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À propos de moi

Thank you for your friendship and patronage over the years.
AxemRangers is dead.
I have loved you all.
Bless #spamfm and Neely forever.

Goodbye, bluewook.

If anyone really wants to get in touch or stay in contact with me at this point, please PM me here with your e-mail or Skype name. I'm happy to talk with you, I just don't use the messaging function here much anymore because it stresses me out for dumb, insane reasons. Thanks.


don't ban

stormchasar wrote:
just now

I actually know many retarded and auistic people

I meet people outside of school every now and then, especially online.

Pouty lolis lift ya skirts

It's a new year (new year) new lolis

Cry for the fire
that burns out somewhere...


lolitist ((c) axemrangers 2008 you suckaaaaaaaa)

ilovecharts wrote:
joe makes me wanna nut all over my pokemon plushies

PiecesOfQuiet wrote:
ahahahahaha your pedophilia implications get better and better

"loli twins are my new fetish, thanks"

I don't listen to Stars.

Someone (please) sell me Sailor Moon season 3 and the movies.

"Yeah Merzbow is definitely gonna be one of those 'cool' bands to come. Sunn O))) has had the pleasure for far too long. Glad I got in there before most others."

"Sometimes I wonder if you're actually as stupid as you act."

"i don't see noise ever being accepted as a legitimate form of artistic expression."

"kanye is at least a good producer joe"

"Like, you're entitled to your opinion if they're not your thing...but I stand by that [LMFAO is] a good musical duo. I listen to them partnered with Chromeo and Far East Movement in my playlists, which are both wonderful and more indy (aside from "Like a G6")."

"So what DOES matter to you in life? Not music, seeing you don't take it seriously"

"Are you allowed to make fun of pople for liking [Haruhi] when you have a new kawaii loli avatar every day?"

i'm random. almost too random. i don't take life seriously except for the things that matter.

"I can tell what you like. Uhm, it's somewhere between noisy shoegaze and indiepop."

"isnt The Gerogerigegege really, really, really terrible?"

"Unless you're on 4Chan, (or you're me) you probably wouldn't even joke about [pedophilia and incest]."

"Ska *is* sped up Jazz with depressing vocals"

"jazz is okay i dunno though it all seems the same. anything that like rly stands out? Good lyrics? something to get high to?"

"No, it's more that I don't 'get' why [The Beatles] are so popular other than maybe being the first mainstream druggie band."

"I'm not a fan of the concept of remixing others' music (especially if it's an artist I respect beforehand) and, you know, I'm not a fan of techno/electronica/whatever you want to call it."

"wacka flocka is a embarrassment to mankind. i dont even consider him a artist."

"I haven't listened to Merzbow in too long. Once my eMusic subscription refreshes, I'm going to go on there and buy as many Merzbow albums as I can get with the 8 credits left after Panic Lift. I love how some of his albums have so few songs that you can get three or four for ten bucks on there."

"[pixies and nirvana] are all good i like them all but nmh and zep is more mature music"

"I always get the feeling that I'm painfully stupid whenever I talk to you."

"I really recommend Coheed & Cambria. Don't yell at me if you don't like Coheed...but I think they're really amazing, the 2nd most creative band of this century"

"As far as I see it, if you dislike that the art is representing or the way it represents it, you should make *good art*, not art that's just the opposite of what people usually see or whatever. It's like the difference between Jandek and The Residents: Jandek is just making music, doing whatever he wants without consciously rejecting musical norms, while The Residents are being as "weird" as they can. One of them is a legitimate form of expression. (It's the first one.)"

"nerdcore is bad rap excused by a gimmick. and you listen to noise, so you can't really go dissing on eurobeat or psytrance. your shit stinks just as bad"

"honestly its rude of you to say that my opinion is any less valid than yours is"

"lol, what is wrong with aphex twin or muziq"

"gabber and happy hardcore etc always struck me as much more acidhead type music, basicaly hippies"

"i need to discovery some good new metal. last one i heard of was ATR"

"i'm still waiting for valid opinions about renard's music"

"Hey, why don't you get a more masculine picture gayboy?"

"Anyway, I wasn't "trolling" Merzbow's shoutbox. I just can't stand fuckin' merzbow posers, and no I don't think you're a poser."

"My Bloody Valentine.... Gorillaz... the BEATLES????? you like the beatles??"

"How does it NOT make sense that people who like a band more will listen to it more, exactly?"

