Weekly Top Tracks (Dec. 4 - Dec. 11, 2005)


12 déc. 2005, 22h29m

Alrighty, last weekly top tracks update of the year!
The next one will be the first week in january I guess.
Well, here it is, enjoy. :P

10. Role Model
Even I hold a little tiny place in my hearth for rap. And this is one of the best songs from Eminem in my opinion. Worth a listen!

9. Diane
I never really listened to the lyrics before, but now that I actually did... Creepy! Pretty awesome song though. Really different from their other songs.

8. Stakeout
Everybody loves Freezepop. They're just so uber happy and blippy! And so is this song. Addictive as hell.

7. Along Comes Mary
Hey, we've seen this one before! Damn right you did. It farking rules! Still a little less than 2 months left before I finally see them live.

6. Super-Sprode
And there they are again. This song is from the PS2 game Amplitude. And it's through this song that I actually got into Freezepop. Kudos!

5. Frakasse Smala
Pleymo is the best thing to ever come out of France. And with a title that sounds as cool as this, how can it not be an awesome song? And yes, it IS an awesome song. I just wish more people knew about them.

4. Blackball
No more explanation needed.

3. Freezepop Forever
Freezepop is blippy and happy. But this song is the happiest and blippiest of them all! If you listen to this, you will have a guaranteed grin in your mug for the next couple of days.

2. American Jesus
Why the hell did I never got into Bad Religion before? These guys rock my socks! This is so incredibly awesome! Expect a lot more of Bad Religion in my list.

1. You
First of all: OMGWTF awesome!
Second of all: can somebody PLEASE tell me from what (Tony Hawk?) game this song was?
Third: pretty please?
Fourth: you'll get a cookie!

There we go. Last update of the year. Enjoy the holidays!
And keep on listening to that little thing called music!


  • Mightymouse17

    Tony Hawk 2, I'm pretty sure.

    12 déc. 2005, 23h45m
  • BRMExtrEmE

    And a virtual cookie for you, good sir! Thanks. ^^

    13 déc. 2005, 11h01m
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