to a classic/active rock format stations (plays old 90s rock songs along with some new rock songs, none of the pop punk stuff though)...learned more about the music industry and extended my taste. As for this Umbrella song...I too have never heard this song at all...and dumping the pop radio format was part of the story. You probably should know why MTV gave the award to Rihanna. The network is on a mass decline. More reality programming, less music. If you noticed, this award show had less categories, no more genre-specific categories, and too much focus on pop performers. They're supposed to be giving us music of all types, but as years went on, they simply cared about what sells. Just look at the best videos from the past: 1984 The Cars You Might Think 1985 Don Henley The Boys of Summer 1986 Dire Straits Money for Nothing 1987 Peter Gabriel Sledgehammer 1988 INXS Need You Tonight/Mediate 1989 Neil Young This Note's for You 1990 Sinéad O'Connor Nothing Compares 2 U 1991 R.E.M. Losing My Religion 1992 Van Halen Right Now 1993 Pearl Jam Jeremy 1994 Aerosmith Cryin' 1995 TLC Waterfalls 1996 The Smashing Pumpkins Tonight, Tonight Some bands like Guns N' Roses, Metallica, and Foo Fighters also took some awards in the past...but then... 1997 Jamiroquai Virtual Insanity 1998 Madonna Ray of Light 1999 Lauryn Hill Doo Wop (That Thing) 2000 Eminem The Real Slim Shady 2001 Christina Aguilera, Lil' Kim, Mýa and Pink Lady Marmalade 2002 Eminem Without Me 2003 Missy Elliott Work It 2004 OutKast Hey Ya! 2005 Green Day American Idiot 2006 Panic! at the Disco I Write Sins Not Tragedies 2007 Rihanna featuring Jay-Z Umbrella It got worse. They allowed people (aka emos) to vote in 2006 and as a result, the disaster happened...Panic, All-American Rejects, AFI, all won awards that year. Back to Umbrella though, if we still hear this song in 10 years, then it probably lived up to it's promise as the big song of 2007...but like a lot of pop/hip hop songs in the last few years, they've been forgotten. As for Umbrella, I might see the video tomorrow out of curiosity.

    10 sept. 2007, 19h50m
  • Babs_05

    Wow, thanks for a great, informative post, maplejet. : ) Fergie's London Bridge?? Yayy me for missing that one too!! I know all about her lady lumps and bumps, she gives away far too much information, that girl. The extent of the music industry decline was brought home to me today with news of the Ringle. Absolutely ridiculous. Nooo! Don't watch the video out of curiosity. I'm starting to think we have the makings of a Last.fm group here! What do you think?

    10 sept. 2007, 20h07m
  • BrownEydGirl

    I haven't heard it! Not in a hurry either. And poor Britney. She's a joke now.

    11 sept. 2007, 10h22m
  • gazima

    I dont love britney!!!! ;(

    11 sept. 2007, 20h08m
  • TheConfuzed1

    I have not idea what you're talking about, and I'm proud to say so honestly.

    12 sept. 2007, 3h00m
  • TheConfuzed1

    Uhhh... not = no

    12 sept. 2007, 3h01m
  • Babs_05

    ohh, you poor thing! That's [i]awful[/i]! : (

    12 sept. 2007, 20h44m
  • bidwella

    monkeyshoe, sounds like you need a set of noise cancelling head phones for your mp3 player :) I've still not heard it, and thats not really deliberate it's just not played within earshot of me. Was it really awarded prizes and top of the charts because it sold well? Everyone I can think of voices some level of hatred for it, I can't believe that outside my social circle ppl have been going out in their droves to buy this?

    13 sept. 2007, 14h01m
  • mxcl

    My confession is worse. I actually quite like the song.

    13 sept. 2007, 16h07m
  • Babs_05

    No way! That's not the video, is it? Well, I've got this far - I'm not playing it. :P

    14 sept. 2007, 15h02m
  • gyromancer

    This Rhianna was on one morning on T4 years ago when I had a proper one eye open hangover. The song cheered me up so much I was able to open the other and face society. [googlevideo]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cgwHKgsSG2s[/googlevideo] Admittedly the video is horrid, but hey the songs a keeper. Let's start the campaign to swap Rhiannas!

    14 sept. 2007, 17h15m
  • Babs_05

    Oooooooh! Now that's a chooon! Thanks so much for sharing. I might make it 'Reco of the Week' next week. I've just surfaced from a busy afternoon. (A calculator was involved.) This was a great end to the day. Hope the weekend is as good as right now. : ) ps: one reason I don't like the other icky Rihanna is because she can't sing. I saw her on some awards ceremony last year, don't know what she was singing I was doing something else, but I noticed her because she kept hitting one bum note after the other.