"Meh... [Metal Machine Music] is still awesome, Lou Reed's other music is... something I haven't listened to nor care much seeing the rest is nothing like MMM..."

"Do you honestly get off on simply being antagonistic (hopefully) with tongue firmly planted in cheek ...or is "Obsequeious and Clueless Collossal Asshole" your preferred method of interaction?"

"I always got the impression that the reason why axem performs and makes noise is simply because he couldn't find an outlet, skill or motivation to learn an actual instrument, and noise was the proverbial 'easy way out' to make a racket, call it composition, and get some people to pay attention to you."

"I really think if people are going to make heavy dubstep they should take it seriously and not just produce a bunch of cheasy ass goofy music"

"I only listen to stuff Boris does with artists I like, like merzbow or sunn"

"Axem - I'm asking you to point me toward good music. I'm more than open to it, as long as it's not from fucking Japan or Korea."

"I never understood what was so awesome about the Beatles but whatever."

"Best Wu-Tang is The W."

"I have zero fucking respect for Throbbing Gristle. It's the most terrible music I've ever heard, and not because it's WEIRD, just because it's BAD. In case you didn't read my updated About Me section, I would furthermore like to state that Genesis P-Orridge is a pretentious dick, and all his projects suck."

"this is not noise. whitehouse transcends noise."

"imo I enjoy dubstep stuff when its more used as a garnish
but every fucking dubstep song has wubs in it
so dont fucking tell me that wubs arent part of dubstep""

"I am not really sure why you hate aphex but really? It sounds like you are trolling now."

"Animal Collective are one of the greatest things going today. If you're writing them off because Pitchfork loves them, its probably because a.) you're old or b.) you're one of those Residents fans that also are primarily fans of, like, Kiss and Tool. broaden your horizons, chunga."

"Noise is awful. Noise IS NOT music. I think it's clear."

"What is wrong with Haruhi anyway?"

"so like
does every kind of music need deep musical roots and value to be good now"

"Strength is the only reason I listen to noise. Else it'd be like listening to metal that wasn't heavy...I would say Incapacitants lack harshness."

"Eurobeat is music. Noise is not. There's not more to it than that."

"[Vans Warped Tour] is the only concert with enough bands to satisfy most of my friends."

"I was quick to shut off [Ruins]."

"...merzbow is at least tolerable where as masonna is pretentious garbage who put's all his effort into jumping around like a dick. Noise music (when it's at the point of being pretty much pure noise) doesnt even require much effort in the first place."

"isn't throbbing gristle some kind of noisecore thing?"

"[Visitor Q] is probably the single weirdest/worst movie I saw last year (I'd say two years, but I did see Epic Movie, and nothing is worse than that)."

"Trent is whats right about the music industry.
I love him."

"But then again I don't think you are that much into hardcore music outside of jcore"

"dubstep is mostly dnb that's even more minimal. some of it is fairly dubby though."

"I don't HAVE opinions of noise, i have opinions on the people who listen to noise."

"You know what I do when I'm bored? Read yuri manga! :3"

"I wouldn't put the sanity of somebody who crossdressed and made noise for 15+ years in high regard though."

"Axem your comments towards music do get pretty old though. To some people. You post in basically every thread and I'm sure most people roll their eyes at you. I think it's really funny though."

"Enough with the opinion trolling, dude."

"I also happen to have mars volta, but it's psychedelic rock."

"Skinny Puppy sometimes is pretty harsh for industrial..."

"I write a lot of my noise. I get a concept and I try to work toward that sound. Sometimes it's all improv, sometimes it has a lot more structure and mixing involved. There are many faces to noise and noisers. I would say AxemRangers probably speeds up a bunch of merzbow samples, so no not everyone "writes" noise."

"why does everyone hate dmashura I don't like him but he's not as bad as teisto etc"

"Yeah, because I go to local shows and associate with underground artists I ended up with a bunch of releases that are good, but also pretty much only available from the artist himself. Whom almost no one has heard of."

"well, I'd think if anyone could make a half decent house song, it would be kors k"

"You know who sucks live? John Wiese. I saw him open for Wolf Eyes and if they hadn't made up for his pretentious crap I would've wanted half of my money back, haha."

"Koreans are hot, too, but not nearly as hot as Japanese nekos. >:3"

"I don't like going to see live music, it has nothing to do with the artist being good or not, I just don't find it very entertaining. I don't like how everyone just looks straight ahead and watches the band all nigh, there is no social interaction. It would be cool if everyone walked around and mingled like it was a big party but just staring at the band all night is boring to me."

