• Damn Shames

    11 fév. 2009, 22h29m

    Abeano records specialize in escorting the best new bands to our ears. Blood red shoes, To my boy, I was a cub scout and most recently Vampire weekend are a few to name. However, alongside these opposed bands lies the lesser known, Edinburgh based, Damn Shames who's riffs and melodies leave you with nothing but a fast beating heart as you fly high on adrenalin from listening to something which is created with such incredulity. 'Dancing in the aisles' is certainly a highlight of the trio's creations. With dark, piercing riffs repeating simultaneously alongside to upbeat, simple drum machine beats and we smoke fags- esque vocals. This really is a song you could never forget. For its thundering climax leaves goosebumps over your body, the far from monotonous polyphonic melodies repeat on top of a lower distorted bundle of chords. With Matthew Deary yelling vocals to accompany the arrange of sounds that are capable of dismantling the orbit of the earth.
  • On a weekly basis

    11 fév. 2009, 22h06m

    Four piece indie party-starters On A Weekly Basis have took a turn in the early stages of their musical careers. An EP consisting of three brand new songs and one re-structured version of an old demo is to be released soon. It portrays the bands outlook on the UK’s club scene; exploiting a glamorous lifestyle of drugs, sex and rock ‘n’ roll. Sound familiar? Although the bands lyrics may not be the most innovative, the music is something else.
    ‘Heavy Euphoria’ is as the title suggests as it takes a heavy slant on the bands usual indie/dance nature, incorporating dynamic harmonies, heavy guitar solo’s and dark bass lines.
    Dissimilarly, ‘Twilight Education’ commences with a bright and poppy bass line, with smart indie riffs soon to accompany the funky resonant. This song is for those who prefer to dance rather than ‘mosh’. The lyrics are witty and promiscuous, exploiting the main aspect of the club scene that occurs in the UK.
    I ask the guitarist and backing vocalist, Alex smith, what the bands purpose is; what are they trying to portray?
    “We aren’t trying to portray anything hard-hitting. Our lyrics are mainly about personal experiences and the binge culture twisted into a punky colloquial I guess”.
    With a variety of influences including: Arctic monkeys, The libertines, Does it offend you, yeah? and Glamour for better, its not surprising their songs differ from each other. ‘Laser’s Grace’ consists of an incredibly distinguishable riff, a highlight of the four songs. The use of drugs are fantasized, with lyrics such as ‘the feelings buzzin’ and it feels so good’- this is not a song parents want their sons and daughters to hear.
    Finally, the most popular of the four tracks, ‘A Shot Of Sambuca’, re-worked and re-structured has become a heavy yet memorable song. Dismissing the initial riff, though relocating it before the second verse, this song will drift around your head for days.
    To listen to the bands new EP, go to