    14 sept. 2007, 17h37m
  • TheConfuzed1

    I meant it when I said it, I have no idea what you're talking about. I think that's probably a good thing.

    14 sept. 2007, 21h44m
  • Franniechan

    *raises hand* Cheers for a fun post. I think it was on heaviest replay in So-Cal here in the States. :P Britney is a sad story. She used to have her act together. :(

    14 sept. 2007, 21h57m
  • TheConfuzed1

    You can take the girl out of the trailer park, but... well... [i]you know.[/i]

    14 sept. 2007, 21h59m
  • hayden_is_a_go

    Kath and Kim reference for the win! This journal entry amused me very much. Very, very much. [b]FUN FACT[/b]: I also have not heard the Umbrella-la-la Song. Kids at my school randomly say 'Umbrella-la-la La-la-la!' all the time ([i]Or is it 'Umbrella-ella'? I don't know[/i]), honestly for all the times I've heard them shout it in a highly annoying tone not once have I said to myself: [i]Hmmm, that sounds like it would make a great song[/i]. And I also heard Fergie's London Bridge which somebody mentioned, and yes it really did make me hate the world for a moment there. I think I began to realise how much I hated the radio industry when I heard ([i]And saw the film clip for[/i]) Milkshake by Kelis. That was a dark, dark day for all of mankind. Sad thing is I actually really like some of the Aussie comedians that host radio shows but I literally cannot listen to them anymore, because in between every chuckle filled 30 seconds of banter I'm slapped in the face with Fall Out Boy/Panic! at the Disco ([i]I've got a consipracy theory going that they are the same band[/i]). If not slapped in the face with them then I'm punched in the stomach with Nickleback ([i]I've got a consipracy theory going that they've been releasing the same song for the past 6 years[/i]), and hey kids, fun fact: Nickleback were one of the highest played artists last year on 2 major Australian radio stations ([i]WHY?!?!![/i]). And if not slapped in the face or punched in the stomach, I'm kicked in the throat by some Australian / American / Wherever-the-f**k-ever-an 'Idol' contestant that thinks they deserve a music career because they won a karaoke contest ([i]I've got a conspiracy theory going that the studio exec's are [b]TRYING[/b] to make the idols sound horrific on the radio, just because they're curious to see how much shit we can take[/i]). So with the threat of a slap, a punch and a kick, I'll be damned if I'm going to turn on the radio just on the off chance of hearing the 'Umbrella-la-la' song, which as I mentioned I'm not even that curious to hear. This is why I know nothing about the RnB/Rap/whatever scene, I just don't listen to the radio. The only place I ever hear rap music is my white friends mobile phone ring tones. Would anyone argue that I'm missing out? Doubt it.

    15 sept. 2007, 2h25m
  • Babs_05

    hehe, [i]Milkshake[/i]: [img]http://surreality.info/up/lj_my_milkshake_bringeth.jpg[/img] 'Idol' contest winners is a difficult one. If you watch the show, you end up warming to your favourites and feeling pleased when they win, but it really is hard to support them when they start making records. I don't know if it's the material, or the element of naff-ness, but something just isn't right.

    15 sept. 2007, 3h16m
  • Babs_05

    Saw this on Al Jazeera. Funniest thing ever. Chris Crocker having a hissy fit: [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kHmvkRoEowc[/youtube]

    17 sept. 2007, 19h35m
  • evilpandawrath

    You're very lucky not to have heard it. Tonight was the first time I listened to it and oh my god it's fucking terrible.

    18 sept. 2007, 4h48m
  • Babs_05

    My warmest sympathies. : (

    18 sept. 2007, 4h50m
  • AutumnSodomy

    i love the song. used to not like it but then heard it more and like it alot. i like the remix with chris brown more than the original with jay-z.

    18 sept. 2007, 23h40m
  • TheConfuzed1

    Holy shit, Babs, that Britney [i]thing[/i] is fucking horrific! It scares me because as much as I want to believe it's a big joke, [i]I think he means it![/i] Oh yeah, and since I called Britney out for being the trailer park whore that she is, does that meant that I have to deal with him... err... her... uhhh... [i]it?[/i]

    19 sept. 2007, 23h14m
  • Babs_05

    Err, you might - Chris Crocker is getting his own tv show. Report: Britney-crazed YouTuber may get a TV deal. - CNet News.com :0

    20 sept. 2007, 12h41m
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