"All [Fantastic Plastic Machine's] songs are like four seconds of music repeated for six minutes."

"wow its really easy to piss you off!"

"gero are kinda best when they're noisecore"

"Do you actually watch Sailor Moon? Because that's kinda weird."

"courtney love is pretty cool"

"Why dont you come present that to my face while im packing my .45s ya cunt? You think im not on a govt watch list for some sort of anti govt sentiment? Or hording of guns's n ammo?"

"anyway if a band releases an album of just shit then surely they expect people to not bother listening to all their other releases in the hope there's something kinda ok there"

"Hanatarash are really weird and not in a good way if you ask me."

"Holy freaking crap man why are you so abusive. I bet your parents beat you as a child. Seriously, 90% of your shouts are just attacking something or someone."

"You know if America had originality much like JP.
We wouldn't be in this mess in the first place."

"yes I know buckethead sucks, he sucks about as much as merzbow, sunno))), gero, boris, and various other artists you seem to enjoy
the term 'artist' is used loosely here haha"

"Looking past the radio hits and a scant few others, the majority of the Gorillaz discography is at best repetitive ambient and at worst halfhearted and empty."

"Senzuri is trying to communicate with images that don't mean anything to anyone but him. Because it doesn't matter how much time passes, the fact will always remain that anime is for fourteen year old girls."

"pure Harsh Noise isn't music or art and it's not enjoyable. People only pretend to like it because it's obscure and different, and makes them seem 'extreme'."

"year zero remixed is pretty good"

"if you want to have a conversation about music be a man and talk to me on aim."

"My class was trying to find the worst band ever, and not even Anal Cunt and Prussian Blue beat The Residents in popular opinion :)"

"To be honest, even being a fan, noise does get boring after a while. I think it's much better to watch live performances and/or perform yourself, rather than listen at home, save for a few specially unique albums by few specially unique projects."

"well i make informed guestimations i am not stormchasar at least"

"Japanese Producers don't take to dubstep like other artists I've heard. They sort of implement the wubs safely, using them as a garnish rather than the main course."

"although, when I listen to Pink Floyd whilst high I usually start thinking about how great musicians those guys were, and how fucking much it sucks that I didn't live 30 years ago"

"I mean, Nirvana is awfully bland, we both know that. At least you listen to The Pixies (Not to mention all the cool noise, drone & avantgarde), so that should make it up."

"not to mention that aside from his few merzbow cds, i highly doubt axem even has much in the ways of legitimately bought noise music since most of it is swapped on slsk between the indie artists themselves"

"Half the people who listen to noise don't actually appreciate the genre... I like people who really do love noise."

"lol wait, why am i even taking you seriously? you either never turn off your music so you can seem like a \m/ hardcore \m/ music fan, or your life is so incredibly sad you just spend it on the computer. either way, im glad im not you."

"I went to school for architecture. I have run across my fair share of hoity-toity assholes who fancy themselves geniuses in their field. People who really thing they're accomplishing something of great importance in their crumpled sheet of paper their calling a model or their concept of a habitat for people that is a hole in the ground. People eat that shit up so pardon my skepticism when I run across a "noise artist" calling their craft art, or relevant."

"I wouldn't call Coil or Nurse With Wound industrial because I've done my research. You wouldn't call them that either if you had."

"I'm listening to Merzbeat for the first time, and I'm loving it. And it's fun hearing the samples of rock music placed in this context. and axemrangers don't post i know you don't like it"

"look, I will not like noise.
it's not the end of the world dude.
you don't like IDM, when the hell have I jumped on your balls about it.
it's just music, people who overanalyze music kill it for me."

"Sutcliffe Jügend are nazis. and liking music from conspicuously nazis pretty much shows what kind of a guy you are.

i hope that racism won't be tolerated here. and that you shut up about your nazi-acts."

"Sub-par, non threatening slock like the Pixies is listen to every bland person and there pet frat boy these days. I think you get a free copy when you apply for art school. Art fag commies just luuuv it!"

"he does [listen to noise], and I'm fucking sorry I could care less if someone was paied to review albums it the same thing as abstract art in my opinion. on yeah this is awesome, but it's completely based off of absolute nothing no stucture basis or value.

I might as well take a shit in the middle of a room and call it art, but that's just my opinion, to each his own.

I can dissagree and still be wrong, so long as my opinion is respected that shows maturity in the person I'm having the debate with."

"is it ok that I agree with all the quotes on your profile?"

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